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Last update for (4)Time is running out : 2006, 12, 29 18:36
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1193 (4)Time is running out 128*128SummerSky0.3beta

The map has been rated 62 times and got a total of 16 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

the koreans exaggerate the neutral-building-thing -.-
Says the guy who gave the win to Trancendance ;).
nice concept dude!Could be a pro map XD
IMO the only neutral buildings necessary on this map are the protoss temples blocking the chokes into the mainbases. The rest of them are superfluous and just plain irritating.
Fu%$ing awsome map. Only problem is that fast pushes can be quite gay on nats. Apart from that is a really GJ.

PS: LGI- got ownd >.<
nvm about fast pushes i didnt saw middle neutral buildings =
ur momy
bah this map sucks...
Really nice concept, but MillenniumArmy is right about the nat buildings. Imagine cross positions... It will cost 10 minutes to reach the other player by ground... Anyway it is a really fresh map!

Btw, ShaManT, what do you mean i get owned?
seems like a normal map with unneeded neutral buldings :( its good in structure but not in gameplay..

That is how neutral buildings don't only get on the players nerves, but actually create some fresh gameplay.
scouting will be interesting on this map, z def has a slight advantage there.
i think this is an excellent execution of the neutral buildings. there are a number of complex routes, and the play will vary a lot depending on positions, forcing players to take creative scouting decisions.

i would say that a zerg has some sort of advantage on this map given that they could more easily scout, but im not too sure about that, because unless the zerg takes extra time to fake or obscure his location from the overlord entrance point, the other player will know what is up and what to expect.

i think that this is one of the few cases that i could see a neutral building benefitting the map, and i would disagree with the above comments to take them out. it might vary in the real game as opposed to the game inside my head, so i think before changing it there should be some extensive testing.
i dont say they would spoil the map. it is true they provide a totally different gameplay on this map. but they're quite a lot. though, esp. 2on2s will be very interesting. the longer i look at the map, the more i like it somehow. yesterday, i say just an "okay" map with many neutral buildings. today i see a very interesting map with many neutral buildings ~~
wow, im very impressed

Why do people think the buildings are unnecessary?
They seem like they would add great new strats and gameplay, which is what many people need.
each building is needed and does its job well =D

SummerSky, you rock.

summersky, this sucks...
--v mOsQ
not bad, but i don't know any who want to play on this map ^^
wow i guess new things arent apreciated here.

flo, this map deserves more respect than that, im kinda disgusted with you right now, your an admin and you said that. thats very unprofessional.
He is talking that the map is protected, and we can't open it and see it in StarEdit or any other editor. And yes, this really sucks, since we are here to help each other, not just show our map and runaway, and don't even care about other comments. Right now SummerSky is doing this, and this also sucks...

SummerSky open your map, i want to see something, pleace!
i protected not to be modified by others, because my map modified by other mapper.
um... i opened
'don't even care about other comments'
LGI, i must study hard to pass entrance exam-this year, 16, nov, and i can't understand easily english comment
understand please.
ah, my fault, i didnt see the protected part ;D

What were you going to check LGI? Ramp sizes?
Sorry, SummerSky, i didn't know, and sure Life > Brood War :))) .

yenku i have a map in progress, that i can't finish. The only solution to finish my map is to make the same ramps like in SummerSky's map. But they will be used on different tileset. I just want to learn how to make them, nothing more.
ah, i see. i wasnt attacking, just wondering. =D
the dentist
i'd like to play this, i don't know about the neutral buildings things.

paradoxxx showed us that if you have dual hall zerg vs another race, zerg is actually hurt by it. but this is farther away and zerg could expo twice. but zerg really can't afford to because zerg has to defend those neutral buildings and needs hatchs to do it probably.

so i think this might be a neutral building map that doesn't favor zerg too much. it's positionally interesting...
random map, very unique; I think lnept is right about it not playing well though.
This is 10x better than arkanoid ;) I like it..
Motw (48 - 49) ?!!

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