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Last update for (2)Amazo Nia : 2006, 03, 19 22:52
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
254 (2)Amazo Nia 128*128trcc1.1final

The map has been rated 61 times and got a total of 70 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Ok, i scraped my old amazonia and gave the Amazo Nia name to this one. I think there's some potential in this map. The natural is in the mains, but the minerals is very vurlerable to attack ( considering it's facing the same side as the main ramp ). The 2nd gas expo is not too hard to defend.. no cliff that may favor a terran to stop zerg from expanding, but there's 2 way. Middle is open for flanking, with a long bridge in middle that link both mineral only expands. The 3rd gas expand is more open and has a temple wall that you can use. The islands are quite easy to defend, not very big.. and i decided to not put a mineral blocking. One thing im not sure is How to place the main minerals and gas, cuz i will have to test if a tank can siege the gas of top player. any comments?
Looks like a 2 player Dhalia thats extra hard for zerg
The looks of the map are great. My first impression is that zerg has serious disadvantages, esp. against terran. It is even harder than on Dahlia to get a gas expand. But we must not forget, that it is the same for the other races. A protoss with one gas won't have too many templars + the observer he needs, so zerg could expand in mid game. Same with terran, the key to success for zerg here is to prevent the terran/toss from taking his gas expansion as long as possible imo. Zerg would just have to play different.
Terran doesn't hardly need a 2nd gas even in long TvZ games
Well I do^^ You can pretty much make no tanks without a secound gas. I don't enjoy playing m&m only, when zerg goes mass lurks
zerg cant "mass" lurk witout a second gas either :P id say its to your advantage. i (had) no problems with microing lurks a bit anyway :p
good page
trcc, can you finish this one, pleace?
How is it unfinished? (except for the maptype, dumb feature^_^;)
He's at it again!!! Argh >:|

"Curse you Payday!" Arden shouts with a pulsating rage. [The camera zooms out at a moderate speed, focusing on Arden as the shouting echoes throughout the city in a thundering wave of exclamation]
Hm... Pretty cool map though, now that I look at it. Although I agree with the impossible FE issue, poor zerg.

--LGI vs sC4sImpresive(1on1, 1.13)

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