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Last update for (3)El_Nino1.0 : 2009, 10, 23 06:00
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3898 (3)El_Nino1.0 128*128OSL0.3leaguehybrid

The map has been rated 45 times and got a total of 15 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Thx very much :)

The correct name is : " El niņo " Its in Spanish and it means the kid.

it's nino with a soft n pronounced [Ninyo] :o about the kid part i agree can be translated that way too..
modified by LasTCursE

Dude this is obviously Spanish, go to a Spanish spell check online and type "el nino" it wil show u that its miss spelled, and in the corection its going to give u the option "niņo"
And ur pronunciation, lol yeah thats probably the best way to explain it in English, but the Spanish pronunciation is slightly different.

Its niņo.

and see 4 ur self

sTY_leZerG-eX is right. English speakers often neglect to add the squiggle on top of the "n" that is why the United States has ended up with a state called "Montana" which is meaningless. The region originally belonged to Spain and was called "Montaņa" which means mountain.

The closest English pronuncation of the "ņ" is like the "ny" sound in "canyon".

On a funnier note when English speaking people try out their Spanish on New Year's celebrations writting to others wishing them a "Feliz Aņo nuevo" (Happy New Year) and they omit the squiggle on top of the "n" they end up writting "Feliz Ano Nuevo" which means "Happy New Anus"!
modified by Lancet
If you used the enyo we couldn't download the map, so please don't.

and lol Lancet
don't know i always herd that was ny instead of c :( but i'm not american you know so.. may be different up there ;d
what about the map? :)
it's cool i love it ;d :[ but early reavers kinda rape your natural xD
modified by LasTCursE
Something that is not obvious from the picture is that one of the nat's mineral clumps is 100 value so if you mine it you gain land-access to the area behind your nat.
i saw a game, sea.really vs shine[kal], TvZ, on this map, and yeah the back can be reached by mining out the natural minerals, which happens fairly quickly, just in time to stop such abuse on the natural from reaver, drop, or muta harrass.
and omg guys, look, is that nightmarjoo that posted a comment?
yeah true that you will have a tiny gap of space but then your units will stuck and be an easy target :D i watched a 1 PvT here with reavers and the terran lost.. :) i can give you link to the game if you want ? to decide your self ;d

one thing while i was watching games here i had the idea of making the first patch 500 the second 750 and.. so the gap can get wider in time.. but when i opened the map i saw that the koreans done the same thing already :)
Hi JungleTerrain!

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