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Last update for (2)VerTex≥ : 2009, 07, 13 04:16
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3089 (2)VerTex≥ 128*96jamssi0.5betaground

The map has been rated 63 times and got a total of 33 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I wanted to make that kind of center, so I made this map. Comment plz. There is gas issue so don't mind me that.
i am from bulgaria ... so can somebody tell me what meens "gas issue" whit anoter words :D
I think it haven't got synonym :/
Look articles lastcurse. -_-

I don't like name. :b
modified by SiaBBo
There only is a gas issue at the naturals, and that doesn't matter so much. Mots important is that the mains are right.

@LastCurse: Go to the articles section at the right of the page and find the two articles about the gas issue.
I just think u have to delete those unwalkable doodads. Duh, im not sure if u can walk there.

And delete that crystal thing and add some high platform there.
modified by SiaBBo
I remove crystals.
picture + download does not work for me
I like this a lot. I would move the top base farther right, and the bottom base farther left though to fill in the empty space. Use the filler space on the other sides of the bases to prevent siege tanks from being able to hit almost all of the bases.
Mybe cuz name.
About gmcs. I think it will be too large main. :B
change picture name, remove the ≥, it fucks up and I cannot open pic o,o
lol center :D

you should move the cornerexpos to like 11 and 5

otherwise gj
yeah the expos are too close from each other.
Maybe should delete at 10 and 5 and move those expos somewhere in middle?
I played PvP here and it was really fun! I don't have the replay but this map works!
"you should move the cornerexpos to like 11 and 5
" this.

Also, I would relocate the sls a bit, and restructure the mains to fit them better; I think I'd place them closer to the ramp, and with their backs to the middle of the map and be against the opposite edge of the mains, the way ptar does in many of his maps.

The nats might be a bit weird, they also might be fine though, I dunno.

The biggest "problem" with the map imo, is that it doesn't really support much harass. It's a problem imo, because the rest of the map strongly supports/encourages/forces split map turtle gameplay, and having more opportunities for harassing and alternate forms of play etc help counter this.
So, you could reposition the expos and formation placement a bit, maybe add some cliffs, think about Othello I guess.

Overall it's ok, not perfect, but comparable to many of ptar's maps in balance/gameplay.
I don't know if you people care or not, but the part that says
"You can rate the map here. Chose a grade between 10 (best) and 0 (worst)." is MISPELLED at "Chose".

Just wondering if anyone would want to change that, or if it has been discussed before, or if it doesn't matter at all.
lol I never noticed it. imo it's not something important enough to worry about ><
i think the minonly should be turned against middle , like in spinel valley
That would help imo.
just an idea and something i'd like to see, this map is very good by the way, but i like maps with a base you rlly gotta fight over, so why not a middle like andro? or battleroyale? just a suggestion for this map if changed at all or a next map ^_^ good map overall imo

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