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Last update for (4)R-Point : 2009, 04, 27 01:27
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
119 (4)R-Point 128*128skb9728_CyGnus3.1league

The map has been rated 55 times and got a total of 170 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

beautiful design. Much gas :o
I just added a new replay I got from Worth watching;)
great replay ^^
i love it. beautiful map <3
best replay i've watched in my life. This is so good... so ****** good.
Well, many of the gas nodes only have 1000-2000 gas in them. :P
Still much gas :9
any1 know where to get an observer version ?
Wow, that was an amazing rep panschk.
the chojja and intotherainbow?

thats my favorite rep of all time before i saw it on this site...classic:)
Password for the map?
I can upload unlocked version + observer.
--v mOsQ
all can ^^
2 problem on this map gas issues and t can't wall well in the red main....
I dont like how the naturals are placed in this map. I've seen too many replays of zerg struggling early on in the game because they couldn't get their creep to cover up their naturals in time.
I love this map. It's just a lot of fun to play, I'm not sure how or why.
nice map but gas issue
who cares, no one plays this map anymore
i do
i love this map but i think the nat is a little bit too far away from ramp
well,this is the map unique setup. weaker players might be troubled be this setup but for skilled players it is no big deal;as u can see in the rep i uploaded.of course everyone have to adapt to the map specific features otherwise..
nat needs to be moved closer to ramp, and gas issue needs to be fixed.. everythin else perfect
Since when is a-moving zeal/goon considered skill? Oh wait, a few DTs as well, when the terran already had vessels...

Besides, in tvp the choke/nat distance doesn't matter that much since tanks have such a long range and it is enough to place one or two goons on the ramp and the other goons next to the nat to stop vults.

In tvz or pvz, though, the distance matters a lot. For protoss, it is very risky to fe in pvz on this map, and it is pretty hard to fe safely in tvz as well, for both players.
*sigh* i could explain it easily why they r good players;but mostly after someone will watch the rep it shouldn't be necessary. well, for u it is obviously necessary; sorry no time for babysit
Well, actually I did explain why the protoss isn't a good player (By the way, I even didn't mention his horrible macro...).
And since you can't prove me wrong (because I am right, obviously), you only talk nonsense.
there is a word which can describe ppl like you at best,spinesheath - ignorant. and i may add, a blabber too. you pretend to understand sc, but even after you saw the replay you still claim weird stuff. i have the feeling u use words which meaning u don't rly understand. and in the end u still have the insolence to affront me with your pathetic statement. i don't have the desire to prove anything to you; cuz i remember our previous chats from the past. they never lead to conclusions/results;cuz for such u need ppl which are open minded - receptive for logic and arguments. ppl which face up to the facts and not pervert them. and u are definitely not such a person.

for those which are open minded here some EMPIRIC datas about the rep; a pvt on r-point. the players start from the opposite corners 1(northeast - terran) on 7(southwest - protoss). it's a pretty standard game from both players from the start; metal vs zeal/goon/dt. no big surprises after 7'30"; p try to expand more,so 3 expansions and 50 units vs t with 2 expansions and 52 units which try to secure 1st the nat area. after 10' p has already 8 gates beside the other tech builds and 80 units vs t with 4 fax and 78 units. after 12' we have 4 expos for p and 125 units amount vs 3 expos for t and 108 units. 3 min later, that's after 15' p still 4 expos 154 units & 11 gates vs t with 3 expos(4 nearly rdy) 126 units and 6 fax's. 2 mins later at the 17' p 4 expos(5 nearly rdy) 180 units amount,upgrades 2-2-0 vs t 4 expos 163 units amount ups 2-2. It is the time when p started a major offensive vs t main. at the end of the game which takes 24' p has 19!!!! gates vs t 7 fax's. this are empiric, provable datas.

who won and why, are things that could be analyzed too. obviously spinesheath didn't claimed that the t player is unskilled; which will be more than bold by his 346 apm and the way he played - in fact he is a very competent player. who the heck in europe can play t on this level,btw?? but why is for spinesheath p unskilled ?? lets try to find out. did he lost any expansion over the entire length of the game vs the t - NO. has he weaker upgrades - NO. to few expansions - NO,always 1 more than the t. to few production buildings - HELL NO.apm wise well, only 164;well, that is a difference indeed. however it wasn't such a handicap if it allows him to do all the things i mentioned before, also the game was over the entire length close; not to forget he resist 24" vs this outstanding t player. 24' !!! on a map which many consider a t map...

can u play better than this p,spinesheath? guess not. have u a higher apm than this p,spinesheath?? guess not, either. than based on what u criticise this player anyway??? oh you mean there r better p players than him ? well, for sure i didn't ever claimed he is an outstanding player - i said he is skilled.

so next time when u start to write your angry little comments be sure u rly understand the things u talking about. *sigh* - i could use my time for better things, but sometimes it's needful to show some ppl their boundaries
fine, no tl;dr this time though it would be appropriate...

First of all, I am currently studing Maths and Informatics at University. Don't even try to tell me I have problems with logic.

Second: Of course "our chats" never lead to conclusions because you never move even the slightest bit off your stance, no matter how wrong you are.

Third, my own skills: I have not played SC seriously for a few months now. Stress/health reasons, nothing dangerous, but I won't go into detail. Nevertheless I was ICC C+ in 2v2 and maybe C- to C in 1v1 (didn't play that much 1v1). My APM was about 140 to 160; if I pulled off a decent muta micro I had 200+ APM.
All of this doesn't matter though.

Fourth, the game:
6'20: Nex at nat finishes.
6'47: Eco slide.
7'00: Slide arrives, 40 seconds too late.

7'30: second nex finishes
8'30: he realizes that there is a new expansion up, no eco slide at all.

~9'30: no battles or harass or whatever, yet his mineals skyrocket up to 1.1k and counting, with 8 or so gates doing nothing, and it definately is not because of a lack of pylons.

Do I really have to go on?

Well, the rest of the game basically consists of overmins, long periods of time when his gates are not building any units and a-moving zeal/goon/dt.

Next is his strategy/tactics: Well, he executed the bo quite nicely at the beginning. But he never adapted his strategy during the whole game. Either he thought he was winning (though he never dealt substantial damage) or he just is unable to adapt. Both options classify him as not very skilled player.

His choice of strategy was quite bad, too. Nobody plays like that nowadays because a terran blob is basically unbeatable without storm, arbs, carriers, an immense skill difference or tons of luck.

A-moving isn't the best expression of skill either. A protoss must use his units effectively, and that makes it necessary to let the goons run in front, clear some mines, take the first tank round and then the zealots MOVE next to the tanks. He didn't show the slightest attempt to do that.

That should be enough about the protoss, really...
I didn't say anything about the terran before because I didn't watch him closely. I did though see several idle SCVs over long periods of time... And I did not check out the APM of either player before I first commented.

I don't know if I can play better than that protoss, especially because I am neither a 1v1 player nor a protoss. But since you probably aren't better than that protoss either and can judge his skill then why shouldn't I be able to do so too?
wow! this protoss is very very skilled!

--Intotherainbow vs HOeJJa(1on1, 1.13)
--Twista_pro vs anjimira(1on1, 1.13)
--CherryKamui vs Iloveoov(1on1, 1.14)
--QEd)RE vs esc-test(1on1, 1.16)

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