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Last update for (4)Spectral Charm : 2007, 10, 08 06:29
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1217 (4)Spectral Charm 128*128Antares0.8final

The map has been rated 64 times and got a total of 54 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

i know the map looks pretty basic, but i removed the gas from the 1st natural while the map is still open, so i think players should think more before they do something or they can be brave and take the gas expo near the natural fastly

i do not think, it would be an automatic loss to any race
modified by Antares
looks awesome oO

but z in zvt will die unfortunately :/
the natural setup is no option for zerg,,,
it would make it a nost/luna clone but i think it would benefit greatly from it. take out the 2 middle expos and the crevices and just have that huge open center. Zerg needs it since they dont get a gas nat.
yeah i know zvt is the critical mu in this map, give me time to find out smthg, but i don't want to add gas to the nat
the two ways to the natural cause most problems actually
i thought about mineral block, well, what do you think, how would it work?

i placed it into the gmcs
modified by Antares
Hmm... the nat isn't very good at all, but the rest of the map looks sick, I like it. I'll GMCS my suggestions later.
Might screw up pathing a bit. Maybe units will get confused when sending them from Teal to purp. But I'm not possitive. (with min blocks I mean)
modified by Arden(WoF)
yeah i see, i will reconstruct the whole map then
why dont you just do what i suggested? the middle expos are almost useless how they are placed right now anyway:/
but that doesn't help in the case of the 2-entrance-minonly natural

and i think, that would disfavour Zerg because there would be less amount of gas and they need that
finally i updated it, i placed that mineralblock, which units cannot pass except zerglings, the mineral needs 10 drone to be mined now
SICKNESS motw 17 = gg
2 way naturals dont harm zerg that much. Rush hour anyone? zerg owned on that map with the 2 entrances
hmhm might still cause slight imbalances and some turtling, but way better than before
btw i would like to emphasize flo's point

some- MASS turtling.

whos gonna mine that minblock lol^^

now terran can achieve 3 bases without ever having to move :(
not turtle :)

zergling can pass that mineral wall, so terrans could have a hot time if the MM squad waits before

but i need some tests on the map, you are right
speaking of pvt?
in every mu
final edit happened
Very nice concept! Oh that gas expo is soooooo close, but the mineral only is right in front of the entrance to the main. By the way, turtling in this map say against zerg is not an option as zerg will expo to other gas expos. Researching burrow (which all zerg players should but seldom do) would seem to me also a good idea. Say bury some lings in front of the gas expo!

I have some concerns as to the horizontal and vertical pathing, some units if not directed properly will get trapped behind that 16-mineral wall, but this can be dealt with although it will be a nuisance to some players.

--DG)SpoilR vs Kazdax(1on1, 1.15)
--BHolder vs zXcv(1on1, 1.15)
--Grief_Stricken vs imnapster(1on1, 1.15)
--BHolder vs tlgus(1on1, 1.15)

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