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Last update for (2)Beyond the Horizon : 2014, 11, 11 21:55
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4751 (2)Beyond the Horizon 128*128J1NX0.2betaground

The map has been rated 45 times and got a total of 11 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Still working on details, but its mainly done, and it should be playable.
Somewhat weirf nats. Can you wall them properly (in PvZ for example)?
Yes, pylon, forge, gate + one zlot are necessary to seal off that ramp.
modified by J1NX
And ZvP?

What are those minerals at the wllaed off cliff behind the main for?
It depend on your simcity, i think one evo, hatch + 2-3sunk will be enough.

You can mine them off, and build turrets/cannons(or
hide some proxy) there.
modified by J1NX
Lots of paths, hills, angles and options. Looks like good fun!
I really like maps such as this where the path to the 3rd is protected by the nat wall too.
CardinalAllin: Thanks for comment. I would appreciate some critique as well, i can take it! :)

working on some gate to that walled cliff and
i want to know what pattern you like most.

only worker open--->closed

only worker open--->one way

only worker open--->one way--->closed

only worker open--->one way--->closed--->open for all
(this can be skip)|----------------------------^

modified by J1NX
Well, the naturals would be my number one priority.
One thing you could do would be to simply make the ramp out of the natural into a small one. And make the ramp down to the 3rd larger instead. That would be pretty cool.

Or try to make the ramp out of the natural more vertical so it can be walled better, something like this:

Or just make the nat low ground, something like:
I think making the nat better for ZvP Simcity and ZvT Muta harrassment should be the priority here.

I'd also consider adding one geyser per player, either by making the corner expos (top right/bot left) double gas expops or by replacing the neutral mineral onlies (1/7 o'clock) by somewhat safer gas expos (with a bit more of a choke for Pylon walls), because right now the map seems a bit starved on gas for its size (good job in making a 128 two player map that doesn't feel too much like using a lot of useless filler space, by the way).
Thanks guys for your suggestions, its help me a lot. Hope i was able to fix those issues.

Decos and some shapes are still awkward, i will make them proper next time.

I was focusing on better pathing and debuging, so i have little time on prettifying things.
Dude, you nailed it.
Its a really ambitious map, with all the neutral buildings and stuff. But you clearly have an eye for detail. Good stuff.
Are those double expos far enough apart to be out of tanbk range from each other (I guess not) or to not have workers wnadering off to the other expo (have you tested this?)?
Freakling: You are guessing right, they are not.
(Hi Mr. Obvious)
You can siege them, storm them, even dragoon can hit the Vespene across the water.
But, i dont see any serious issue here.
Please elaborate your concern, thanks.
(Now, bring Mr. Fun Fact About SC:BW.)

The workers pathing is fine.(Yes, i tested it. I usually testing things, before i share it :P)

CardinalAllin: Oh, shush. :D
modified by J1NX

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