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Last update for (2) Damnation : 2017, 09, 13 23:14
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4968 (2) Damnation 128*96CIGC)Darkstar0.1betaground

The map has been rated 47 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

My second ever attempt i think it turned out better as the concept seems more like an actual melee map. Inspirations are Andromeda (main bases), Sin Chupung Ryeong and a few others.

This is the first version without decorations and small fixes.

Edit: sorry about the main geyser. Will fix that of course.
modified by DarkstaR
Nice, I feel you are already improving your map making skills :)

Good use of different paths stemming from the natural entrance, it gives a lot of options for players in terms of strategy. "Should I go this way for a direct attack?" "Should I take a side path and counter?" etc. etc.

I see the middle is centered around a circular pathing/2 paths instead of just 1 linear one. This is good.

I think the biggest problem is the execution, which shows in the awkward sizes for things, weird shapes, some paths being too small or big, etc. It's okay, some of this comes from just experience, as maps feel different in terms of "comfortability" in how they look inside the editor as opposed to in-game. You will get the hang of it.

The mains look cramped and awkward. How will a terran player build 9 factories and all their supply depots in there?

Take a look at this map:

It's one of crystaldrag's maps (a very good map maker but sadly :( has been MIA). He has the same concept with the middle as this map. He used to have expansions on there as well, but I argued that it would be very difficult to expand there, and that space should be used differently. He ended up adding a ramp where the expansion would be, and it opened the map up in terms of pathing, allowing the middle paths to connect with the main side paths more easily. I think it was a good change overall. Consider this as well, as a player, when would you realistically take that expansion?

Maybe make the middle bridge a bit smaller, or just like Loki, where it's simply a small dirt corridor that allows only small units (not vultures/tanks/goons/lurks, etc.). That way, players have to use the two paths to move their armies around, and you completely get rid of the possibility of linear pathing. Or just make it small enough so that it is impractical to push an army through there.

I have a few other ideas, but that's it for now!

Thanks for your long feedback! I agree with many things, i'm not happy with the size and shape of the main bases first and foremost. About the expansions on the plateaus: i realize there is a very small chance to ever expand on there. However, i think a map should allow for rare situations as well and i was fully aware when i created the expansions. I did them so they wouldn't be in the way of anything or actually block the pathing. Think of it as a unique chance in a late game, maybe even stalemate situation where defenses become very strong. I certainly see it as a viable expansion in TvT as well.
Another thing, I don't know how many people know this, but 128x112 or 112x128 are other totally viable map sizes. Even with SCR, they should still work. They are not listed as standard options when you create a map, but you can type in the dimensions of the map yourself when you hit "New Map". I think they are really good sizes for 2 player maps. 128x112 are the dimensions for (2)Benzene for example. I personally think they are better options than 128x96 or 96x128. Just something to consider!
Actually, you can even use 128x120/128x120 or 128xX/Xx128 where X<128. As long as the longer side is 128, it works as a valid map format.

As a general tip, also read this.

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