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Last update for (2)ancient rocket0.1 : 2006, 05, 27 17:22
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1342 (2)ancient rocket0.1 128*96noname0.1beta

The map has been rated 44 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

heya. another random-map i found cought my attention. (2)rocket by Inept. one might not recognize it on the first glaze, but it's to mutch his concept to call it a new or all my map. so again.. if you are offended by my remake inept i will delete it.

..the naturals are cliffable with a "double-cliff" (not seen that often imo *g*) it should be possible for a z to do a fast-expo. but for p it's more easy. isn't that hard to get a third gas either. at 3/9 o'clock for example.

..the 8/2 o'clock expos aren't that common as well imo. they do not block the path.

..i thought about adding another min only expos (see gmcs).

tell me what you think, please. :) i hope it's a good remake of a map not only worth remaking in my eyes.
heh thanks. i am not offended at all, because you brought this map to a new level :D

btw when you say nats are cliffable by a double cliff, do you mean my map where it cliffs the min only and nat, or by saying the cliff is split into 2 different cliffs on your map?
modified by lnept

one suggestion:
reduce the amount of unpassable doodads on top right and bottom left high ground near each mineral line.. it will only cause frustration trying to navigate and micro in those areas
noname pimps better than starparty
they're deco style is different

noname manipulates doodads into natural obstacles and creates fresh designs to what seems standard

sp generates a natural and unique feel to a map's layout

i think they are same at skill with different style

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