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Last update for (4)Space Gauge : 2009, 05, 26 13:51
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3661 (4)Space Gauge 128*128coV0.4betaground

The map has been rated 51 times and got a total of 21 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Alrighty my first map in this site.

Mineral block for expansion are 96, regular are 8.
Backdoor expansion with 6 minerals and 1 gas.
Regular expansion with 6 minerals and 1 gas.
Natural expansion 8 minerals and 1 gas.
Island expansion (3&9) 6 minerals and 1 gas with mineral block (8)
2nd island expansion (6&12) 6 minerals.

I was kind of bored but still wanted to make a map, tell me what you think.
modified by coV
there are too many expoes

u should remove 12 and 6 o clock
why do you need the min blocks for back expansions?
Or rather: why did you place those min blocks that are only annoying, but have close to no effect? (worker jump is ez)
I like the map good job! But there Is a couple of problems :

-There are 2 may expos ! I would remove 2 of the 1s In the middle.

-There Is gas issue In read and blue mains , to learn about what gas issue Is and how 2 fix It go 2 "Articles:" And then reed the article of gas issue(This Is very Important)

-I like the min block 4 the expo ^^ but instead of the 2 mineral paches blocking , I would put one min pach blocking the Just In the center of the ramp (Do u know how 2 do this?)

Il explain In my next comment why u should keep themin block.

Map looks like fun ^^

Alright thanks for the feedback

I'll remove mineral block from island and the 12 and 6 expansion.
I'll put a neutral building on the backdoor expansion

I put the minerals in the backdoor because I think you can get really fast gas, but if you guys want I'll remove minerals or replace the minerals with neutral buildings.

And I'll change the gas from mains to the side.

And should I remove all those little minerals in the middle?
Added a neutral building
Removed mineral block from island
Changed gas from mains
The mineral only expansion in the middle has been changed to 6.

Man did u reed the article of the gas issue ?

Reed the article again plz there Is 2 articles reed them both.

Now blue and purple have gas issue.

P.S. I like the neutral building.
Okay, I fixed it.

Anything else for me to change/fix?
Ok good job 1 last thing tho , move blues and purps minerals and gas a bit 2 the right (They are closer 2 the edge than read and teal, more harrassable )

Then map should be good 2 go :)
The nats don't fully protect the ramp.

Map looks somewhat tight, imo, because of the minonlies in the mid and the little wasted space between the islands and the mid; it looks as if you could save a bit of space there.

The hole in the mid of the map could be made smaller, just to give some room for flanking. (think about teal[Terran] vs purple[Protoss], the terran can move from left to right pretty easily because protoss will have a hard time flanking)

the mins in the mid of the map seem useless.
modified by JungleTerrain
I was planning to remove the island at 12 and 6 but I don't know what I'll replace it with, if I just put splattered high platform then yes that would be wasted space.

I remove the little minerals in the middle, if you guys don't like it (I just put it there for little deco)

And the nat, you want me to shift it a little closer the ramp?

And how would I make it a little less tight?
Removed little minerals in the middle
Shifted the main's minerals more right (Left side)
Made the nat closer to the ramp.

Still deciding what to do with the 12 and 6 expansion.

Bleh, picture ain't updating.
modified by coV
U make map less tight by making hole In the middle smaller , removing the min expos there and there u go I think.

But GOD DAM MOUVE mins and gas(Of mains) of blue and purple a couple of cm to the right ! LOL.
Haha it's fine
God dam LOL
I'm thinking of removing the mineral expansion in the middle, and just keeping the island expansion at 12 and 6.

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