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Last update for (4)Lost Home : 2006, 05, 17 13:57
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1264 (4)Lost Home 128*128NastyMarine0.2beta

The map has been rated 21 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

scm2jpeg is still being gay.. even after i reinstalled it? ne suggestions? only 80% shows up cuz it fucks up at the end.. HELP!!

other than that.. not too much to say.. i dont know if the shortage of gas on the map is bad or not... i dunno for sure

all min only expos are 2500 each mineral

deco not finished

feedback appreciated
modified by NastyMarine
Free Image Hosting at
full map
modified by NastyMarine
Hm... Those min only exps are dangerously close. No one will risk taking them. And also, open up the center a bit, remove some of those intrusions <--?. Otherwise It's a fairly simple, pretty cool map. Although I'm not a fan of personal hidden min only exps -.-
modified by Arden(WoF)
wow. very sweet map.
did you open and edit this map in SCMdraft2? if you did, it is clear that scm2jpg doesn't bring working results.
to the map: very nice. i like the backdoor-setup and the connections in the center. still, i would erase those little temple-things in the middle. it would make more sense. the distances from naturals vertically are very short, don't help with an additional tight path.
the ramps on top (behind main) can be shot from the minonlies outside of the base. bottom cannot. hard to remake this and no big issue, but it may annoy players. so try to make here.

to the naturals:
once a terran has taken his natural, he is able to kick the shit out of your natural in PvT. he has tanks behind the temple wall of his nat which cover the enemy's area behind the temple. with shuttles, he will be able to set up an inferno at your natural. and you won't be able to reach tanks behind the wall because you'd have to pass the fire of the tanks on the other side.
if a clever terran does this - with turrets and so on - you won't have a chance to stop it i guess.

other than this scenario, i don't see much disturbing. but for this reason, I'd say cut the temple wall and the dropzone behind and just make water where the drop area is now located - with the cliffedge replacing the temple wall
wow this is a great map.

1 thing tho, it needs more gas, especially in a 2on2 game. May i suggest the 12 and 6 min-onlys be combined into 1 expansion w/ gas?
what about this:

Free Image Hosting at

provided there are no pathing problems (don't think there'll be any) and no workers going crazy
awesome idea actually.. ill work on it tonight
that is actually an idea that i wanted to implement in jungle raid (as in many other maps before) but i haven't done any drawing recently where this setup would make sense. so take it as a gift :S
k thanks santa -_-
fixed a few things finally. and i added flo's idea and it looks pretty sweet. comments and suggestions?
Didn`t flo make it unpassable? Imo that is what makes it so sweet, not just the shared gas.
yap, panschk is right :D

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