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Back to mainpage Tournament Update18 of July 2005 11:10 PM
Posted by:panschk[FP]
The Tourney is almost finished. Only 11 players were there in time to play the tournament, and some of them left early, so there was a big number of freewins.

After Ilko[SHIT], who won against me 2:1, left because he could not wait any longer for Soulfusion vs TM-GaTTuSo- to finish, there are only three players left in contention.

Right now it's drunken_sheep 1:0 mowgli. Panschk[FP] will wait for the loser to play him in LB final, the winner of this match would be in final vs the winner of the WB final.

Update: As we did not really find time to make the last games, drunken_sheep get's the win over mowgli., who get's secound place.

So final ranking is:
1: Drunken_sheep
2: mowgli.
3: Panschk[FP]

thx to all who played.

Considering the time the site has been running and such stuff, i'd say "only" is the wrong word to use when you manage to gather 11 players..? :9 i don't know about earlier tourneys since i was away a week. perhaps there were more contendants then? i think its gw anyway!
Well, take a look at the number of players in "player list". Most of them registered for this tournament.

The weather was too good probably. I hope we can still finish it, without some gaming activity our maps won't be played much.
I saw some new Space pirates replays! tu very much :D
whats now with the tournement? i wanna know the ranks and so on ;]
I think i won't be able to play the tournys because first of all, when you play (around 7 pm europe), I'm usually doing something else like outside whith friends, school, work :S I wish i could teleport to a cybercafé in paris then comeback :P

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