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Last update for (3)Hypnotize 1.1 : 2006, 07, 26 11:39
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1355 (3)Hypnotize 1.1 128*128Nightmarjoo0.5beta

The map has been rated 54 times and got a total of 27 points

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Comments:   GMCS (3 elements)

Looks really cool to me. I can't quite see much of it because my monitor at work isn't so good, but it looks nice, and I'm impressed that you tried a 3player map.
reminds me of blizzard maps. probably your best map imo
awkward... yet cool.. nice layout!

the upper left expo is more suseptable to being hit by tanks b/c it has a longer tankable area by the min line.. try to have it match the other of those expos.
the 2 expo haven't same distance for all player.
the natural neither.

It`s a bit too random and freestyle for my taste.
Moved Blue left and red down to make distances to nats much more even

Moved Blue's mineral only southeast a bit to make the distance from the nat to the mineral onlys more even

Altered NW expo so the platform behind it is less tankable like the others

Added more scantids behind the corners/S expos to make less tank friendly

Moved E nat down to make distance from it to the NE corner expo more even with that of N to the NE and with the distances of other nats to their adjacent in-between expos

Ok, the distance between red nat and S is pretty much the same as from teal nat to S, but its significantly longer than the distance from blue nat to NE and teal nat to NE which is about the same, which is about the same as from red nat to NW and blue nat to NW; is this is problem?
To restate, the expos which are in between each nat; the distance from red nat and blue nat to the expo between them is ca. 31 unsieged tanks, same for between teal's nat and blue's nat to the expo between them, but the distance between red's nat and teal's nat to the expo between them is ca. 50 unsieged tanks. This means that blue is closer to both expos between it and red and it and teal than red or teal since the S expo is farther, but equal for both red and teal; is this a problem?
The main problem is, if it is a problem, I think the only way I could fix it would be by moving teal and red's nats closer to the center, since the only way to move S would be up, and that would make it much more vulnerable than the other in-between expos, and moving red and teal's nats closer to the center, ca. 20 unsieged tanks each, would make them much more vulnerable than blue's nat and fuck up the rest of the distances.

Another problem, red's mineral only has a fairly large space wall behind it, the other two mineral onlys have a thinner one, which means if the enemy was behind it, it would be much more vulnerable to atk, especially from tanks; behind blue's mineral only is the in-between expo of blue and teal, if it was teal vs blue blue would have to worry about the in-between expo much more since its mineral only is there; in teal vs red teal's mineral only might be in likewise trouble if red gets that far, but because of the distance thing between teal and red and their in between expo it's not as drastic a problem at all, unless teal completely turtles in its main and doesn't secure just outside its nat at all, and in such a case it wouldn't really matter; in red vs blue though, there is no danger from behind, just from the sides, and just like red vs teal wouldn't be much of a problem I think; essentially in teal vs blue blue's mineral only could be useless if teal takes their in-between expo first and is terran with tanks, or maybe protoss with ranged goons; I spose my question is, after having read the above rant, is it a problem that blue's mineral only is in danger if the above mentioned scenario happens, and how could I fix it w/o messing up the distances from blue's nat?

Comments plz!~
oh noes spam to get map at the top of the list!!1

comments/suggestions, PLEASE!!
i think the problems are caused by the non-symmetric structure of the map teal should have the main above the natural, but i have an idea

move teals natural a bit closer to the center
move the 6 o'clock exp down and erase its passage way to the center, because the other neutral exs have only two entrance

move teals min only to the space that you rescued by erasing the passage from center to 6 o'clock

i am not sure it works, but center would be bigger and the expo layout seems to be better this way, the expos would be more exposed

looks good, the blue min only is a bit too far down but i dont think it will be a problem.

im thinking you might want to make the mains high ground? although it prolly wont matter

the expo to the left of teal has a pretty big area compared to its equivalents on the other positions. maybe shrink it a bit.
oh fuck the gmcs is buggy or so, the nexus doesnt have comment
Yay comments ^_^

Your right, that nexus path ought to gone. Moving teal's nat west would allow me to move the mineral only west, and then I could add space which would shrink that expo, which does look bigger than the other two. Doing that would shrink the expo, and allow me to make space behind the mineral only and defeat that problem too, but blue's mineral only would still have little space behind it hmm... but then I would have to reshape teal's main to allow the entrance to the nat to be moved, but oh well.

How would making the mains highground help anything?
i think that would not be a striking assymmetry and that should not affect the gameplay too much

before you begin to make the mains highground try my suggestion
modified by Antares
I don't plan on making the mains high ground as I don't see the point in it

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