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Last update for (2)Gravity : 2007, 04, 05 01:09
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1191 (2)Gravity 128*96Antares1.0final

The map has been rated 71 times and got a total of 70 points


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Comments:   GMCS (10 elements)

Awesome map.. I always wanted to do a map like this but u did it lol. oh well.. i dont see any imbas great work
wow it rocks. impressive. the best map i've seen of you so far. much creativity, awesome style and a unique gameplay, while still relying on standard techniques. <3

only terran seems really strong because T can secure expo by expo quite easily. maaybe my suggestion in GMCS works.
the proposal of enlarging the ramps on top is also a good advice. if you can do this without having ugly ramps, do it
Zerg shoudl get a real big problem if a Terran goes fast academy with stimmed rines,that run up the ramp at the natural and zerg can't do anything but wait for lurkers cause lings just die too fast. I suggest moving the ramp a bit more to the natural.
no i think you can just cover it with your sunks. you need a few anyway with this close positions
thx all

i also thought about widening the ramps, but i've nevers seen widened low platform ramps, so i'm a bit afraid of it, but i'll try
well i updated it, i widened the natural's ramp and the top ramp and i also widened the left and right corridor a bit.. umm i don't want to wall it in if it is not necessary
Hm... The only problem I see is that both players get a free expansion. That min only next to your main is eeeasy secure. But otherwise the map is teh sex ;) I like it a lot, surprisingly even as a P player...
Really, really nice! I love how you made the back doors. And, yes... I can also call it Final version!

I just hope that it won't be that tight as it is in the picture. Mayby terran could be a little strong here, but i still not sure... I will try the map when i have time, it's really worthing.
think its the same problem as frozen tundra, ramps going into lowground. i cant tell from the pic, but is the lowground buildable as well?
Please move red's gas to the left or something to fix the gas issue.
hmm, i thought i had commented on this already, sometimes i think my comments dont go through.
anyway, i like this a lot, I think it would make very fun games, I dont mind the min only, I think it makes a Bladestorm/Dahlia gameplay early on. I dont think it would cause many problems, looks balanced to me.
Has anybody noticed the gas issue? Although I don't think that this is a big deal. The difference between left and right gas isn't as huge as the difference between top and bottom. Besides, fixing it would ruin symetry and cause a few problems, I say leave it.

I just answered my own questions, why did I write all of this? ^^
good to bring up any sort of discussion
thats why i finally left the gas issue, i think if you place the right vespene geyser up a bit, than that become almost good as the left
I'd like to see some games on this, once I do, I'd gladly push it for MOTW.
i do my school-leaving exam in high-level novadays, so i probably wont play starcraft in the next few days, but i will try to get replays
First off - wow. Antares, this is really one of your best, if not the best, map you'Ve done so far.

Awesome looks, great backdoor, just love it. Only thing i'm concerned about is PvT and ZvT. If the T can start a push in the center, the two other races _may_ have a problem.

Very very interesting. Love to see some games on it. Panschk's terran against some evil nasty protoss forces maybe?
the games that i observed and played on the map showed, that they are too dinamic to a classic push
i mean, the easier dropping probabilities, and using the backdoor entrance in the early game can really slowdown the opponents

but do you think i should take out those platforms that split the center? wouldn't that hurt pvz balance too much?
modified by Antares
acutally, i think these little plattforms in the center are of no use. Terran can defend their natural quite good, so the center should be anti terran imo. also, terran _could_ just in theory go around the clock and take one exp after the other while "just" covering the "outer ring".

But that's total theorycrafting and in fact has nothing to do with real gameplay i guess.

Anyway, yeah, take out the little highground things in the center. tbh, i'd like to see these widened ramps everywhere on this map, just because i'm a bit concerned about moving a bigger army to crush a terran while bunkering, but that's just me as a protoss player, i may be wrong on that one.

Just to say it again, great map.
yeah, but the problem is that it got into the bwmn-mappack 2, which was announced earlier, so i cant change that anymore.. anyways i will think of it (maybe too late sry)
i will change it on monday, as lis and flo adviced
this is definently a good map but i'd like to point out that the more and more i look at it (the pic), i can forsee a T taking expos very E-Z.. 4 to be exact.. with small ramps and tight passages and a cliff to cover a min only, i can see alot of t>p t>z..

i must say that it is alittle bit imba unless proven other wise with a few reps.. but idk if its such a big imba cuz its only theory crafting.
well any map that relies on an all low ground or all high ground center, tips in terrans favor
thats besides the point
At least the mains are not lowground =/.
Nvm, I guess they are, but there is no highground advantage around it, that's what I meant.
how is that besides the point?

you were talking about balance, and a general statement to note is that all low ground or all high ground centers tip in terrans favor. ESPECIALLY when there buildable, like this one is. slow push anyone?
So i have updated it last

- i have widened all of the ramps besides the top center expansion's
- i have put out many blocks from the center so now there is only one (instead of 5)
- i have reduced the amount of mineral in a mineralblock at the naturals from 1500 to 1000

thx the tips
hope it became better
modified by Antares
Update the picture!! :D

And, as flo said, i would lower the amount of mineralblocks. 7or6 on natural, 5 on safe minonly could work well.
"- i have reduced the amount of mineral in a mineralblock at the naturals from 1500 to 1000"

well i meant i had reduced EACH mineral block.. that is 3500 minerals minus.. if i took out 2 mineralblocks as you suggested it would reduce the exps' total-mineral-amount by 3000

or you mean i should reduce more by 3000?

modified by Antares
"how is that besides the point?

you were talking about balance, and a general statement to note is that all low ground or all high ground centers tip in terrans favor. ESPECIALLY when there buildable, like this one is. slow push anyone?"

lnept this isnt to flame u, but ur thinking too simple.. think about the expo grabing for a T.. there obviously no reason to change this map but the idea of me posting about it is that something shuld have been done to sway the balance.. opening up the ramps, i think, helped this issue a bit.. but tanks own the hell out of those passages from north to south on each side.. and quite frankly, that could be an issue. but u are def right about a slow push being very effective here.. reps would help! :)
i updated so maybe lgi decide to use the newer version, mappack's map is a little more macro oriented, so as you decide :)
Looks good :)
i cant really upload with my godly speed: ~0,5kbps

any idea?


--death.marine(korean) vs BHolder(1on1, 1.14)
--Chakan94 vs DG)SpoilR(1on1, 1.14)
--BaNdaRLoG vs DG)SpoilR(1on1, 1.14)
--BHolder vs yootm(1on1, 1.14)

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