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Last update for (3)Incidence_0.90 : 2018, 11, 07 06:27
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4610 (3)Incidence_0.90 128*128Freakling1.1betaground

The map has been rated 64 times and got a total of 69 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Pretty snowflake :3 Freakling? He always bugging of doing a hexagon filled in at the edges as much as possible :)
Walling encouraged in front of the natural?
Narrow choke so tanks pwn? :)
Actually high chance it is Freakling. He always does a combination of CCs and Nexuses (Roadkill) for expansions.
modified by CrystalDrag
Just a raw draft of a spontaneous idea I had. Maybe some one wants to help/cooperate in executing this?

SLs = SLs (duh!)
CCs = gas expos
Nexus = mineral onlies

- yes, it's one of those FE to mineral only first maps.
- the placement of the neutrals prevents initial pathing issues almost completely (already tested out, only red to blue makes a minor detour)
- below the neutrals, and probably also across nat chokes, main chokes and around the outer 3rds. possibly on even more chokes, there are going to be vision blockers.
modified by Freakling
Freakling I posted this on your tl thread about intothemap:
How many have you downloaded from intothemap roughly? Or indeed anyone else?
Also while on the subject, how many have got intothemap accounts. You need an account in order to download map palletes and blends etc.
Almost forgot about that thread with all the other things to do...
I only downloaded the occasional map from IntoTheMap over the years...
I do not have an account, map download always worked for me without one. And I never felt the need to download any of their resource files, because I prefer to do all my tile editing myself.
But maybe there's a way to retrieve some more via crowdsourcing... Would be sad if all those maps would just be gone forever.

Will probably update the TL thread over the weekend...
About the map: I think I need to block the choke between gas nat and mineral only with something, or terran will not be able to handle an agressive toss, even if both chokes could be blocked by one building.

Or do you think it would be reasonable to just allwo terran to rax-2-depot wallin at the mineral only? Would there be enough time for the second depot to be up against an unscouted proxy gate build?
Scouting for proxy builds shouldnt be that hard? :P
And the always mighty Zergling runby - in either matchup?
I let an AI run on this map, just for fun, and something funny happened:

Terran Bunker Madness

Terran is bunkering in pretty tough on this map!
I guess that's one way to counter runbys xP
If i may make some comments...
1.)Making all outpost unwalkable except for the the 6 platforms at the choke.
2.)Improve general walling. Outpost = fully walkable/unbuildable tiles on the edges (Which is why i had crappy time deciding how to block my two entrances best...)
3.)Making dirt NE and NW unwalkable (reinforcing tanks can be dropped there)
4.)The Middle expansion to the bottom has 7 minerals, not six.

And sorry had to leave game early, but i sure i still beat you? :3
I don't think that those plaforms (which you so nicely demonstrated to be tank abusable) should remain dropable...
Lol I wanna play games with you guys except I'm never on :(
‎(◠‿ ◕)✌
But that was an awesome use of the terrain... Your lurkers no reach? :D 3 marines kill two overlords? ^-^ Its not THAT abuseable.. :3
Two slow lords with 3 lurks inside :P

Anyways, no more tank abuse...
modified by Freakling
- basic deco and some bugfixes

Is there enough building space in the mains?
Plenty, if one uses Andromeda building methods. Ten facts/gates can easily fit on the strip behind the mineral only
How does one one build facts on andromeda...

Ah and freakling, may you suggest to me two good (4) maps that would work well for 1v1 and 2v2 that is from BWMN for the StarServer mappack? None of the BWMN mappack ones-going to use those in tournament later.
I am thinking ChemLab, Voidrim, Teru, or Shizi... maybe even shadowplay if you manage to finish it in the next week or so...

but you are busy with our own? :)
modified by CrystalDrag
In Andromeda one needs to build stuff along the edges of the map, because of the shape of the main, just like here.

Why not from the map pack, which would actually get additional testing?

But anything from the suggestions page would be possible...
Or a remake of something like Korhal Pride maybe...

Let's discuss this in those threads, aye?
modified by Freakling

I always found that annoying as terran while spawning on the right side of the map, because of machine shops :C
Leave 1 tile gap between factories on that site, and it's still very comfortable. T doesn't need as many facts as P needs gates, anyways.
ahhh o-O I think I gonna switch races from T to P, tvz and tvt are way too stressful for me xc
when do yo get on according to bw time? I want to play games on this map
Go skype for once, damnit ;P
I think you should block an entrance to the min only with something.. 9 value mineral patch or something.
Lolcrap, looks like this is actually gonna be used, which means I need to actually try and balance it now…

Any suggestions?
modified by Freakling
I can't tell whether the map will seem really tight against Terran mech and ZvP on this map even after the cells are destroyed
Not very nice to force a FFE? Unless all protoss will be happy, and then the zerg would take all three and then go to the other base.
modified by CrystalDrag
Does Protoss ever go for non FFE against Zerg?

I am more afraid for Terran vs. any early pressure. You cannot go Rax expand every game, it's gonna be countered hard.

What I want to do right now:

- Add two 16 mineral patches to the gas nat entrance to prevent runbys/2 choke defense situations
- balance all resources
- maybe add additional vision blockers to block the centre expos off? Not sure yet
I think movement between bases and securing bases could be a problem it just feels like the three mains+nat+minonly take up so much room that the remaining 6 expos are kinda constricted
Constricted? They are huge!
Meh. He decided to be boring and do something balanced and stuff and replaced this with Match Point or something...

Anyway here's and update:
- added 2 16 mineral patches to block the nat choke
- bugfixed resources
- fixed some terrain/doodad errors
sweet map!
Picking up an old map like this after a long time really give me a whole new perspective on it. So this is what I am currently working at:

  • The biggest change is obviously that the outer 3rds are now high (or rather medium) ground. This required a lot of creative terrain work to create custom cliffs and ramps, but I am really happy with how it has turned out so far.
  • I added a mineral stack and egg to glitch workers through the building walls near every player's naturals. Protoss and Terran could easily do it anyway, using a building to push, so it's only fair to give the option to sneak a quick third to every race equally (alternatively I could have made all the ground around the walls unbuildable and maybe I'll do that anyway)
  • Lots of little changes to improve space ditribution and distances
  • some new deco ideas

One problem I currently see with this is that the new layout of the outer thirds restricts ground movement quite a lot and this is definitely a good Carrier map, so Goliath mobility is important. So I think I'll re-add an additional passage, bypassing the third on the low ground. I'll block it with buildings and vision blockers though because the need to create open spaces for yourself is a core concept of this map anyways.
I think I'll also turn some of the edges of the mains around the map borders into water edges to weaken some of the air angles at least to some degree.
modified by Freakling
First, unfinished draft for the final version. Still needs deco and pathfinding fixes.
This map looks super fun
Finished redoing all the sprites and made terrain below and around the building walls unbuildable.
guess all neutral buildings prevent walking to the third base by foot with most/all units so people are gonna have to get creative. reminds alot of Araknoid.

Hello everyone!!
Hello, nice to see you still checking us out from time to time :D

-- vs Freakling(1on1, 1.16)

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