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MOTW 5120 of December 2005 03:06 PM
Posted by:panschk[FP]

I just counted, this is the twenty-third MOTW at already ;)
By the way, we should know if there will be a MOTW 53 or if this will be MOTW 2005.01?
Anyway, back to the present: Spitfire, probably the best map maker from russia, already got his third MOTW on BWMN. Like his other two award winning maps, it`s a two-player map. The positions are pretty far away from each other, the very long distance, the huge mainbases, the pretty big battle areas in the middle and the ten gas bases, which is a lot for a two-player map, make it a real macro map. There are still some strategical points, like cliffs for the top right and bottom left expansions, fly-to expansions and some bridges, that are hard to control though. What makes this map so good is that it doesn't force players to play a certain style, so here the players make the game, not the map.
Our Map of the week 51: Star Gates by Spitfire

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gratz ;)
Ok, so much for that, was writing the Article and thought "hey, maybe someone else..." ^^

gratz, saw this as motw also. Very good map. Replays from LGI vs Panschk were all entertaining here. GJ
yeah, reps were cool :)
There is a weight of other maps which are more worthy to be MOTW than this. On this map T>Z, T>P and Z>P, very stupid first expand, it is unworthy to be MOTW -.-
"T>Z, T>P" Wow.
Vice versa if imba exists -__-.
First expand is placed in that way due to large distance between mainbases. And it's structure is almost similar to Rush Hour, which seems to be one of the most balanced maps ever in korean leagues.
In ZvT Z has many opportunities for harrasments. Flanking room is enough for large armies, many paths in the center.
Every map has it's own imbalances, even pro-maps. Or you still consider lotem a balanced one? Some balance on Martian Cross? R-Point? Hae Bing Gi? Requiem (anyway, this is my favourite)? Azalea? And Estrella is horribly balanced in PvZ. No. None of them are balanced. Everyone should know, that absolutely balanced map is a nonsense. Slight imbalances make map even more interesting to play. Imbalances often are very hard to understand how to use them.
there are so many paths, terran has actually a hard time defending and attacking at the same time.
Yeah, when I played LGI, I went 0:3 TvP on this map. And it's not like he is head and shoulders above me. I'm not complaining though, I didn`t use the terrain to it's fullest and it's absolutely doable TvP.
* 1:3, I won one game with vulture rush^^
Your Name
Impalances do a map more interesting? It is the pitiest attempt to justify disbalanse from everything, that I heard! Too narrow passes do the terran by stronger in TvP, and two passes to the first expand - its not protected from terran in ZvT. At once it is visible your skill ^_^
sorry but i dont get how t>z t>p _AND_ Z>P???
I will be short...

Congratilations, Spit Fire, WELL DONE!
Actually this map is well balanced. Z has a shitload of options and easily can overpower the enemy with expansions... P has more than enough flanking room and an easy defendable airexpansion against Z...

If you want to talk maps bad, than try to back your comments up with content. There will _NEVER_ be a 100% balanced map. Or why do you think something like Losers Choice is used in the big leagues if the maps were balanced?! It's to choose a map that favours "your race" or "your gamestyle" to make the battle more interesting...

These comments really make me angry in one way and don't interest me in the other. For me these comments are bullshit as they are now, still i want to comment on that again:

Small imbalances make a map interesting. LT wouldn't be that often played if it wouldn't have BIG imbalances as it obvioulsy has. But these imbalanced force players to play a certain tactic, and noobs and wannabe pro's think "hey, i have to play different tactics - thats why this map is so good" - bullshit.

A good map does not force you to use a certain tactic, but small, imbalances force you not to play 0815 sometimes. You got like 23742 different openings and strategies in starcraft and if some are not usable, the game gets more interesting and less predictable... think about it.

So, back to topic, great map Spit. Keep up the good work, and don't bother about these "critics".
"Or why do you think something like Losers Choice is used in the big leagues"

Wrong.In the korean leagues every map is fixed.The players have no choice
In many other leagues, only the start map os fixed. the players have a choice.

They are no big leagues!Only korean money leagues are big leagues.

ggnore noob.
ah ok.
BWCL, WGTCL are no big leagues? wow!

I actually think that balance is actually only like 40% of what is important for a map. Playability would be very important too, style less important, but still like 10-20%. Plus a "innovation" factor that is values VERY differently by different persons.

So this map would be
excellent at playability
very good at looks
very good at balancing
solid in "innovation"

A worthy motw!
ok try to build 12 exp in ZvT and to defend it, I shall be dared how you will carry infantry ^_^ Good map ? Stupid map !
E a s i l y. ^^
I see you didn't watch it ingame. Distance is too big. The only way to kill Z exp is proxy rack rush. And that's easy to counter.
If you are so newbish that you couldn't defend the nat with few zerglings and sunkens, sry. Ah, another shit, do you know fast lurker bo? :D Use this shit :D
Just you are noob -.- You don't know how to play zvt. It's all.
Goddamn, crazy kid ^^
I don't want to have any kind of discussion with him. I won't comment his post anymore. Tired -_-.
It is tiresome.

This is like cross positions on a 4 player map, even a bit longer. With 10/10 rax a rush could work some times, but it is far from autodeath.
Spit, actually this map is horribly balanced. I forgot that on every Melee Map, Zerg is autodeath vs Infantry on crosspositions against infantry, and even more on positions next to the enemy. But that's jus tbecause Starcraft is horribly inbalanced, especially with the first few units...

no more comment on this one also. why should i try to comment if others don't back their "knowledge" up with real infos.

and scout, there ARE big leagues outside of korea -_-
I like the map guys.

By the way, I'll post a news about this map on either later tonight or tommorow. Sorry I didn't get it up more quickly, I've been out of town.

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