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Last update for (2)Trisfal Glades 1.2 : 2006, 03, 24 00:54
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
255 (2)Trisfal Glades 1.2 128*128SpoR[Mech]0.8final

The map has been rated 55 times and got a total of 42 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I don't like making 2 player maps they are kinda boring to play, and alot easier to make and balance than 3-6 player maps. I based this map off the WoW area Trisfal Glades from the eastern kingdoms continent. I tried to keep alot of the land features . There is a few spots where you can drop tanks,HTs, Lurkers, or marines. Since the terrain is sort of limited I couldnt really put fast expos for zerg. Instead I put another geyser near the entrance inside the mains. The 5/6 bases are connected through a narrow back rock path. and 9/11 bases are connected straight into each other. There is many ways to get to any base. which allows alot of flanking room for PvT. Terran can wall with just a barracks. I had an idea to make it so terran can't wall at all for better balance?
Oh yea, this map was made entirely with Staredit for the blizzard contest.
On 2 player maps, wallin is important for terran imo. Well actually, I would not wall on a map where the choke is so far away, would be much too expensive to defend. Most tosses are too stupid to build zealots when terran does not wallin anyway;D

The looks are not that great, I don't get why you use ugly badlands instead of more beautiful tilesets. The lack of different terrain elements is probably wanted though.

What I really don't like is that the buttom part of the map is more worth than the top. 1 gas expansion in the top half, 3 in the bottom. You should fix that.

Well honestly, I'm a fan of more symmetrical layouts, as they are easier to understand, and I know that most players are frustrated if they don't play well on a map the first time, and don't want to play it again. That is why everyone hates green hell^^
Red has 3 gas expos. Blue has 1...
Most expos don't belong to a specific player per default. Still it is imbalanced to have them like that (I suppose you did not do that on purpose, though).
So you are saying I should take a gas expo from 5/6 and switch it with a mineral only at 9/11 ? wouldn't that be more imbalanced?
Perhaps the mapsize is simply too small to pull sych a asymetrical stunt :P The 6 gas should probably go to 9 to make it "balanced". if it actually MAKES it more balanced remains to see.. i miss an area to battle it out on. there are no larger areas to actually fight on, all routes seems only like transportation
not a Really ballanced map:/

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