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Last update for (2)Twisted Passion 1.2 : 2007, 12, 05 05:32
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2614 (2)Twisted Passion 1.2 128*128Nightmarjoo0.9betaground

The map has been rated 54 times and got a total of 51 points


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Comments:   GMCS (2 elements)

I like the idea. But its just not implemented well imo. seems balanced for the concept but I just dont like the restrictions these type of maps make (where the start locations are either both north or south etc).

For the most part its a good idea. but my personal opinion doesnt reflect that exactly
Well, but look at it this way. What happens in maps where the bases are either north or south facing each other? All the action by and large takes place in the area between them. What he does is "inactivate" a large part of that area. This should create interesting situations.
hm this was gonna be my map for lancet's competition. It's not finished and definitely still in beta stage.

So, the problem with (2)maps tends to be either too long or too short distances, or just maps which are just one path from main2main. Pros handle this with tight paths, in blitzx, baekdu, and bluestorm. In blitzx and baekdu, it works well. The rest of the maps are forced to be used. Bluestorm just sucks. Problem is, pathing is poor on these maps to a certain degree.
My approach to this, is allow the linear paths, but make them unuseable by placing dwebs. Scouting, rushes, all that is still easily doable. A double gas expo at the bottom should ideally make an area to fight over.
The nat might need some work, they might be a bit too open, dunno for sure yet. The backdoor to the nat might be too unapproachable or defensible, and that tight path might just result in tank gayness or something. I doubt that, though. I had rov's nats in mind for that backdoor, but opted for pathing :)
There are two min onlys near eachother because I like the concept of the backdoor min only, kind of like in rov/shine, but there needed to be a better 3rd expo.
Nice 3rd gas in the corners, 1 normal ramp to defend, but it's wide for both building room and drops, and stuff. Top double gas encourages spreading the fight there.
I might reformat the bottom double gas expo to be an island. One thing I was afraid of with the dweb shit was an unstoppable t push, made unflankable because of the dwebs. Hopefully that is not a viable doom :( The backdoor is tight, but hopefully will help flanking.
I like the islands in the middle, they're nice to fight over, but might fill up too much space. I'm worried they limit flanking =/
Short air distances and the sl position will be a pain for drops/harass, but better for pathing than to put it on the other side.
Oh, I didn't see the comments, I left the post in the box for a while and afked while typing it :)

Lancet graps what I'm trying to do here well.

Nasty your post is kind of vague :(
Slight edit: fixed error in colour in scenario name :D and added rock tiles to the choke so that p can't 1pylon block, and t can't 1rax block the main choke. Thanks to templar for playing a game which showed me how awfully that could be exploited.
those two expos in the middle (a lil bit upper) look exactly like in 815.
modified by LML
Thanks, I had no idea!
Nightmarjoo: "bla bla bla and Blue Storm just sucks"
haha^^ i cba read the rest too much, what are those glowing things, and why
oh nice its webs , cool map i see how u think now after downloading it
i would;
make bigger mains
move up left/right expands alittle big down so its some tar behind
add gas to the outside bases. the ones out in the middle.
modified by uC.MorroW
Thanks MorroW

I'm pretty sure the mains don't need to be bigger, and if they do, there isn't much I can do about that without trashing the nat and min onlys and remaking them higher so I can increase main size, which is a lot more work than I'm willing to do lol.

"move up left/right expands alittle big down so its some tar behind" Sorry, I don't understand what you mean.

"add gas to the outside bases. the ones out in the middle" If you mean the min onlys in the middle, between the nat and the other min only, I think gas would get in the way, and that the map doesn't need anymore gas. It already has 6 geysers outside of main/nat gas, that's 8 geysers total for a 2 player map, plenty imo.
815 middleee :D
The dwebs look really odd...
they look like dwebs always do ;)
Fairly small edit:
Decoration, some dwebs removed for more space, and the 815 double island block in the middle was replaced with a single island of similar style to allow more room inside the island and more room to the upper part of the bottom region of the map.
A retarded mistake with 4 mineral blocks owned by player 2 has been fixed ;)
Map upgraded to beta from experimental.
how could it be too much gas? i would make 2 gas at every expand and 3 in main
beta is an "upgrade" over experimental?

: ^ (
modified by Lancet
Experimental imo = unsure about concept's gameplay. Beta = sure but not final imo :)
In the rep that expo near the center (see GMCS) messed pathing for lings when they were going North to deal with the zealot attacking the hatch. Maybe you can move this expo (and its mirror expo, of course) to the location I suggest in the GMCS?
Thanks for pointing out the pathing problem, that makes sense. I'll fix that soon. As for your expo idea, I might add a small min only there in addition, but I'm definitely not moving the min only in the bottom there. That would defeat its purpose ._.
Well OK, but also consider that even if you fix the pathing issue, when you put a CC/Hatch?Nexus there any troops that you send North will have to cross the worker line.
No cuz I'll fix that too :)
1.2 Edit:
  • Lower min only reshaped to avoid all forms of pathing issues with it
  • Minerals on edge of southern coast which were intenting to prevent unbeatable tank push along that side were removed, to open the nat path a bit in conjunction with it being somewhat tighter with the min only being edited, and under the presumption that it would have had no effect anyway
  • Upper min only pushed higher in conjunction with the lower min only's edit, and because it doesn't need to be so close to the other southern expos anyway
  • Broken cliff replaced with fully operational cliff behind the upper min only
  • Fixed an error which caused the map to crash upon game creation: removed doodads placed under spells in middle lol
  • Slight decoration changes, likely prone to more, later on
  • Nightmarjoo
    Minor update fixing some dumb bugs
    Your comment
    Your comment
    My comment
    Your mom's comment
    click on the file, hit the delete key, then right click your recycle bin, and click empty recycle bin
    better yet
    right click the file select eat file then take some exlax then get mudd butt & let that shit leak out your ass then put gasoline in toilet then light toilet on fire then flush
    can't understand that, can i invisible this too?
    tktkvroom, you have quite a potty mouth for a girl!
    lnept, help?
    Someone want to say something about the map? -.-
    Carkling wants
    aight aight, i talk about map !

    hmm.. theres 1 thing REALY bad about ur map!
    Orange and blue r opposite colors on the map which makes a nice contrast but then, the black just screws it all! **flames nightmarjoo's map for using black water**

    modified by FateD
    lol thanks fated.
    you guys are fags
    so...because you will keep bumping this like LML keeps doing with his useless ugly maps i gonna comment it... nice at all.
    but... the other parts of the map because i somehow like you a bit more then LML...(damn that wasn't a big argument at all, whatever >.<)
    basically, the concept with the dwebs is genious.
    making the players use the whole map and not only the main-main route, bla bla bla are just BAD. Not not-well-enough done, but they just suck.
    Its like you spend years for the concept but then rushed the rest of the map in 10 minutes -_-

    I marked things that are nice done and should be left like they are with green...the bad things with red.
    (Still i don't know about the exp between the mains, keep it first and see how it fits into the map when you got the other parts ready.)

    Free Image Hosting at
    yes crackling is right, just do what he says nightmarjoo

    or maybe (4)Twisted path 1.2
    this as (4) would blow :/
    then 126x64 the green area :D
    lol I like how when I call you guys fags I get comments, and when I'm nice I don't ><

    Thanks for comments, I think I'll work on this map, and redo a lot of it.
    Hey, I didn't know this! So if I want people to comment my maps I just have to call them fags? Wow! Thanks for the info!
    "Its like you spend years for the concept but then rushed the rest of the map in 10 minutes -_-"
    you speak true words, little testbug :)
    oh lol i never saw this map be4, but I remember playing a game with you on it a long long time ago

    but unfortunately I really have nothing to say, pretty wierd shit.
    The map you played on with me was Angband 3600 ft.
    Wish you had more to say, but I'm gonna pimp this map, so hopefully you'll have more to say then :)
    Atleast you don't have anything bad to say^^
    no im sure ive played on this map too, i remember all the disruption webs and desert, and i have very good memory
    Err, yea but theres 1 problem i can think of, if you make this 4 player, the web concept wouldnt be in every positions n everything... unless u put webs all over... which would make it a island map O_O lol (votes for island map XD)
    No lnept, you played (4)Namniar
    this is nightmarjoo's new new new newest map, so you can't have played this a long time ago ;)
    No namniar is a different map... the map I played on had all disruption webs on my scout, which is why i think it was this map unless there is another map close to being this on desert. by 1.2 maybe this is a later version?
    This map is fairly new =/

    I've made two other desert maps with spells, maybe you played on one of them.
    (4)Shushan Day and (4)SPESFIDISSIMA. I think the latter is what you're talking about, and it's no longer in the database. I remember you saying how the capsed name looked noob :)

    --iM-LyRa vs SenSe.TosS(1on1, 1.15)

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