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Last update for (3)[BWMN]Demonio A : 2013, 05, 10 02:19
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4607 (3)[BWMN]Demonio A 128*128LastCurse; editor: Freakling0.2betaground

The map has been rated 58 times and got a total of 13 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Now with official looking obs version!!!
observer version fixed.
There seems to be a problem associated with the gases to the right...For protoss they mine 260- and 8oclock main mines slower for all races... Can you just do this part freakling? T_T it time consuming

modified by CrystalDrag
Yes it is... Exactly why I did not want to have to do it all by myself this time.

Can you make complete tables for all maps, positions and races first, ideally also listing the gas position, so we can see if patterns appear and a get a better idea of how good a result we can actually expect for each race and position.

Also could you please use numbers that actually give a clue which expo you are referring to? Like if it says 3Nat you should be able to locate it at around 3 o'clock.
modified by Freakling
As a reference: These are the values from the original gas issue research:

Gas gathering data sheet

As I pointed out, some of these may not be accurate/reliable, but its still a good reference, and definitely a valid data point. With the mining rates from all 6 of these maps we should have a good sample size to accurately judge how well a geyser mines for any of the races and most common positions, including the effect of doodad fixes.

But obviously we need to get this accurate data first, before sensible decisions about the feasibility of improvements and the best ways to actually achieve them can be made.
modified by Freakling
^^As you can see, Protoss right and Terran bottom being bad is to be expected. About 80% means around 240 min^-1, so around 260 min^-1 would actually be better than expected!
so I\'ll do this ::

Leave all maps as is
find the mining rates of all maps and races
use more descriptive words as to where the expansion is and the position of the gas.
Work on Feel My Love

and I will post the results at the same time.
modified by CrystalDrag
Make a table with all geysers on all maps. listing positions and gas position and whether there are doodads to improve worker pathing or not.

We can then compile that into a table for those positions and decide which ones can be improved, and whether they need to be improved.

You can also balance minerals for Feel My Love.
This is my map you stealing son of a bitch :D
eyy its LasTCursE...
And that could definetly be a possibility.
Hey LasTCursE!
Lol all these afk mappers reappearing :D
Is this really your map?
Ah and my Skype is "CrystalDrag1337" i think..
You have to create another map in order to reclaim this map. :)
modified by CrystalDrag
you slightly changed it and wrote it to be yours xD

When i made it had mineral expos in the middle not next to the main
and the naturals were less tankable :D

modified by LasTCursE
there is the original map still in the database, as well as the version before this one
Can you prove it by changing the author name of the original?
modified by Freakling
A challange :$
OK, I will update this with your name.

Did the map name "BLue Devil" hold any deeper meaning, by the way, or was it just another "random" name

Also, I should inform you that I submitted this for the iCCup/Defiler "MAPSTERS OF THE UNIVERSE" comeptition (sorry could not resist the temptation of satire by imitation of that title). I hope you do not mind. You should definitely inform Fry, that you are the author, to make sure the submission is valid.
And I had to change the nat formations because of:

- problems with good gas placement
- problems with mineral mining
- problems with muta balance

all of which mostly affected the eastern nat.
I didn't rly do much with this map i remember posting it here without an author then forgeting about it lolz xD haven't tested it or anything..

Appriciated about the name change! :D

I called it blue devil cuz in the very first versions the middle kinda looked that way xD

modified by LasTCursE
OK, 8 main was the worst agglomeration of weird worker bugs I've seen so far, didn't know there could be so many dancing worker variants...

Anyway, it's been fixed now...

I am done for today.

Also Fry asks LastCurse to send him the newest version personlly via e-mail... And his iCCup name...
modified by Freakling
- fixed northern nat cliff not blocking vision correctly
Minerals for bottom players changed so that looks nicer and only one tile away from edge... checked with all three races to make sure no major path issues.

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