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Tourney - script10 of July 2005 04:40 PM
Posted by:panschk[FP]
I just finished programming the first version of an tourney-script. It supports only single-elimination tournaments right now, if this version works correct I might add more tournament-types later.

Everyone who might be interested in playing a tourney some day should get him/herself an account right now, by registering a name you don't register to a tourney. The bracket will be made when the tourney starts, that way there should not be too many walkovers.

To test the script, the system and the support I will host a small tournament tomorrow.
Monday, 8:00 PM (GMT+01 / central european time) in "op fp-clan" on europe. It's "best of one" and the only map in the mappack is "space pirates".
See you there;)

Hm ive registered myself with "add player". am not sure, was that the rioght way to get into the tourney?
You only register an account this way. If you want to be in the tourney, just be there tomorrow, I will make the brackets at five past eight or something. I you could register now, half of the players would forget to come and there would be too many walkovers.

That means too, that everyone should just get an account, even if he can't play tomorrow, so he can be in the next tourney.
OK, thx, ill come if i dont forget it. ;)

btw panschk, u should start to idle at #mmtc (qnet)
no thx

Online time=gaming time

no wasting time in irc channels^^
its enough to idle there, show presence and be [ansprechbar :P]if someone wanna ontact u
lol no way ;) Panschk does not have a flatrate so i guess he would be using my computer (i'm his brother) to idle ;D no way -.-;
its enough if he idle in the time hes on.
he can still do other things while idling
Im sry, i coulndt be at the tourney, in the last minute a had a problem with my router (%^^&*&*&( ). i hope a can participe on the nxt one

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