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Last update for (4)Enomoty : 2006, 04, 14 15:31
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1182 (4)Enomoty 128*128Arden(WoF)0.4final

The map has been rated 43 times and got a total of 17 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I redid this map a bit, renamed it, and added some doodads (although I'm never heavy on doodads). I think this slightly edited setup flows a little better in both design and gameplay.
Gogogo test games wooo
It sure looks better now, that's for sure.
i would connect the naturalcliffs with mainbases and add a blocking mineral there. only a small passage. reason? the cliff is so tight and tiny, there is no chance of counterdropping because 2 turrets perfectly cover it.
however it is not a fresh map, lt style...
Thats why I suggested a ramp on the other thread.

I think the newly added temple on the sides restricts movement a bit to much and anyone getting pushed by a terran could be in a whole lot of trouble. I would at least make a hole in it for some flanking room.

later. =D
Yeah... I figured it would be a bit annoying to fit a ramp on those cliffs, but the min block idea sounds good. And I'll eliminate a little of the temple for some more flanking. JK)V ... How is this lt at all? For one, it's horizontally symetrical (I'm pretty sure) and the min only is an obvious difference... The main bases aren't huge like lt, and the natural cliff can be accessed from your base (when I make the edit).
dude take out the water in the middle. doesnt fit in at all and it really is bad for middle.

i mean take a look what ppl like these days. R-point huge empty center, luna, GIGANTIC empty center. these LT centers, only terrans like em :0
i no say it is lt at all, but have lt style is different...
hm....fair enough.

and inept, I think I'll take out the water and add one small triangle of temple to replace it, it's not a huge intrusion and it still allows for a lot more movement
modified by Arden(WoF)
however i see well 2 expos in the center, just find the correct place to positionate those exps
I decided against middle expos a little while ago. I figure if I put them inside that temple area, the expos will have the same problem that winter devils had, the units will go right through the mining. And if I put an expo between the two cliffs in front of the nats, then the expos will simply be too close for it to be safe and it also may screw up pathing on top vs top and bottom vs bottom MU's. With two islands and a min only per player, I think theres enough money on the map already. Any expo in the center would just cut into unit movement and flanking space.
Min blocks have a value of 48 each, so for those of you who are math-illiterate, each min block will have to be mined 6 times to eliminate it. I think this can protect your nat a little more, and the 48 value will still allow you to open it up fairly early, but your opponent can't open it from the other side (unless he wastes a lot of peons)
i think, witch so should be ok:
sri for the lik, however copy and incoll it on web
Hm... well Terran would be able to control both of those exps nicely with the cliff there. And I think that a lot of good flanking space would be wasted. It just doesn't need the expos.
the center is much better.
I still think the mid is a bit too terran favored, but its cool. Thanks for being patient.

I would prefer this map over other standard maps like it.
Nice job.
inept what center? my center?
Added obs, and I think it's fairly safe to throw it in Final. There may be a few tiny changes, but it's unlikely
modified by Arden(WoF)
Small edits...

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