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Last update for (2)Contrast ver.1.0 : 2005, 08, 28 18:18
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
151 (2)Contrast ver.1.0 128*64SoulFusion1.0final

The map has been rated 52 times and got a total of 50 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

i played already a few testgames on my map (thx to scoob and Schokokeks btw ;) ), so u can already download 4 replays.

i ask u to take u time and dont wath the map 5 secs and then post "the map is imba, its too good for terran".
Imho, if there is an advantage for terrans, then only a small, cause of the minsblock on the island and 3 possible ways to the enemy.

i tried out many ideas in this map, so it IS possible that there are evt some imbas ive surveyed.

that was it for now, im waiting for ur comments ;)
maps looks really good imho. I don't think terran imbalance is too great too. Have to say, I like it.
gj SoulFusion, i like your map. especially the idea with two gas at the fly only, where one gas can be killed by a tank.

i'll download it as soon as format c: is finished and my scbw is fixed.

how is the pathfinding? do the units try to walk through the expansion in the middle? or do they use the big bridges ?
Definitelly look nice. But as you say, Terran might have that sligt advantage :P You could try removing the little mineral wall at the bottom of the map to make traveling easier. that way the path can be used in early game too. as it is right now, it seems kinda pointless.

could you remove the "" in the file name please? It kinda anoys my estethiclal sense :P You could write that in the description instead
cause of the pathfinding units will use the way through the expansion in the middle. so its a tactic to take the expansion there to block one way.

but im a bit scared to remove the minerals at the bottom, because then a terran could reach the cliff of the natural very easily or could get to the natural very fast with some vults.
First of all, there is some really beautiful work in this map. Nice visual details, as well as design details. I like how the south part of the island has an attachment that can be mined out to allow siege fire on the middle exp's mineral line.

With that being said, the map is imbalanced in favor of terran. It's generally narrow, and people would need to go drops/air in respons to a push, but the few landzones are easily covered by aa. I believe this map features some great ideas, but I would like to see you trasnfer these ideas to a larger, or at least more open, map.

One small balance issue that is easily fixed: Some of the minerals in main can be hit with siege from the island. This is not desirable as new peons would flock to these minerals as soon as thsoe harvesting there was dead - and all too effective early game harassment. Just move a few mineral patches away from the center to fix this.
LOL, u are right, i surveyed this ;)

about the terran advantage: for a real push terran have to use one of the 2 bigger ways to the enemy. if he goes through the expansion, the zerg or toss can use the big way and attack the natural.
if he goes the big way, he have to use goliaths cause on the brigde and the crevices he cannot build any turrets. and if he goes goliaths, he need more gas and minerals, more tech and he is much weaker cause he has less mines. and the toss can go by the way the other way and attack the natural ;)

also carrier and guardians in the lategame are very powerful cause they can easily attack the terran's main. goliaths wont hlp that much.

so i thnik as mentioned, terrans have only a very slight advantage.

i already said in the first comment, take time before posting and dont just say "its imba cause its too good for terrans." :/

btw, u can build a hidden expansions behind the minerals of the natural ;)
In the testgames it showed, how important it is to watch the entry to the place behind the natminerals. and templar at the cliff of the isl;and are effectiv too.
i think ill move my map to the user-final kategory, if noone has to add some hints.

i thank everyone for the comments.

ps: the 5. replay i uploaded is btw 1h long and shows an very interesting pvp, where i cn only with cause of 1 probe surviving. if u 'r going to watch it, enjoy :) (use penguinplug for some text, that could hlp u to understand why some things happened. ;) )
The map is just too tight. Terran wins.
The map really is too tight imho. Especially the mainbases. I had to build most of my factories on low ground when I played Soulfusion 1on1.
i know terran have that slight advantage, but ive done what i could to make the map friendlier for the other races.
more i cant do now, and there are still very many terran promaps like gorky or matian cross imho, so i think this map is still playable.

i moved this map to user-final cause there is nothing more to correct i think.

final changes:
-125-mineralpatch in the middle, for design and for the lategame, where it often happens that there are no more minerlas for both players. this should be an interesting feature to fight for that minerals maybe.
-corrected some bugs
-correcte some things for better design
how come people call martian cross a T map? It is so anti T like almost no other map :[
Did anyone else get reminded of RotV when they saw this map?
rotv? never heard of such a map.

btw im creating a reversin atm, with the dimension 128x64. i think ill delete this maap soon
Ride of Valkyries = rov -_-

I dont see any RoV recemblencde at all.
ah ride of walkyrie^^ i see.
yes, this might be a bit similar, cause u can take another way to get behind die minerals and the players are both on the same side (both at top/both at bottom), but i think thats all.
btw is my reversion almost finished, i will add now the doodadds and upload the new map this evening.

and ill delete this map, cause it would be a bit confusing.
How can mineral block on island be good for t? Now he can't fast float expand? explain, i don't get it :P
v1 is to be deleted since u added v2?
They are very different. It does not hurt to have them both imo, but V2 is much better;)

--SoulFusion vs Schokokeks(1on1, 1.12)
--SoulFusion vs Scoob aka irgendwas(1on1, 1.12)
--SoulFusion vs Schokokeks(1on1, 1.12)
--SoulFusion vs Schokokeks(1on1, 1.12)
--SoulFusion vs Schokokeks(1on1, 1.12)
--Panschk[FP] vs Soulfusion(1on1, 1.12)

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