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Last update for (2)Wish Resign .92 : 2008, 09, 28 05:12
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3251 (2)Wish Resign .92 96*96Excalibur0.1experimentalhybrid

The map has been rated 49 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Ok so, experimental map time.

Now I know the first thing that probably hits is the unbuildable ground and the tightness that you would think promises T winrar. I however, disagree. Due to the 815 ramps, T needs a dropship to get tanks out of his main OR he has to sacrifice an expo to a factor+machine shop, and thats only one factory, and in most areas, the tanks are trapped and contained to that area.

My idea for this map was to create a map where you had the choice of using light units for a ground assault, or treating it like an air map, hence it being labeled Hybrid.

At the moment, I think its a bit too experimental for me to make any more balance comments/changes, so I turn it over to you BWMN.

All min blocks are 16.

Watcha think guys?
modified by Excalibur
interesting concept
there probably be a lot of air battles do to small paths and heavily blocked zones

TvP will be totally changed
Im actually wondering how P would play this, since I never play P.
I like this a lot! I think you should add more minerals to the mains
id add some 2x2 hex around all expansions for spore colonies vs dt corsair ;)
Ill add some 2x2s. and Nasty, you sure? I thought low recources would be good for this map. Also, some P theorycraft please anyone?
Edited. Added the 2x2s. Still wondering on the addition of more resources.
morrow, the whole concept of the map was undefendable expos

"Im actually wondering how P would play this" zeal only if T still make meca. T probably make meca + dropships.
Well no, the unbuildability was due to tanks really. But I think the 2x2s are a good idea.
well the problem with the 2x2's is that creep cant reach them, can they? theyre useless other than pylons, cannons and turrets
I can fix that. 1x1 trails to them.
wow, i would imagine alot of weird gameplay on this map. looks awesome
Looks like the mains look a bit too small for Terrans to get all the buildings in while still having a good path to the three entrances.
I think this is zerg map. Mass ling own here.
im 100% sure this map is total imbalanced. but i still wanna have like a testing tournament witht it whos in (the tournaments that nightmarjoo hosted before)? :)
wise resign, tarzan, deep inside
I'd be in but i suck at melee. If that doesnt matter sure I'll play. And its Wish Resign, named after a Circa Survive song.

"Alter and teach the ages
Nothing you love lasts too long
A marvelous calm
Abandoned in the stages of
Birth mother vs. the mid wife
Who'll tell the children about her life

That's why you never mentioned my name to them
Denying us all of the moment

That's why you never mentioned my name to them
Denying us all of the moment

What brought you back to this place
I knew you'd never learn
I knew you'd never

Anything expected of you now
I knew you'd never learn
I knew you'd never

I'd place my bet down now
You'll be the first one to sell me out"

Also, updated.
Reference pic for Z:
modified by Excalibur
u forgot the mains 8D
Um, what did i forget about the mains? They're buildable.
I'm pretty sure he was joking xD
I think you should only put some dirt tiles (buildable tiles around the actual mineral patches. That way at least Terran and Protoss can defend those positions vs. cloaked targets. Not alot of room just enough to get 3 to 4 turrets near them.
I did Nasty, I just have to update the pic. I actually played a game versus a comp to test creep and noticed it did need more dirt. .94 is pretty much done, just waiting on any other suggestions.
alots of misstiles in middle and poor deco in mains

akward main formations
main formations are perfectly fine

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