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Last update for (2)Snake Canyon : 2009, 05, 30 04:14
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3658 (2)Snake Canyon 128*128lMPERVlOUS0.4betaground

The map has been rated 57 times and got a total of 20 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

This is my first map. I have not done any serious play testing on it yet.

The geysers require 4 workers on each for maximum efficiency, instead of 3.

I worked out the pathing issues already, at least I think I've fixed them all.

I've played a few fun games on it so far.

Rip it apart. Let me know how to make it better.
Interesting concept but I dont like the gas issue ,
the nat sucks man u cant 2 hach as a zerg and Its a problem (maybe add some creep)and Its positioning Is just ugly man , then ur going to be told its 2 tight by every 1 here.

:) sry
Actually, the gas issue isn't a big problem - the only ones where they differ is the ones in the centre. The main and natural and the 2/7 expansions have the same rates. The ones in the middle do not vary much, believe it or not.

EDIT - made bridges slightly wider, modified the mineral placement in mains, modified centre expansions, and increased the width of the ramps to the mains.

The geysers at the natural and the 2/7 expansions have 2500 in them.

The min only expansions have 3000 in each patch.

The mineral blocks are 0 minerals stacked 20 times. There are 6 blocking the path, which can be opened rather quickly to make a large opening.
modified by lMPERVlOUS

EDIT 2 - The pic shown right now is my old version, the pic of the updated version is visible if you click on the map..... I dunno why that happened.....
modified by lMPERVlOUS

EDIT 3 - Nevermind my above edit.....
modified by lMPERVlOUS
I basically re-made the map.....

I have not finished decorating the map, but I want to keep it simple.
About the remake:

Mains are almost exactly the same size as each other. They can both be blocked with 2 supply depots and a barracks, with the units spawning inside the main. I tried to do this without an inverted ramp, but it didn't come out nicely. Any ideas how to potentially modify it to get rid of the inverted ramps?

Nats are easy to defend initially, due to the choke, however, they are open to harassment via air or ranged attacks through the thin wall. That is intentional. Thoughts on it?

Expansions past the main and nat are all easy to harassment, which is completely intentional.

It is not completely unbuildable in the middle, however, there is a lot of space that cannot be built on. My main question is this - do I need to make more of the ground unbuildable?

All of the geysers are diagonal, requiring 4 workers for maximum efficiency, instead of 3. They are very close in mining speed (see the article on this). I did this so it is more symmetrical, which would help reduce positional imbalances.

For the expansions, there is a couple of unbuildable ground tiles blocking buildings, so a Hatchery/Command Centre/Nexus cannot be built closer to the gas than diagonally. The mains are open so that a player can build a Hatchery to increase the efficiency of gas production with an additional hatchery.

Mineral patches and Geysers are 1500 and 5000 respectively.

I found that there is a lot of tank holes when you go from high ground to water. The solution I found was to use a tile that is unwalkable, however, it looks ugly. Any suggestions on how to fix that?

Every doodad/tile I've added has been with a purpose. I will decorate the map later, unless someone who is good at decorating wants to do it instead. I want to get the main concept of the map sorted first.

And yes, I put the "polar-bear-guy" in the middle of the map. I had to. It has to be in every map.

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