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Last update for (3)Burnout : 2006, 08, 15 13:29
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1517 (3)Burnout 128*128Cosmi0.1beta

The map has been rated 41 times and got a total of 5 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Some kind of air map with middle ground but not yet hybrid. Not very pretty but come on, it's ash world ;-). Although I like the shape :-).
Unfortunately the magma looks bad in the picture - it's much nicer ingame :-). I would say - hotter:].
modified by Cosmi
good-good, but i dont know how affects the game.. so i mean that whoever takes the third island quicker surely win the game

also the 2nd nat placing is crap, i know beacuse the look, but minerals are very far away, and you cant really defend it
it looks great. i wonder how it plays?
Antares - thanks, I will try to solve the 2nd nat problem. And about taking whole third island - I hope it's big enough to have something like front line?

NastyMarine - I don't know how it plays, I've made it for the looks in the first place:-).
I would put the 2nd nat nearer to the 1st, or if you think that's too easy to defend, put it at the backside of the cliff, I think this will make it a lot more interesting (I don't think that side of the islands will be used as it is, only for terran drops.)
Okey, I upgraded it so that there is less of useless space (that being the spike of the cliff and the spike of island). And moved the second nat behind cliff.

I think doodads would help...
modified by Cosmi
nice design. but islands are too close imo. but that was the idea of the map.
the mains are too small; the map does look nice, but all the money you need is on your islands pretty much. I guess the map favours lots of harass, or turtling. I can't think of any way to improve it keeping the same concepts, my main concern is that the mains are too small, that would be hard to fix and keep the same layout.
I believe I could fix that... but this map was meant to be made for fun and practice (and design:-) ). I've never put any hope in this map;-).

Although I believe there aren't needed as much gates/factories as usual, 'cause of this map islandity;-).
Well, if you made the highground buildable (or at least more of it), I think it would be ok. Right now I think that only red's base really is too small... The others are tight, but you can live with it.

Oh, I didn't realize yet - you got 3 gas on your island. How about removing one? That would make the fights over the remaining gas more intense, and the minonly would probably be not used that much, only once the game gets longer.
The problem is, which gas to remove? If you remove the one beyond the cliff, most people will like it better. But if you are mean and want to force a micro-intensive game, you could remove the gas on the cliff. You could only save that expansion utilizing drops/air then, since splitting your army will probably cause an instant loss.
i can't shake the feeling that something's missing from this map...
The bottom high ground is wider then the left and right side. If you make the left and right side wider too, it would be great.

And yes...

"it looks great. i wonder how it plays?"
What's missing on this map is the deco :P Maybe decorate the outer ring a little, you got some space left there that won't be built on anyways.

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