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Last update for (3)Your Mother : 2007, 11, 03 21:31
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1015 (3)Your Mother 128*128Nightmarjoo188,630.6beta

The map has been rated 53 times and got a total of 9997421 points

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Comments:   GMCS (3 elements)

A couple things I want to say about the map before hand:

I decided before I started the map that I would name it Your Mother. I have not thought of any alternative name yet, and I doubt I will change it.

The snow passages to the mineral only expos are different sizes and in different places relatively to eachother; i coutned the distance from the natural expo ice ramp to the place to make the resource building in the mineral only expo to be 82 siege tanks (not sieged). I also counted the distance from the other players' main to the mineral only expo ice ramp to be 16 wraiths. I made these calculations in Star Edit, so there are no stacking problems with my calculations. I made these calculations on the first mineral only expo I made (S' mineral only expo) and built the others to these calculations for fairness. I didn't see any blatantly unfair things about the position or size (the sizes of the bases themselves are relatively the same I thought), but if there are any, please point them out.

The rocks in the middle; I calculated that if you make a hatch at the natural expos, and then hatches at the edge of the creep from the previous hatches, you can fit 3 hatches at all 3 bases, with the creep of the 3rd being cut off short. In some places more or less than this amount of hatches could be made, in which case I added rocks on the passage or took them off for distance. I don't think the rocks make it too unfair for the terran push. I made the rocks to limit it though, because I didn't want t to dominate in tvp, but I also wanted there to be some room for the t push, since they can't do it on the ice at all (no turrets), so I made sure that roughly the same amount of room was available for each base to build on and for the t to push on.

I recognize that this map needs some improvement, I wasn't sure what to do next. Also I'm not sure if I decorated it right. I was afraid to do a lot of decoration, because most ice doodads are not walkonable or buildonable.
It seems too awkward to play at this point in time. Ill make GMCS to point out what should/could be changed at this point.
11 and 1 seem so irregular compared to the southern part of the map. And open up the middle so that the passages to each nat are cut down. The passages are jus too narrow. cuz t will jus turtle for a long ass time. Although i am being a hypocrit by saying it cuz i bark bout how u should jus expand wen u get to that point but jus hear me out. its jus not fun pushing wen ur p and u see no progress.
I know the mineral only expos are ver different than the southern one (which I did first), and I already said I made them like that so that the distance from the mineral only expo to the ice ramp of the corresponding base's nat was the same (82 tanks) and I didn't want to mess that up, I thought that would be unfair. As to the cliffability of the ice ramps to the mineral only expos, I made sure that all three can be cliffed (16 wraiths apart each). Maybe Im doing a shitty job at explaining this, and I'd post a pic with the units making the measurements, but im noob and dont know how to post pictures
can't resist:
your mother sucks^^

mains are tankable from outside, and the positional imbalance is horrible, which is your main problem in a 3player-map
--v mOsQ
"Your Mother" ? It'snot my mother sorry ^^ Just stupid map :D
can i remove this map from the database? :)
no because the rating is 1337.
-1337, thx.
-2674?? how is this posible?
ikay i voted 10 for this map so now it has -2664 points :)
SATAN! 666! I don't care about the " - "
aww someone fucked it up :(
I will kill him!

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