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Last update for (4)S๓ora Kingdom v1 : 2006, 09, 30 19:29
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
127 (4)S๓ora Kingdom v1 128*128Peatza[Ag]0.7final

The map has been rated 57 times and got a total of 38 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

lol:) Crazy Design. I fear the long bridges could make unit movement frustrating.
Is it an island map or can inuts walk through these holes in the wall? It will be a air unit dominated map anyway, because of the lack of building space, those huge cliffs and long distances.

Which value do the blocking minerals in the middle expands have?
hehe, that map reminds to to final fantasy... dont ask why, i cant tell :)
it looks almost perfect for an rpg.
i love this map. it favors terran alot i could prolly take on julyzerg and win ^^. But very nice map u got a 10/10 from me.
this map is... sorry no comment

such long bridges?
gas nat at your base?

1 out of 10 if i had an account
Great post above. keep those coming and you'll be really popular.
lol xuul, you don't need an account to vote^^
Well, everyone has the right to post his own opinion, even if it is quite harsh, like XuuLs.

As it is now, the map is probably not even playable, I think those cliffs just have to go, and maybe it would be better to make an island map out of it, so that the long bridges don't frustrate too much.

I think its awesome. Terran isnt to only race who can defend, remember? :P Playing it as an island map is probably a must do, but here you can rush and make stray attacks on ground too.
Starparty, you make maps very well, and XuuL does not give very useful criticisms, but XuuL's perspective is that of decent players playing on this map, and he is right that the balance on this map, as beautiful and innovative as it is, probably doesn't stand up -- yet.

I like this map a lot but obviously it is not good for all matchups or even most of them.
still, this is the kind of map i tend to overrate. i like the uncertainty of the balance. all races get 2 bases, kind of like paradoxxx, except there is kind of a way out, albeit a very easy to defend one (the looong ass bridges, which are entertaining in themselves).

i like this better than any air map or hybrid, and it's not a throwaway as far as land maps go because it's quality and unique. the balance might even be improved (this is a beta, after all). so in this catagory, this is one of my favorites.
i just can second Stimey this time.

This map is unique in the look, and it`s more of an airmap or semi-airmap than a groundmap. Anyway, i for myself really like the idea.
Innovative, but I don't like the long bridges at all because Terran can drop early MM/Tanks vs zerg or Tanks/Mines vs protoss, attack there entire main & 2nd nat as well as take control of 1st nat. And There's really nothing that could be done about it.
YOu could remove temple wall, and ad main mineralpatches in the corners instead? :O
dl link is dead T_T

maybe u should not use "๓" .
Xuul, i agree 100 percent.

Peatza, your maps are too flashy and pretty. Your maps arent balanced, sorry to say but they are for show. Definately not for play.
How about motivating that comment? You "agree with xuul", but he didn't say anything of use either. Beginning to get so tired of theorycrafters whining about imbalance issues on maps they havn't even tried.

I dont think the bridges are the problem here, they are, like stimey said, only a way out. the map should probably still be played as an airmap. I rather believe a tight center with small places to land you shuttles on is more trouble.. makes every expansion too easy defendable perhaps.
Aren't they the only way out? It looks pretty, but the way it is now, it is not playable. Does Paetza still post here ?
The bridges should be take out :S
You don't even have to try it out to say it will be imbalanced.. The bridges, the cliff behind the main plus small middle gives an enormous advantage in my opinion. Even if i made a map and some1 says it is imbalanced, i won't say ok you didnt even tryed it .. cuz i didn't either.
then perhaps unmotivated comments should be kept to oneself since they serve no other purpose than anoying the creator (and other sensitives, like me..)
The most of my comments i post can be read as suggestions. I never tried to convince someone else that their map sucked because my theorycraft said so. Note the difference...

Peatza plays WoW atm. Dunno if he will continue making sc maps when he gets borde of it :o
starparty, the map is nice to look at, but it is neither balanced, not will it play smooth. Everyone knows that to fix that, you will need to create a secound way out besides the long bridge, or take away the bridge. The way it is now, I could just as well post a image of a naked model and pretend it's a map. Sure nice to look at, but probably not balanced^^
"probably" ;6

well nevermind.
With a wider center i think this map woul'd be ok balancewise, since it has the look to be quite unique. with such a map you don't complain, you adapt. I have nothing against normal standard maps, but i believe mapdori ,in example ,would never present such a map as a pro-league map suggestion. This on the other hand would be more likely since it offers(requires) a complete different way of playing. You gotta consider that the map is only unbalanced if you play it like something else (read LT). Change your strategy and the gaps between the races may be smaller.
The bridge alone does not make it too terran friendly. It is the 100 cliffs to got with it which kills balance imo. Unline other posters, I see some potential here, but if paetza does not change it, it is not suited for competetive play.

and SP, make a 'naked model' melee map please-_- If anyone can do that and still balance it, then it's you;)
im on it :)
Damn it, i only made the face :P the nudeness will be for everyones own fantasy to figure out.. ill post it tonight though ;)
Broken link?
Look at it this way StarParty, If you were attacking a Terran, how long would a player be underseige of tanks and mines before they hit a block that they have to destroy to get into the base?
Starparty why are you so against me? Im not being mean, im telling him that he has to concentrate harder on balance cause he is just trying to make new extended terrain, nice looking maps and hoping they play well.
And I was agreeing that the bridges were terrible added in there and having a gas nat didnt help.
Haha, I'm happy and stunned by the commotion that Soora Kingdom has created. It's true that I wasn't thinking that much about balance when I made this map. My way of thinking has always been that the player should adapt to the map and not wise versa.

Yenku is right that this map most likely wouldn't survive into any proffesional competition, thought I believe as Starparty do that it could give a lot of unique and spectacular games if it ever reached progaming level. It obviously need to be modified, it's a map under construction after all. I like the idea that the bridges could be saved, that they're only part of a bigger picture that togheter make Terran to dominant on this map. I don't think another way into the main is the way to go, instead more likely that the main minerals could be moved, bridge shorter and second expansion/cliffs modified.

It's a very strange feeling... I and all of my online gaming friends has stopped playing Brood war and still, I can't stop thinking about making maps and the map making community. The sad part is that since I've stopped playing all thogeter I'm more and more losing the strategic view that's needed to make a balanced map. Some part of me would like to continue making maps, but I can't do that if I no longer play activly and don't have friends supporting me.

yenku... Starparty, Emp and all other... more or less I'm giving my maps to you, in hope that maybe you can find joy in helping improve the maps that I've made.

So sad... Peatza, don't leave. Maybe we could have a channel where all of us get together on a regular basis and play each other's maps just for fun...?
If you are bored of Starcraft in general... try some UMS. I bet some of those maps could give you some good laughs ;)
well i have been of longer than you :P so that is a poor excuse :P (i actually have played about 5-10 games since february) And no, its not because i dont want to, its because i can't :/
What exactly is your situation, SP?
My RAM memory is broken so SC lags down every second minute making the comp freeze.

Is that exclusive to SC? If so, then how could it be the RAM...? That just doesn't make sense to me. Seems more like your CD drive is broken or something.
No, every program that uses alot of ram (sc, my music programs etc, the only progs i care about..) does freeze. SC uses aLOT of ram and thus i cant almost even start it before it begins lagging and freezing. Even StarEdit lags occasionally, specially when im online at the same time.
can't you just buy new RAM? I mean 256 SD-Ram will not be very expensive will it?
its not my computer.. i am buying a new very very soon since im moving in 9days
very creative style.
the dl link is broken, does anyone have a copy of this map? I think it's really interesting and want to try something with this.
or if someone has a rep of it my rep2map should be able to get it.
Does no one have this map!? Starparty do you? Where is Peatza?
yes i got it.. the dl link is broken cause of the "๓"..

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