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Last update for (2)Switchblade : 2013, 02, 06 19:00
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4576 (2)Switchblade 128*128CardinalAllin0.1betaground

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27th January 2013
Version 1.0 Switchblade

5th February 2013
Version 1.01
-Altered north main ramp walling
-Added cliff at the bridges
modified by CardinalAllin
nice oxide ramps lol

also what's the point of all of those random eggs and mineral chunks?
Read the update on Checkpoint
minerals - worker micro
eggs - prevent crackling snipes of town halls

honestly i don't think either are necessary.

I think the map is too wide open.
Yah I agree it might help but not by much I feel like players are more likely to be like wth than use it in the rare instances applicable
I don't think the mineral chunk next to the main ramps are needed since you can probably stack workers with vision of the gas in the naturals, although the other ones might be useful in certain instances such as defending 12 hatch with drones vs an 8rax bunker rush or w/e.

The "third" and the "fourth" bases are too close to each other. So matchups like ZvT, for example, will probably see the Terran being able to secure a third and fourth base easier than in most maps, while for the Zerg it is the same as in most maps...

The "fourth" is too inaccessible/difficult to attack for the opposing player.

The top and bottom corner expos are like Checkpoint in that they make it as if the map was kinda like a 4 player map.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of the "4 player feel" on a 2 player map and all that jazz. I think it's rather uninspired, and you can do a better job than that. I'd recommend switching it up next time.

I would assume that the creep colonies at the bottom/top corner expos are for possible nydus canals? Interesting :P
What about the line of eggs going down the middle of the large ramps? Seems like all that would do is screw up pathing...
Hide your spawning pool by the creep colonies
why would you do that?... if they see it isnt there, then they will just go over there and kill it... proxying hydra den or greater spire might be better.
nydus canals would be nice
I am also not really a fan of four-player maps with two spawn-restriction, which this one, just like Checkpoint, is pretty much another axample of.
If you want to use Oxide-style rusty pit terrain, here is an idea: Take the basic layout of Desertec, and remake it with a rusty pit valley in the middle.
In space tileset you can even combine that with standard high ground mains.
In fact, this is like the perfect concept for a new map... Tell me if you don't do it, because then certainly I will (or I will do the outline and have Crystal decorate it ;D )

And some general tips:
- About your 101 new uses for neutral eggs: When putting "weird stuff" into your maps, always ask yourself first, if there is really a functional necessity, or if the overall gain outweighs the "wtf?!!?" factor of it. I don't really see the benefit here at all. My question would be: Is it really justified to have all that annoying stuff around, just to nerve one peculiar unit in one specific matchup (in this case: cracklings in PvZ), more to the point: What sets this very map apart from all the other maps that worked perfectly fine without this feature, to justify its use here?

-straight lines: To be avoided, even in artificial tilesets.
Granted, sometimes you have a concept that really requires a lot of straight lines. Just take Oxide as an example. But please note, how I contrasted the stright lines, by making cliffs lines as ragged as possible wherever I could and by adding irregular plating and dark platform patterns.
lets do that freakling :p would be fun
I can't tell if it's just me, but does there seem to be kinda blocky blends on a lot of the places?
I knew you would like that idea, crystal :D
what's wrong with straight lines :(
How many mountains do you know with straight lines?.
Straight lines show how much you care for your map... If you dont spend time to make the cliffs nice, then probaby wont be good..
Also you can build pylons on the high ground and gateways on the low ground.
Or pylons on the low ground and cannons on the high ground :D
This is a space platform map so straight lines could make sense.
Billzard space campaign maps dont have this much straight lines...
Straight lines show how much you care for your map... If you dont spend time to make the cliffs nice, then probaby wont be good..
perhaps i should make a quick sketch on the difference.
don't you agree that this map is better than blizzard maps?

(contradicts less lines = better)
I never said anything about balance, i was talking about the aesthetics.

Which main looks better? They both have similar areas..
modified by crystaldrag
geometric shapes can be cool when used right but id have to agree with crystal that straight lines lack a certain exciting look that frayed borders provides.
Both ways work depend on the theme of your map...
ask whoever made benzene :)
benzene is a kespa map, therefore they do not give the slightest s!@# for decoration or the appealing overall structure.
Phobic is alive!?
No he's not.. he is a corpse. :)
I'm working on a somewhat standard map seeing as most of my experimental ones failed hard. It's giving me quite the challenge.
Perhaps you can PM me some picture and i can help with the layout?
Yeah, thanks for the ramps. And thanks to crystaldrag for his recent ramp palettes too.

I know the map is ugly and I know 'gimmicks' are annoying, so Im sorry about that.

[The "third" and the "fourth" bases are too close to each other.]

[The "fourth" is too inaccessible/difficult to attack for the opposing player.]
Yep, if I was looking at this map for the first time, those are two things I would clock aswell. And I would be worried (as it were) about these things.

[I'd recommend switching it up next time.]
Yeah Ive got one (maybe 2) more maps like this but dont worry, Ive got more stuff up my sleeve aswell.

And yep, possibility of nydus canals is the point of the creep.

The eggs on the ramps help terran expand in TvP. If Protoss starts killing them after the first siege tank is out (assuming rax expand), then vultures are more likely to sneak out successfully.
If Protoss kills the eggs at his own nat then he is able to defend himself easier vs the Terran army later in the game.

Also, I apologize now for my next map because it has very straight lines everywhere, you guys are gunna hate it Im afraid. But I already made it before I released this one.

5th February 2013
Version 1.01
-Altered north main ramp walling
-Added cliff at the bridges
You can always edit a map and reduce the amount of straight lines... lol its not like once you make the map you cannot change basic aesthetics
And in space I really dont see whats wrong with straight lines if it fits the theme
the problem is that it either needs to be all straight lines like benzene or electric circuit or it needs to be more randomized.

Yes, if the theme is to have an ugly map then it's fine...
and electric ciruit and bezene are ugly an also play kinda bad. :p

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