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Last update for (2)Cosmic Nature : 2010, 11, 29 21:43
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4128 (2)Cosmic Nature 128*96jamssi0.5betaground

The map has been rated 62 times and got a total of 29 points

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Comments:   GMCS (3 elements)

How many times are the minerals at the high ground stacked?

Also, nice map. But might be hard for a Zerg to defend both the main and natural.

EDIT: Now that i looked at your old maps i remember who you are, some of your old maps are really good :)
modified by Kinosjourney
This map is genious in its simplicity..
I bet this map could be pimped and it would look alot better.
Classic imbalances, p>z t>p t>z due to linearity and very close expos
10x stacked (0)minerals in high ground.
I dont like this map at all man :( its just so empty and I feel you can do just so much + with an xy (2)map....

This map just doesn't work. First of all there is that huge way to your natural and you are supposed to defend that on that huge cliff that have 2 big ramps. Let's think there would be only that right ramp. The natural would be still really hard to defend to Zerg cuz you have to spread your sunkens so much. Now, when there is 2 ramps, you have to spread them even more. This means that early MarineMedic rush vs. Zerg is pretty much win.

And I don't really get the idea with those minerals. Why they are there? You should move them on the ramp so they would actually block something. Yes, they block way to natural now, but the enemy can just walk to your main. You need 2x more sunkens to defend that thing than normally you have to make..

The whole consept is weard for me. I mean, the map is so empty. The map doesn't have even enough resources. Zerg gets his 3rd gas and then what? 3rd gas is still so hard to get early that you just have to try win the game quickly as Zerg. You can't even think about getting the 4th gas.

You could easily add some expansions. Think something att 11 and 5 and maybe add expansion on those cliffs right there.

Mineralonly is horrible placed. It's so open and it's mineralonly. No one can actually defend that.

I also wonder how terran actually defend vs. fast goons. There is already high ground to Protoss, which makes it really difficult break to Terran player.

FE in this map is something really weird. You really cant think with Terran "I make FE vs. Zerg." That's not gonna happen. Same thing with Protoss. You can't really think making FE vs. Terran.

The middle is so empty and boring. Terran just gets killed there I would say. There is so much pathing that you can do.

There isn't place for Muta harras.

Overall, I think this map is bad.
SiaBBo you alive lol wellcome back xD
about the map i like the main+natural concept/execution
but i think you should scrap the rest and make it all over again ;

this map could be very good with a little work ^^
modified by LasTCursE
lol siabbo epic comment lol
its kind of better now, but the corners are still feeling empty, also the middle can be better. you should consider decorating it...unless your waiting for the concept of course.
One thing that I saw is that choke to your main ramp. Delete little of the high platform so units can move easier. This will help also in TvP so Terran can't just camp with the tanks and Protoss' units have to walk extra to reach the Tanks. (See GMCS) (Ok lol, the GMCS went wrong place but you get the idea. Left of the GMCS remove some of that platform.) If you do this you can add some platform on the other side so Protoss can still FE with cannons.

I'm really thinking about that hole in the map. It's right after you get of the minonly ramp on the right. I don't think it will be ever used, and basically I think it will be just annoying. Just block that hole.

At 11 and 5 expansions are good, but ones of next to them aren't. These expansions are way too close of each other that makes expannding too easy. That thing just not going to work.

I'm not sure about the middle. This high platform is too big so the one who controls it first, will have a huge lead. Just because if Player 1 tries to push out of his main, Player 2 just waits on the high ground. I mean, that's the place to Terran to tank. Just spread some Tanks there and make couple of missile turrets. It will be pain in ass to Protoss player to deal with that.

The whole map looks like it's planned to Tanks. Mains, minonly, 3rd gas, 4th gas, because that cliff with two ramps and middle.
Nice man, I am a strong believer that after a map gets its deco done it upgrades its level of sexiness :]
nice expo concept though, especiallz in the middle.

but isn't main2main distance a little too short? maybe a neutral buidling? hm that wouldn't be a good idea i think.. but i'd say there has to be a way to longen the main2main..
I added some natural buildings, but as you can see now we have path issue. But I think it does´t matter, cuz you can command your units first to middle expo. (Small units can pass trought buildings.)
modified by jamssi
After couple of games, this map seems to work really well.
Siabbo trying to replace me?
why is the Main forum fucked up ?
you fast ^^
Maybe add a neutral creep colony above or below the main ramp to give zerg a place to make sunks to defend their main? Right now you kind of force them to either 9pool and stay heavy ling, or to 3hatch making a useless (at no expo) third hatch first just for sunks to defend the neutral-blocked path.

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