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Last update for (3)Miss You : 2013, 04, 24 15:33
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4442 (3)Miss You 128*128Jungleterrain0.8betaground

The map has been rated 56 times and got a total of 45 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Damn i love this map :>
Crystal may be ?
Northern main looks bigger than the others.

Yes, crystal I guess.
It's mine
Not enough gas
This is not my map. :3
It says in the description "By JungleTerrain"

Agree with freakling, middle looks bigger than others. And dont see why red mineral line shouldnt be facing down..

Very hard 3rd gas. o_o

modified by CrystalDrag
i did this, can't you recognize my picture edit?
impossible 3rd gas
just theory crafting, but t will tank up around the edges and secure 2 min onlies
And no good Ovi spots -> add some basilica around the main edges or something
It still Jungle's
I like the hexagon. :D
I've been busy, guys, as most of you can relate.

I made the map very quickly, as you can tell by the excessive use of the symmetry tool. The bottom part of the map is smaller than the sides, oh well.

I mostly made this map to fuel some activity on the site, so that we would have something new to talk about. I hope you guys can do the same!

Yeah, Overlord spots suck. I can change the main size EZ.
@K_A I don't think it's THAT easy to split your terran army and FULLY secure BOTH sides of the main with tanks on the ridges. Besides, the mains are very harass-friendly, good for recall/drop play.

The slight positional imbalances in mineral/gas formations are there just because I like vertical mineral lines more than horizontal, especially when you look at top middle Main base.

I also understand third gas is kind of hard to take, especially for zerg in both ZvP and ZvT, but what would you have me do with the current layout? I had thought about adding vespene geysers to the mineral onlies, either reduced value or full value, but I thought that would be too much gas, especially when you play TvP, PvZ, where you would be able to secure 3rd gas (and maybe 4th gas) very easily. Then you'd have a 3gas Terran vs NbaseProtoss, or 3gas Protoss vs NbaseZerg.
I don't even know wheter that's really a problem. As Zerg I'D just get the free main or nat and build my third behind those safe walls. P/T will go straight FW before Rax/forge anyway. There isn't much cheese to do against really greedy builds on this map. Maybe rax float or proxy builds behind the enemy's wall (both easily prevented by ovi scout and very few lings).

Actrually it would be kind of funny if Terran build their rax in the third base just to prevent a Zerg from building their third hatch there.
Not bad.. Not bad at all, I really like this!
Bump!! (In love with this map)
I found out that starcraft crashes if you try to host the map.
modified by JungleTerrain
Hmmm... Not sure whether that's a possible reason... But opening it in single player gives me two error messages for "unplacable eggs". So fix those egg walls and try again I guess.
modified by Freakling
Open it in single player? don't you mean in map editor?

I'll look into it.
Ermm... you are aware that you can play melee maps in single player vs AI, right? (my favourite build: 4 hatch mass ling :P)
Yeah, I am aware of that, but it actually gives you a message that says "unplaceable eggs"? I thought it would most likely say something like "game file is corrupt" or something, and it wouldn't let you play it at all.
It sounds more like a message from a map editor.
No... Haven't you ever played a map with faultily placed non-building units (p.e. [lurker] eggs, dark swarms, D-webs?). It gives you an error messgage that unit cannot be placed or something like that (in yellow text). That's what I am referring to.
Reason is either that two of those units' collision boxes overlap somewhere or that their collision boxes overlap with unpassable subtiles somewhere.
I think in your map the latter is the case on some ramps edges.
Oh, I see what you are saying. Yeah, I have encountered that before, but only in UMS settings. I just haven't seen those type of messages for a long time for some reason, and I forgot about them.
I want 2 see + of this MAP!
Is everyone just too busy to make maps?
@K_A yeah
Finish this. >>
don't have time
I wonder if this map had any influence on KeSPA's new SC2 proleague map Transistor?
Wow. I'm really surprised at the similarity of the concept. I would not be surprised if my map did have some influence on the sc2 map, but then again it could be total coincidence.
Wait haha the mains are the naturals in that map :P
Still it very kewl ^^

I only like the bifrost
What? Bifrost is probably as much of a cheesefest as it has always been in BW.

But Arcanoid is totally kewl, in either game!
They should start balancing the game around those maps now (not the other way around).

But guillotine? Why does the SC2 remake have to look even more barren, loveless, dull and optically unpleasing than the original?!

Am I wrong or does CalDeum finally use mineral blocks in an SC2 map?

But this thread should be about this map - I think making this a bit more like Transistor would improve it, like the chasm (->water) around the mains. And the main nat inversion is definitely a nice touch, but since every one would just FE all the time it does not matter... But having the ramps relocated like that could probably even out pathing
Actually it seems like Transistor, Guillotine, and Gaema Gowon are not going to be used in proleague (which is unfortunate, I think Transistor wouldn't be nearly as terribly broken of a map as Bifrost will be in SC2)
While this is bumped anyway I thought I'd just share that this map concept in fact is currently being used in SC2 proleague, except it was changed to a hybrid 2p/4p layout with fixed cross spawn, where you have a 50% chance to spawn at the unusual base configuration:

Korhal Floating Island
modified by NegativeZero
Nice to see that after making maps very 1-dimensional, by relying way too much on fixed cross spawns, SC2 mappers are at least trying to make a virtue out of necessity now...
I actually wanted to try to make a map like ^^ :P
You could make a BW map like that. It would not have forced cross spawns of course, but it would definitely that "Fantasy" competition of yours some momentum...

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