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Last update for (4)HolyWorld1.1 : 2009, 05, 15 08:38
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3646 (4)HolyWorld1.1 128*128ESK0.1leagueground

The map has been rated 43 times and got a total of 5 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

New pro map with neat concept of neutral CC in the center for infestation by the zerg in ZvP mostly.

Check out the Kal vs Zero game for an amazing utilization of the infesteds.

PS- Not sure who made the map.
modified by SpoR
Fantastic !
Looks nice, the style reminds me of Medusa.
Couple discussion threads from TL

Map Statistics:
ew Map: HolyWorld Description
ㆍType : Reverse-High Ground Macro-orientated map
ㆍNumber of players : 4 (1, 5, 7, 11 o clock)
ㆍSize : 128 128
ㆍTileset : Twilight
ㆍConcept : Holy World is designed to be a reverse-high ground macro-orientated map, with the main shaped like a donut and its surrounding high ground having the expansions. The name 'Holy World' is because of the diagram in the center.

ㆍSpecial features
- The main's entrance is from lower ground to higher ground, hence early pressure is the key to winning on this map.
- The second expo is blocked by a mineral wall, and if you get past this wall, you can get into your opponent's back cliff, so we can expect many uses of this mineral wall for scouting, as well as other strategic plays.
- The nat's distances are close, and the center is wide, so expect to see many big battles happening in the center of the map. The main is also designed like a valley, so expect a lot of dropship plays or guerrilla attacks to occur.
ㆍMisc. details
- The second expo's minerals are 1000 each, and the gas behind it is spaced 3 squares away from the center so that it wouldn't be siegable.
- Only the reaver's scarab can pass through the second expo's mineral wall.
- The main can be walled with 1 barracks and 1 supply depot.
- There are no minerals that can be caught within the line of sight of workers, hence scouting using mineral-click is impossible.
- Only the mineral line can be attacked by sieged tanks from the surrounding cliffs.
- The disruption webs works as normal, and the command center in the center of the map can be infested by the Queen after dealing damage to it.
ㆍRush distance : Base entrance to base entrance (worker speed): vertical/horizontal distance 32 seconds, diagonal distance 40 seconds.
- Main : 9M+1G(4x)
- Natural : 7M+1G(4x)
- Backyard : 5M
- Expo : 7M+1G(4개,1000)
modified by SpoR
is there anyway to have a non ums lifted neutral command center?
Thanks for the upload, fixed author.

Just open up the map and you can see the author in the map description, either through scmdraft or just sc lol.
No, crimson)s(hadow
Well I was at work when I upped it and I didn't have access to mapunlocker or anything like that.

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