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Last update for (2)Keru : 2014, 04, 03 04:04
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4672 (2)Keru 128*96NegativeZero0.3betaground

The map has been rated 54 times and got a total of 14 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I thought the map was so obviously mine that I didn't even bother with the name-hiding thing.

Instead I pose the question: which SC2 map did I rip off this time?

Edit: I used the method of making the map 128x94 initially, but after I added the bottom 2 rows, if I tried editing terrain in those 2 rows using the isometric tool then SCMDraft instantly crashed (rectangular tool worked, as did copy/paste). Does anyone else have this problem?
modified by NegativeZero
One that was runner up or finalist in the TLMC?
Aside from the natural placement your expo placement is exactly bluestorm. :p
No idea, but looks good as a BW map.
to your Edit, i dont have that problem much... Oh wait, i dont use Fry's trick :DD
And i dont want to find the SC2 map, though i have seen it.

Dat tankable Nat
About that problem: No, I started using the method, and it works just fine for me; I haven't ever experienced any crashes so far.

Are you using the newest SCMDraft version?

Have you tried saving and reloading the map?
Version 0.2:
Started deco, renamed because credit is due where credit is deserved. Idk if the name is too similar to CrystalDrag's Teru, lol, that's why I originally renamed it.

Original map: TPW Keru by Meerel (you were right CrystalDrag, it was a TLMC map)
modified by NegativeZero
Its too similar, you better rename it. -.-
Very nice name
modified by CrystalDrag

Good remake once again.
Added more deco and expanded the map borders to the full 128x96. This map is now possibly as complete as it's going to get, ideally I'd like to improve the deco a little more but I'm lazy.

Name resulted from this, leading to this, lol.
modified by NegativeZero
So what does it mean then? I do not kick?
by the way, you should move the 1/7 expos away from the mains, so they are not tankable, because those are pretty much the only really neutral-ish expansions for players to fight about in late game.
In fact this map almost looks as if split map imbalance would be an issue, even though there are many paths and multi-directional expansion choices; in the end the order in which players take their expansions might vary, but ultimately they'll take all expansion in their half of the map pretty fast, because there aren't many expos to begin with.
...I guess so? I don't speak Japanese lol.

Hmm, the idea that each base belongs to a set player was actually kind of intentional - I thought that due to the low amount of bases that it might be better if players could more easily secure all of them. On your average 4p map players generally have 4 largely uncontested gases, same here.

Also I'm not really sure if I could move those bases away from the mains without cutting into the adjacent high-ground pathways pretty severely.
Adjusted base position at 7
name change only, pls ignore
I would actually have a double gas at the top left and bottom right expansions

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