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Last update for (2)Lavalamp : 2011, 11, 24 21:59
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4446 (2)Lavalamp 128*128greatnoob0.1betaground

The map has been rated 53 times and got a total of 5 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

This is the map i choose for the tour, if itís fit for the task. I know people have been telling me itís big, but a 128x128 map shouldnít be causing problems for the players, since they play this size many times on the 4 player maps, which are actually very similar to a 2 player map if you play them with fixed cross-position start locations.
Try fixing the map image... I don't know what you did.
I didnt upload an image yet. But i'll try.
Upon further examination, you're going to need better decoration, and I feel like the mineral lines are next to impossible to harrass
128x128 is a problem in 2players map.
It feels a lot bigger than 4 players maps because of the amount of expas. Your map doesn't seem like it has a lot of expas, but the space in the middle and some expantions are really big and kind of wasted.
I would like to see a 128x96 or 96x128

Thanks for the hints. I agree with the deco. Its a pity that decorating lavamaps is kind of awkward since there are so few terrain types. I admit that you did a nice job with decorating your map and its prettier than mine. And i would like to decorate my map as well... i just feel the lack of good and simple options for it. Possibly my decorating skills are kind of low. If anyone could help me out with specific ideas or maybe even doing some decoration himself i would appreciate that.

Yes many mineral lines are difficult to harass. It was one of my intentions to give many expansions good defensive options. Hopefully it wont make game play bad.


Thanks for the comment. If you are talking about the corner expansions, then let me explain it to you. I made them big so that when a player, for example a protoss wants to make a new main, he can choose one of the corner exps since they offer fairly good defense and enough space for the buildings. If you are talking about other expansions they have such sizes to make them untankable. About the space in the middle.. yeah the middle is kind of huge, but im not sure if thats a problem. Does it provide bad game play?
You can make expansion untankable putting unwalkable tile araound the expansions.
And a 4 players maps doesn't fell that big, because the main nat third setup make them fell smaller. Look at your map again and see left bottom and right top corners. They seem bigger than normal, and the middle is really big too.
Your map would fit in the same size as destination or polaris rhapsody.
A picture is a must.. not many will DL ur map just to take a look at it
made some changes:
- main/nat cliff shape
- cliff patterns in nat magma
- broken rock/dirt patterns
- adjusted the postion of bottomright nat gas
- magma arc length at the close to main 3rd exps
I'm here guys :)
Thanks to ArcTimes's advice, i moved the gases at the nats. Only uploaded it in obs version for now.
Things to change:

-Too many straight lines (looks ugly and amateurish, especially if this is going to be in the tourny map pool).
-Bad mineral lines (12 and 6 especially). Copy mineral lines from Pro maps, or try imitating them.
-The middle is boring, especially the decoration.
-Overlord spot at nats could be better.
-More decoration needed. I understand this tileset is hard to work with in terms of decoration, but just try to add more doodads to make it seem like you spent more time on it :)
What Ash terrain really offers is a wide selection of unbuildable terrain types. Make use of it.
Remove straight lines, in deco cliffs and mineral formations.
Try to improve the concept, i.e. do something that makes it differ from only being another boring flat, open middle, bunch of peripheral expos map. Especially because it is a two player map it should offer more for the player.

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