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Last update for (2)Carpathian Ridge : 2008, 01, 13 00:40
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1879 (2)Carpathian Ridge 128*96GRC-DeathLink0.6final

The map has been rated 76 times and got a total of 45 points

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Comments:   GMCS (6 elements)

MY MAP IS FINISHED, AT LAST!!! This map was a real pain in the ass to make, I'm glad its over now :P

The map is kinda experimental, I have used some altered terrain, such as the mains and the temple above it, and the 5-way temple ramp.

The mains and the temple are of the same level, that means any unit on the high jungle can also see into the temple.

Comments and suggestions would be appreciated. thx :D
"The mains and the temple are of the same level, that means any unit on the high jungle can also see into the temple."

O_ and damage?

modified by LGI
Since the temple isn't higher than the mains, the damage works normally (100%). It's works exactly like jungle and raised jungle.
lol I might be wrong, but won't tanks crush your main? Even with them not being on highground their range will obliterate your main oO The distance is long that you couldn't get there til they have done some damage, and those temples will fall fast to sieged tanks. idk, but the whole one side of the main is useless to build in thanks to tanks if you're fighting terran.

I like the map though, it's original, pathing won't be much of an issue, and besides the fact that you lose if you fight terran it's pretty balanced imo.

modified by Nightmarjoo
Are you tring to rape my* eyes?
modified by LGI
? I was just making fun of half the other posts which had that smiley -.-
funeral in carpathia
wow, entire base is practically tankable. Bye Bye CC BOOM *tank blows it up*
My plans for this map was to make the main bases kinda like Peaks of Baekdu (the old version) where the key point was the cliff above the main mineral line. With the neutral temples blocking the direct path towards the backdoor nat entrance, these cliffs are not easy to access if you are the opposing player. No matter if it's ZvT or PvT, in order for terran to reach your backdoor temple line he needs to push through half of the very open terrain in the middle and then continue pushing through the top part of the map, which is unbuildable. Do not forget, Terran is the least mobile race, so for them to move from one end of the map to another will need alot of effort. With constant pressure coming from the bottom part Zerg and Protoss can keep Terran at bay in order to protect their mains.

Although the top part is important to control, the bottom is equally important since most of the expansions are there. A Terran pushing upwards will not be able to control the economy of the map, plus it will leave him open to counterattacks from below. There are so many key points on this map that I think battles can and will occur anywhere.

The mains as they are now aren't as tankable as one might think. There is plenty of room for players to build safely.

I have also thought about some minor changes that could be made in order to make it easier facing terran:

- Reducing the nat gas from 5000 to 2000 (like New Peaks of Baekdu), which will reduce the amount of tanks after a certain point.
- Remove some raised jungle terrain from the middle, making it more open.

Also, think about this: imagine a 2gate goon build where instead of rushing terran's wall, you would procede through the backdoor ramp and harass his main mineral line. I believe that is a good option, which will keep terran busy as he must focus on 2 fronts. A well executed 2-hatch lurker would also be able to harass the mineral line.

So its probably not about Terran striking your main, but about you striking his first.
i like it, though
since the terrain is unbuildable above the mains, i think the protoss are put at somewhat more of a disadvantage, given that they are generally incapable of utilizing those types of cliffs early on without cannons. yeah, you can do a 2gate range build like you pointed out, but dragoons also take 6 shots to kill a single worker and dont do any splash, compared to how capable the other races are of taking advantage of cliffs like that.

not to mention that even though you can see up the cliffs, protoss cant build cannons within their mineral line to really protect above their cliff, meaning that they essentially need to get observers in order to combat the lurkers since cannons wont be able to really cover you.

have you considered putting the mains on lower ground, and having the bottom half of the map put on high ground? this would make harassing the wall easier than it is currently, which if terrans prove to be too strong on this map would make the map a little more balanced. also, you could keep the whole map essentially on the same level, which would also help weaken terran.

the stairs in the middle are neat, but since they have obstructions in the middle i dont really think that they'll improve troop flow very much.

still a refreshing map to see on this page.

This is where psi drops come in handy :D As for the dragoons, yeah they cant harass the workers as well as the other races, but since were talking about dragoons in PvT, 3 dragoons with focus fire can kill an scv in 2 shots. And since you will be harassing early game, killing scvs that early in the game could give you a good advantage for later.

I will modify the main mineral lines so that buildings can be placed behind them, such as cannons.
I will modify the map within the next few days, mainly the middle area. The things I will change are:

- The wide stairs will be moved to where the top gas expo and normal stairs are and the temple path that leads to them from behind the mains will be curved in that direction. This will also reduce the length of temple thats adjacent to the mains, allowing more room for players to build without worrying about siege tanks.

- The space where the wide stairs are in the middle will be jungle, allowing more room for flanks and opening up the map towards the top area.

- The main mineral lines will be pushed further away from the temple above, leaving more space for defensive buildings.

- The two gas expos in the middle will be pushed further up the map allowing more space for battles in the middle. They will also be further apart from each other.

You can see these changes with the GMCS thingy :D

I'm hoping these changes will reduce the "siege tank imba" factor to a normal level. What does everyone think about these changes?
modified by GRC-DeathLink
The further you move the minerals away from the ledge, the less you can harrass them with anything except for siege tanks. Take that into account.
modified by spinesheath
I know that, im talking about a tile or two away so that toss can at least place some cannons to defend against lurkers or something.
yeah or lurks against tanks like you can in lt's nat -.- space behind the minerals is always good to defend against muta harass. Although it's easier here thanks to the height difference, but adding space for turrets or bunkers is always good.
lol similar map, doesn't look like one inspired the other though at all.
Why the hell wasn't this MOTW o.O V. nice concept + execution.
yeah I thought so too
this map is sick.
This map is not MotW cause it's T>All :3
I think this map favours T a lot.
The drpos spots behind the mins at the main should be reduced or there should be more space to defend.

PS: Spammer where does i get the map???
I think the main formations need room behind them for turrets etc.
Erm, yea I know, I haven't updated the map yet.

I don't know why someone nominated it for MOTW, imo its not ready yet :D
k I'll remove it ;) Make it ready for the next next motw^^
hey sry for bumping this, but the map above, Street Spirit, i found it on maplantis and the name of the Autor is Testbug. Is it THE testbugzzz or someone else?
well, im bumping it again to ask for obs version. plz
xel naga place should be more to red.

middle and the ramps r very nice placed
very good map gj, could be abit boring in tvt tho

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