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Last update for (0)Space Ramp : 2007, 05, 15 17:40
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1497 (0)Space Ramp 64*64Saskeh0.9experimental

The map has been rated 46 times and got a total of 40 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Actually, these inverted ramps are not my works.

Many mappers in mapdori tries to make perfect inverted ramp. They are considering most of the properties in original ramp(such as sight obstruction under the ramp, random damage on the ramp and natural design.) and make inverted one with similar properties.

I'm just copying those masterpieces. So LGI, you don't need to write my name on the author of Atma. There ramps are opened for everyone :)

Just open this file with SCM Draft 2 and copy and paste it!

Recently, mapdori inverted ramp makers are thinking about making one for twilight. I think the result seems to be fine if not considering the design part(random damage and sight obstruction property is almost perfect)

I'll try to upload as soons as those new inverted ramps come up.
i download them all

and i have already created the ash inverted ramp :)
Add a picture of the ramp (close-up)

Improved version of the one LGI had copied from your maps, same concept as I used when improving the one LGI copied into his map, but with different design.
I suspect those "lights" at the upper border of the ramp to cause bad pathfinding, that's why I removed them in my version. At least they reduce the walkable area and make the border of the walkable terrain "zig-zaggy".

Hmm did you use some very private password or could you tell us so that anyone can add in his versions as well?
I bet Panschk can reset the password if you don't want to reveal it.
modified by spinesheath
screenshots would be cool, yeah.
i dont like the lower transition but never the less it is pretty gosu..

i should upload mine! lolz
i consider my inverts perfect, if not then near perfect
Anyone have a backwards low-platform ramp?
Hi there Falcon. :)

I guess I'll try mapdori next. Though I am very bad at reading all.
modified by Moebius
I remember that TuxedoTemplar (a well-known UMS mapper) once was looking for inverted low platform ramps, and he didn't find anything that is close to a normal ramp; just a good blend from platform to low platform. It's in his map Mechnogears.
But for melee uses, I doubt there is an inverted ramp.
So... I added an inverted platform-lowPlatfom ramp. I know that it is ugly as hell.

It is based on the ramp Testbug used in (3)Symphon, but that one had serious flaws regarding game physics which I tried to get rid of in this version.

Anyways, I want to point out that it is always better to rearrange the map if possible (plan it out before you actually start mapping) so that such a ramp is not required.

A horizontal/vertical transition from platform to low platform would probably look better, even if it is just a straight line.
LoL, I'll make better tonight :D
hmm u should just use normal platform for that...
I don't care whatever you place as the walkable tiles. They all seem to be medium height. But plaform is buildable, don't forget that. Maybe you can pull off something with solar array or whatever. There is plenty of room for visual improvements (I hope).
But I'd really like to have SCMD2 with height level display when working on ramps...
oh thank you spinesheath, but the high platform ramps i used in my (3)Symphon were the ramps i found in this space ramp.
you sayd my wide ramps got some problems? well, i used this wide ramps!
you should add the normal low platform in the ramp map. but as terrain, if you put all the peaces of a doodad, when you save, close; when you open it it will become a doodad (not editable)
i would like to have a normal low platform to copy paste.

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