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Altering Worker Position27 2012f September 2012 05:11 AM
Posted by:CrystalDrag
Original Article : September 27, 2012, 05:11 AM
Last Modified : Dec 14, 2016, 00:00 AM

Terms for article--------------------------------------
SL - Start Location
I - CrystalDrag
TH - Town Hall (Hatchery, Nexus, Comand Center)

Introduction and Purpose--------------------------------------
The purpose of this article is to change the worker spawning locations in relation to the bottom horizontal row of the SL.
This was originally inspired by SCII and how their workers spawned, and how that would be much more important for BroodWar.
This idea is an extension of improving worker spawning locations, mainly the idea of putting supply depot next to the Command Center that causes the spawn point of an SCV to be closer to the mineral line (minerals on the right side of the SL.)

I first tried using temples and buildings. This causes a stacking bug to occur.
Freakling later would used hallucinated mineral fields and critters.

The benefits of this is the availability of orientation of differnet SL mineral lines, notably the northern side of a SL. Having north/south mineral line orientations are rarely seen, but using this can be balanced in terms of initial worker splitting for the first 50 minerals.

Background Information--------------------------------------
Terran and Protoss - TH Spawn, then workers.
Zerg spawn - Hatchery spawns, creep spawns, one drone is spawned, three larva are spawned, next three drones are spawned, then the Overlord spawns.

The normal spawning position of TH is below the bottom left-most corner, then follows the TH counter clockwise until all space is occupied. Then it extends one square outward from the initial spawn location.

1.) Place your SL, and the orientation of the minerals. For this example the northern side will be done. Change the player to neutral (P12) after the SL to place minerals and future critters.

Keep in mind that players still must split workers to effectively mine. Having the workers spawn to the left side of the TH is therefore a better idea than spawning on the northern part of the TH.

2.)To change the location of a spawning worker, the mineral field(horizontal ONLY) and critters must overlap the SL by one pixel in a direction. For diagonal tiles to the SL the corner must overlap by a pixel.
In order to place the critters as close as possible, doing the following makes it easier.
Options > Grid > Fine
Options > Units > Units snap to grid

Then place the critters to occupy the space you do not wish workers to spawn.

3.)Reset the Grid size to normal and Units do not snap to grid. Then do
Options > Units > Allow Stack
Debug > Enable Debug
Debug > Show Unit Collision Sizes
Zoom in to 300/400%.
It should look something like this

Then begin putting the critters one tile close to the SL. If there is a corner you must fill, then move the critters a pixel to the side to compensate.

Delete the outer circumference of critters once all have been place. This is the longest part. For this example, continually try to select the bottom row until there are only 4 units selected, indicated by the editor. The collision boxes should now be one above.

Finally, reset.
Turn off allow stack
Turn off the debugs.
Zoom out to 100%.

Finally, hallucinate the critters. Be sure to test it ingame!

Things to Keep in Mind-------------------------------------
Zerg creep will not be present in the beginning of the game where the buildings/minerals have been if mineral patches are used, but refills fast enough before any possible spawning pool.
If you run to an empty base, the critters will remain there for the hallucination duration.

Imgur Album
modified by CrystalDrag
Some corrections:

- \"in the past there have been maps which have been used to block mains of (3) player maps\" - this sentence does not convey what you want it to express... In fact it makes very little sense.

- at gamestart the Overlord for Zerg spawns a bit away from the corner of the hatchery that is closest to (respectively pointing towards) the centre of the map.

- you should mention, that the normal spawning position for units of production facilities is below the bottom left corner, then at the next spot with enough room for the respective unit counterclockwise from there if all other spots in clockwise direction are blocked by either any units or terrain. The same mechanic applies if you use \"create unit\" triggers or at the gamestart spawn.

- it\'s not \"statis field\" but \"stasis cell/prison\"

- generally when working with stuff like this, turning \"debug/display unit collision boxes\" on is a good idea. You can preplace everything as a building and then just place the unit sprite just on top of it (simple pixel-matching), finally remove the building.

- you should also go broader, you need to adress the issue of the stack bug, and consider other uses of off-grid placement, you best explain the exact mechanincs how buildings interact with neutral building, both at game start and later in the game. There are differences in how building-units and non-building-units are handled, for example. You can also consider halucinated minerals, especially for 3+-player maps.

When you are writing a guide, it is generally a good idea to not be too specific (like \"take this building and place it that way\"), but to explain all the mechanics involved in detail (if you don not know the details, find them out before you start writing), then mention some examples of potential uses or maps that used the effect, don\'t forget to make a big deal about all potential pitfalls, and then leave it to other mappers to explore the possibilities on their own...

modified by CrystalDrag
Dude this is so cool :D Also for Zerg the creep will fill in right?And we\'ll also be able to make it so peons spawn left or right? Sorry I had a little trouble understanding this article gonna read through it a couple more times when I have time... also what does CHN stand for? D:
modified by asiantraceur
this can be revolutionary
Lol I know right? Gonna start making maps like this and see what people think :P
Freakling, for the (3)map thing I think he means Endless Fields, Testbug\'s map. It has neutrals on the starting locations which don\'t appear where someone spawns.
modified by CrystalDrag
Lol, I was referring to syntax of his sentence...
And Endless Fields has really ugly stack bug...

modified by CrystalDrag
O_o Sort out your HTML tags, to not totally screw up the site layout...

Also you still do not properly adress the stack bug, I think.
Why is all the text at the bottom of the article a giant link to an "error 404" page? :P
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