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Last update for (4)Monarch v1.1 : 2008, 03, 26 14:38
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2903 (4)Monarch v1.1 128*128Paladin-EX0.8betaground

The map has been rated 69 times and got a total of 55 points

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--PLEASE READ AT LEAST THE PARAGRAPHS ABOUT THE MAP. This one has some very definite eccentricities about it, and I've had to answer obvious questions already. Please check to see if your question isn't already talked about--

All right, so this is my first upload, though definitely not my first map. I'm new to this site, so I haven't gotten an image up for this map yet, but I'll try and figure it out soon.

(Sorry if this is too much a wall of text. Just want to be thorough).

Let me explain the name first; Originally this map was called Butterfly, after the centerpiece (well, not perfectly centered, but that was intentional). After a while of tweaking and testing by myself, I decided it should have a stronger, more recognizable name, and I changed it to Monarch, which references A; the crown-shaped mineral patch, B; the centerpiece, and C. The short poem you see when you're creating the game. Something I wrote on a whim.

It's a fairly eccentric map compared to the ones most of us are used to. For example, in the main there are 17 mineral patches, ALL of which are halved (750 minerals each). This means it doesn't last as long, but you get the minerals faster, which is an intentional ploy to change up the commonly seen build orders. Add to that the double gas, and the relatively difficult to grab vespene geysers outside the main, and this equals to it's own unique resource gathering rate.

You will definitely have to think about/practice builds for this map.

There are two naturals; a mineral only and one with a geyser that's far away from the mineral patch. I didn't want players to simply place their CCs close to the Vespene, so I put a mineral patch of 17 in the middle, which takes three mining trips. I figured three trips was enough of a delay to set back the third gas expo, if the player even bothers to mine that out. (Personally, I wouldn't)

Also, you can sneak an SCV/Probe/Drone into the center if you want to place a CC and use the double ramps to steal the butterfly's wings (For the jerks who don't appreciate beauty :D ). Originally the ramps weren't there, but after a while I thought I might as well give players that OPTION, since the ramps are non intrusive to the mineral setup outside.

Anyway, I believe that's all, but if I missed something, just ask/tell me, and I'll clear it up or explain.

I'm not the best SC player out there, but I know the game well, and Map-Making is my real passion for the game. Thanks for any constructive criticism. :P
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Uploaded the picture :)
Thanks a ton, ptar.
I have in turn, deleted my edit asking for help. xD
u can put tons of tanks on all these cliffs:/
make them so narrow, that u cannot drop on them, only if u want some parts to be dropable, let it there as it is;o
I thought about that, but honestly, tank dropping isn't a big problem. The cliffs may be wide enough for a tank to fit on, but there's no way it would live for very long, because it's so exposed.

As a Terran player, I know I wouldn't want to waste the resources for MAYBE a few peon kills. However, I can put some doodads in a couple key points to be safe. :P
just everything seems to be imbalanced and noobish (big game hunters, tank holes etc).

i like the middle, looks like an insect (butterfly maybe?) ^^
Interesting but those mineral/ramp combinations in the middle create diagonal SE to NW pathing issues. Due to the location of the geysers mining may proceed at different rates depending on the position and the race. There seems to be a lot of empty space, the map looks barren.
i really like your idea for the thingy in the middle... but the rest is... D:

besides what the others say, you have an ungodly amount of money in your main. sorry man, big game hunters isnt worth copying. i like putting 8-9 fields in the main.

but take that idea of the butterfly in the middle somewhere. i like that there is a spot where there is a ton of money, but you have to work like crazy to get it. because that middle base is incredibly vulnerable. i like that :D
MorroW: Is there anything specific that you noticed? I already addressed tank drops, but if it really does seem like such a problem, I can make the walls thinner. It just seemed to me like tanking would be ineffective, since they could be attacked from all sides way too easily. And yes, like my first post said, the centerpiece is shaped like a butterfly. :)

Lancet: I know the deco in the middle is closer to the top, but I had hoped that would just create some difference between the locations. It didn't appear to create any imbalance, and I didn't want this map to be a perfect symmetry. Also, the centerpiece is sort of a tricky map thing. It's not a real expo, but if you're crazy enough you can put a nexus/CC/hatch in there and mine out the butterfly's wings. :P

I noticed a couple issues with the Geysers, like unsteady mining from them, and I'm going to fix it when I have time, which should be before tomorrow.
Illisid: About the amount of money in the main... Did you read the first post? (Each of those minerals in the main bases is only worth 750).
modified by Paladin-EX
ill try to be more helpful now

- there are too few "variations" of mineral fields, u almost only use 1/3

- the mineral formations are bad (look ugly, workers slide on them -> slow income)

- the gasses in the edges, i think the idea of making lonely gases suck. u should move them to some expansion OR make the edge at 3 and 9 alittle wider and add 2 overlord holes at 6 and 12 that overlords can hide in

- in the main u should put alittle space behind minerals there can be built a supply or a pylon (scouting balance)

- i dont like the "opening" to the main, it is just long and empty. make it more normal

- please make 4 overlord spots in middle (high dirt that is unwalkable that are made for overlords to hide)

now if u fix all these things i still dont like the concept
Thanks for elaborating Morrow. It helps me get an idea of what other people think; I'm not making maps for just me to play on.

Anyways, I have made a lot of changes, based on my own and others' suggestions:

1. Vespene technical issues are fixed. Nothing blocks the miners' paths now.

2. The butterfly (monarch? Get it? Not funny, I know) has been moved to the center. It was more North than South, which I knew, but it's possible it could've gotten in the way. It also looks better in my opinion.

3. The mineral patches at the main STILL have only 750 each. Basically you get minerals faster, but you still have relatively the same amount. That was a major point of this map in the first place.

4. There are a couple places to put overlords in the middle section, as requested, and still tons of areas on the edges of the map to hide them.

5. Many walls have been thinned down to avoid tank drops, though a couple places can still hold large sized units.

6. The two natural expos are shaped differently to be more easily defended (especially by Zerg - Fast expand is now an actual option, though it's smarter to take the mineral-only first).

7. The middle of the map is less "open and nooby," I think. At least that's what I tried for.

8. The north and south expos have 1000 minerals per patch, not 1500. Vespene is normal.

All right, the difference should be clearly visible on the map image once I get it up. Let me know what you think.
modified by Paladin-EX
dont use bmp plz xD

fixed pic :)
Lol, sorry Crackling, I think I just messed it up again. It hasn't been accepting my pics, and I just slightly changed one cliff to see if it was the map itself. I'll try using a JPG instead of BMP.

Okay! Finally got it! Sorry, I blame my newbieness at using this system. xD
modified by Paladin-EX
Pretty sure Zerg will have a disadvantage because they really should have around 1 drone per patch and 13 larva (minus initial drones) is a lotta larva that could've been used making fighting units. Also, third expo looks too easy to defend.
I'm pretty sure Zerg players can decide how many drones they need. As for easy defense, drops are really effective on this map, because of how the walls curve everywhere.

This isn't a "well-balanced, standard map". It has strengths and weaknesses that are meant to be different than the standard map. But as far as race imbalance, I haven't seen any yet.

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