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Process of making a Map
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I was wondering the process you guys go through when you make your maps. Here's mine. I'm noob so its under development.

Here's my process using Mitosis as an example.
First I create a rough draft in MS Paint.
This is when I think about my balancing.

Than I do a basic layout of the terrain in SCM Draft 2.0.

I like SCM Draft because you can zoom out and change brush size when working with terrain.
Its SUCKS for triggers though.

Than I add the mineral/gas nodes.
I then finish up by adding terrain and doodad decorations.

That's what I do.
What about you?

2005, 09, 11 20:53
I draw it a bunch of times on paper. Then I draw it in paint. Then I draw it in the terrain editor. Then I'll mess around with the jpeg. Then I'll make it again in the terrain editor.

it helps me alot of have a picture of the map that is the same dimensions as the jpeg of the map, so i can be more meticulous with the drawing of the map, and then when I make it I can have a better reference and it makes it easier for me to do the terrain because i suck with making terrain.
2005, 09, 11 21:49
I just open staredit and make it up as I go along
2005, 09, 12 00:36
I draw on paper, and then use staredit
2005, 09, 12 01:24
draw a small figure/think about ideas/random making

pick one
2005, 09, 12 01:32
I usually doodle an idea on a piece of paper and if it looks promising, I start to copy in StarEditor.
2005, 09, 12 06:21
just go in SE. occasionally ive had an idea which was sketched down on paper first, but the map always llook different in SE than my drawings anyway.
2005, 09, 12 11:16
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