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Last update for (2)Rubi : 2009, 07, 09 19:41
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1214 (2)Rubi 128*128SummerSky0.7final

The map has been rated 86 times and got a total of 58 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Seems a bit tight to me, but still a sexy map
Now I don't wanna finish the ash map i'm working on...

This is too damn sexy, gj
Ah SummerSky, you never cease to impress me.
ah you really play with that ash tileset, awesome design afterall :)
i love to see a map in ash and come out nice like this. map looks impressive. visually stunning imo... i'd love to play this
I just have to point this out.

Building space????

The beautiful decoration is all unbuildable (duh, it's ash). Considering that there is decoration around every expansion, that leaves enough room to build one cc and maybe a depot if you're lucky. I say zerg gg
ya...that is why you have to use ash carefully
I really don't know how i will defend my expands around the map whith every race espacially zerg and protoss. There is no room even for a cannon or sunken... Overall it looks really nice <3 . And what is the value of the mineral wall from the back door?
Basically what I said...

1-2 cannon
defend exp by units
you NEED cannons in PvZ. if you dont make some at every expo, you will lose EVERY expo if you move out for attacking zerg. 12 lings will just tear it down.
on the other hand, if you place units to every expo, well, z will so rape your remaining "army"
Summersky, that covers defence ok, but protoss is gonna need major building room for gates. Dont tell me there is room for 12 gates in the main.
play it and add comment
enough for 12 gates
modified by SummerSky
OMG, don't you know that i play like fOru and i make at least 50 gates per game? Not only that i can't make a single gate at any of the expands, and i can't even put more then 2 cannons. Flothefreak is right. In PvZ, the protoss player needs a lot more cannons on every expand. And i personally always make at least one or two gates on every expand so i can make 1-2 Dark Templars and 1-2 High Templars to defend mass units.
50 gates? you must be playin some newbs that really let you expand lol...
exageration... but still, i dont see why summersky doesnt add a bit more building room.
inept, it was a joke dude :) . But really in PvT most of the games i have nearly 30 or more gates. In PvZ i am making between 8-12 gates or in late games more but not that much as PvT MU.
um.. i don't think so
modified by Hello

modified by SummerSky
modified by panschk[FP]
i like how the map is low on resources.
come on summersky, be serious and imagine a standard mainbasebuild.
um. i know img is full of gate, but enough to build 10gate.
just for show it.
and toss can't build enough gate, consider T can't build enough factory.
modified by SummerSky
modified by SummerSky
the map is great..but the expos need to have more building space. it jus wuld be alot more convienient for all the races and all the matchups. think about tvz.. defiler's swarm the whole area of an expo (bunkers etc) with jus one spell.. T cant save that expo. if u open it up then bunkers can be spread so that defilers wuld need more than one swarm spell to attack the expos... and thats jus one situation.

so many ppl are asking u to open the expos building area. jus do it to help the map. its all the map needs to succeed in high competition
about 55% of the map is unbuildable
you should open up at least the expos containing gas
hmm. I know we are being a pain in your ass with this request but it really is necessary, if you feel it is ok, then leave it.
Hm, I think there's enough room for gateways, and I think the fact that you can't make many cannons at expansions will be balanced by zerg not being able to make sunken/spore there.

Really, what is the most annoying thing about zerg drops? That you can't counter the zerg expansions right? Well, now you can.

The map looks interesting.

I got 25 gates pretty easy. If I'd really thought about it, I could have gotten more. If you have the economy to support 25 gates, it's time to go carriers anyway. Take advantage of Terrans possibly slower creation of gollies.

PvZ,I figure you can get enough cannons, but some of them are a rediculously tight squeeze. Maybe give some leeway in the right places. I dunno.

Nasty... Bunkers are NOT the counter to swarm o.o The counter for swarm is iradding defilers and getting the F out of there lol. Or rather, meeting them before they get to your expos, so you have room to run back. Neither of which is voided by this map.
modified by flothefreak
modified by flothefreak
i didnt say bunkers are counter for swarm, but u do need enuff space to place spaced bunkers so defilers have to use more than one swarm to kill off any threat of bunkers when advancing against terran d. I know what to do against defilers, but you do need bunkers at ur expos, and the way the expos are now, one swarm can really gg any expo. which really hurts vs a decent Z.
the nat needs a choke
SummerSky, you need an obz version of this or UNPROTECT IT so i can make an obz version :) .

WTF? Why you protect them?

A protected MotW whitout obz version, not to mantion that it's two players map SUX MAN!
modified by LGI
how did it become MOTW when being protected oO
Burn him!
one of the few ash maps that i like.a nice idea with the expos behind the mains.the map is very good executed,maybe the best maded by summersky.the map has a good balance even if the middle expos from 12 to 6 require a different defense from z and p.cause you havent so much buildable surface as usual to build colonies or canons.

but please change some player used the old color-setup with brown;imagine a brown zerg;stresses and strains for the eyes.use green or tan etc
just shift+tab
sure but let's have a heart also for noobs which dunno all the tricks..


--sMi.vvvQ vs Migiel-X17(1on1, 1.13)
--epidiOn vs sMi.NewB(1on1, 1.13)
--epidiOn vs NrG.Mythical(1on1, 1.13)
--wut)flow vs nightmarjoo[ba](1on1, 1.14)
--wut)flow vs nightmarjoo[ba](1on1, 1.14)
--BHolder vs kh69333(1on1, 1.14)
--minjookingdom vs DG)ScaremongeR(1on1, 1.15)
--Qed_Bisu vs Freck(1on1, 1.16)
--Si[FcG] vs i_shaLL_kiLL_U(1on1, 1.16)
--Qed_Bisu vs i_shaLL_kiLL_U(1on1, 1.16)
--CowGoesMoo vs toofreshyadig(1on1, 1.16)

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