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Last update for (2)Turtle Land : 2008, 11, 04 22:17
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1513 (2)Turtle Land 128*128SynDroMe0.1beta

The map has been rated 68 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (2 elements)

there are minblocks at 1 and 7 island expos, but for some reason scmjpeg wont draw them.

2 gas nodes at main, each with 2500 gas.

P.S: pvz is not imba.
modified by SynDrome
Your commentpvz is imbalanced because UHHHHH 2HATCH SPEEDLing would rape anything except a toss cannoning in his own main at the beginning. 2 entrances=gg for toss if zerg 2hatches...
looks like you got lazy with the bridges
The way you stated "pvz is not imba" is just ridiculous. You don't even bother giving some reasons.

2 entrances is always bad for protoss (1 is extra wide, the bridge requires 3 zeals). Yes, the distances are short, but every go after the initial 9-10-gate-go is suicide, and even during that go the zerg can spare 2 zerglings to harass the toss' ecoline. Zerg will put his hatch inmain, anyways. Choke would be useless and expaneion undefendable. And there is no reason to take that expansion anyways - there is no gas, 2 gas nodes provide fast gas, and that's what zerg needs.

So now try to explain how these advantages can be balanced out...
2 hatch speedling isn't going to beat a protoss on this map. notice the mains have 2 gases... you're supposed to cannon your own main. from there, toss will be able to get lots of templars and archons with the double gas early on.
It breaks my heart if you are limited to just one single strat on a map. This fact alone makes me never play such a map. That's not SC anymore...
gonna play some pvz's on it and show it to you.

or I can add neutral buildings in one of the two entrances to main.
modified by SynDrome
btw, have you ever thought about pvt double proxy zeals?
good map :)

interesting layout, and sexy execution imo.


at blue's main, there is a space where lings can walk thru a space between the structure and water (by the small bridge). Try blocking that space with a better structure layout.

yeah, protoss can get templars nicely, but ling come a bit earlier dont you think? :D also if he buys cannons that would slow him down

but these almost equally distant entrances is worse for terran, bridge is unwallable, but there is another big entrance --> proxy gw = poor terran

i would add at least one neutral building to the bridge, for example a warp gate or a power generator

besides this i love the other parts of the map, big islands, coool :)
modified by Antares
i think your forgetting Zerg has double gas as well. Rofl.

hes probably gonna upload some rep wheres hes P and his opponent is some Z that played game for 2 weeks
is it a good idea to add neutral buildings to one of the entrances in mainbase?
modified by SynDrome
It is imba I guess (and I play P)...

But apart from that, the decoration looks pretty ugly (pun intended). The truth is that most iceworld maps are ugly - either there's too much snow and the eyes hurt or there's too little and everything looks... dirty.

Except that experimental double gas (and two entrances to the main) I DO like the layout - what about connecting the little islands in corners with the big islands? There could be formed three front lines or something other similarly unusual :-).
surely good syndrome, anyways neutral buildings gives so much possibilities to mapmakers (thought i do not force you to use the neutral buildings)

and i dont think the decoration is that ugly, maybe the pic is ugly, but in game, it looks a bit different.. not to mention that ice is not a deco-friendly tileset ;)

i think the layout is pretty good only the entrances should be reconstructed in some way
Antares - you're probably right about the uglyness, my bad. It's just that there are so many little things here, like the icefloes, and it's hard to see the structure.
random map; this is an interesting map. I don't like the double gas, but understand it's use because of the double entrance in base =/

@ppl dissing ice tileset: umm just cuz you can't decorate ice well doesn't mean it can't be done...
well, if pvz was that hard, what happened to all those games that people played with the maps that came with sc? i mean, if it was that imbalanced, why blizzard made such maps? they were all open!

and since the rest of the map is island, does it favor P a bit afterwards?
pvz isn't inherently imba, but a map can definitely imba a mu.

"if it was that imbalanced, why blizzard made such maps? they were all open!" Thanks for that, I forgot why I disliked kingof8player maps so much ~ you make me remember him well in that comment.
Interesting map, most of the land is an island! There is a problem I outlined in the GMCS, units can cross to the island on the right hand side but not on the left.
Bringing old maps back =P
Bringing it back doesn't change the fact that it's still imbalanced.

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