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* MotW 2006.04 *24 of January 2006 07:34 PM
Posted by:flothefreak

After a long discussion about the MOTW 4/2006 we finally picked the winner:

(4)Nautilus 1.1 by Travin

Quite a surprise to some people, because it is actually an older map by the known mapper Travin who once again takes a MOTW-Trophy for his night table ;).

The map Nautilus is designed for 4 players and offers - beside a great stylish look, of course - an interesting gameplay and the scaring feeling of being very close to your enemy. If you are too lazy for dropping a comment in the mapthread or if you just want to start playing on it immediately, try the direct download! If you have some cool gamnes on it, just drop a few into the uploader right in the mapthread! Congratulations to Travin, your map (4)Nautilus 1.1 is MOTW 2006.04!

Addition by Starparty:
For those who didnt know - GRC-DeathLink won the latest SPRMC with his (6)Eon Blue Apocalypse. you'll find that map here --> to the mapthread


thx flo
better say thanks to the newsscript that is so well designed and has so many buttons making your work. everything that goes further than is made by the script ;D
i do have no idea of html at all 8]
I can smell the falmes about this map,cause it deserves it.

Mains are imbalanced and Zerg will be pwned anyway cause they won't get an expansion.

Great job making this map MotW.There were a lot better choices in my oppinion.
wow, really a surprise

But I like it:)
Travin, you own me a big thx and a cold beer :)
or a big beer and a cold thanks, you may decide
Scout, I disagree. I guess we'll see though.

I'll write up the news later tonight.
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und wieder eine map die in 2 Wochen keine Sau mehr spielen wird... sehr gut

broodwarmaps ... die Anlaufstelle eines grossen Mapmülleimers.
--v mOsQ
too scared to write your name huh? Pathetic
Schade das dein Grips nicht ausreicht um zu verstehen das hier wenigstens was für die Community getan wird, was kannst du vorweisen? Feige Kommentare ohne deinen Namen? Riesen Respekt dafür, echt... werd erwachsen und lern denken. Danke.

Jealousy! *singin*
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Can some1 translate what you guys just said :P

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