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Last update for (4)Sacred Grounds 2.1 : 2009, 07, 31 23:46
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1218 (4)Sacred Grounds 2.1 128*128MillenniumArmy3.0final

The map has been rated 69 times and got a total of 210 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Yea, this map does look a little bit like Citadel of Adun, but I guarantee you that it plays differently.

But so, um, any suggestions for improvement?
Heh, yeah, I was very influenced by CoA as well. And from that came Chimera.

I can't really think of anything to improve... but it'd be nice to see some temple/ramps around somewhere, but I donno where I'd put them.

kick construction from the mappack#2, take this one!!

omg this is the best map you EVER made. i am is quite basic, but you didn't need any fancy stuff to offer a fresh expansion layout :)

i would touch the map only if it is necessary, if not, keep it that way for sure! the gameplay as it is should be so fluent, incredible.

some suggestions/thoughts (as said, change the map only carefully. and keep a copy of the current version^^):
-center is quite open. the less mobile races can gain expos fairly easily, so you need it, but still, you could add some more obstacles, so the middle is no "DONT" in tvp/pvz, but still an option.
-what about adding gas to the minonlies, to have a little r-point style? the map would benefit from it, i am sure. if it doesn't cause balance problems, you can go for it ;]

and then, i have to repeat:
veryveryveryvery godlike map ganrgh
i love it, gonna play it!

[at least from the pic, the map seems so fluent and comfortable. i may take back my laudatio when it doesnt play so good ;9]
Keep construction!

About this map i think you should make some test for lings. I am not sure but from the picture it seems that lings can pass trought some of the rised jungle and temple walls at some of the locations. Pleace test everything.
Done. It's fine.

The picture doesn't show it, but there's TONS of bushes and trees between the gaps so not even lings can fit through.
Uploaded better picture, and made some minor changes.
Great map... mappack def!
On West if anyone wants game, MuShuPork in op cal. :D
Made more building space in the 12, 3, 6, 9 oclock expos and added observer edition.
wow, good....--bb
How's pathing from purp's natural to blue's natural? It looks like units will walk through the line of workers at that middle expansion.
Alright, updated for the last and final time I hope
from a glance over: apprehensive of the nat choke setup, it looks nearly impossible to defend pvp since there is no way you can a large arc, and im pretty sure that will translate into the other matchups as well.

also, the mineral lines are really far nested in, making them really hard to damage offensively, such as a reaver drop etc.

there is a very large abundance of gas on this map, along with non high ground mains, which will probably favor zerg over protoss.

protoss over terran, especially cross position.

it looks like you can wall with 1rax, which means that it will be nearly impossible for zerg to expand at their nat, because you can simply wall off the main from their nat.

Alright, ver 2.0 is ready:

- Tigher nats (it might not look different from picture, but trust me, it is more secure)
- Tighter 12, 3, 6, 9 expos.

Hopefully this will address many issues I've heard about this map.

Oh and btw, the mainbase chokes need rax and supply depot; lings can fit through rax only.
modified by MillenniumArmy
I'm not too familiar with tvz, but don't you usually have to fight off bunker rushes with drones?
probably some cases, why?

very safe mains, I dont think its a problem though.
Looks very good. I think the look of the map made me feel better about it when i was thinking about the map itself. Its really nice. your best.
very nice, i think olso that the center is ok cuz there are 4 expos that they restrict it
minor update: The top min only expo had 6 min patches whereas the others had 7. Fixed it.

Picture will still be the same, but in game it's different.
like this alot. =D
i think its official that auirz hates all maps! :/

always finds a way to kill hope
not all, his map are good for him :D
The longer i look at the picture, the better gets the map.

I still somehow reminds me of an other map i've seen before, maybe i'm wrong, but the other map had exactly the same mineral setup (iirc).

Anyway, i like it. Reminds me of R-Point also.

What about dropspots in the jungle behind the naturals? I'm concerned about lurker in PvZ, just chek out the possibilities maybe.

Except that, congrats for MotW.
now that I look at better,i think that push tank become more strong in this map .imo
Someone delete the last uploaded replay. It's not a replay on this map.
i think only panschk can do it
Zeals can get through the walls of the top left base on the right side. May wanna fill in all walls in other bases as well.
Alright sweet, thanks for letting me know

- Uploaded ver 2.1
modified by MillenniumArmy
Cool, gj.
this map was pretty exciting to play on, i will upload the Zwing reps and slabaka rep, they are better the one where i tried to cheese cuz i had to leave lol
For me this was the best map from the tournamnet. It plays really well.
Yep! Tank wall in the middle was awesome XD
hmm from playing it I really don't like the nat =/
It seems like theres alot of wasted space (and sprites) with all those treeeeeeeeeees


--Artanis[Xp] vs Master[Xp](1on1, 1.13)
--Corsier vs (1on1, 1.13)
--LGI vs TaRry(1on1, 1.14)
--LGI vs, 1.14)
--Chus[S.A] vs, 1.14)
--Chus[S.A] vs Inept(1on1, 1.14) vs Ukio_bg(1on1, 1.14) vs Jonoman92(1on1, 1.14)
--Smaug[HCFM] vs Rush[HCFM](1on1, 1.14p)
--SH-Thanatos vs NeO)DangerRadio(1on1, 1.16)

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