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Last update for (4)Tar Wars : 2005, 07, 05 21:15
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
153 (4)Tar Wars 128*128BlekDef1.9final

The map has been rated 73 times and got a total of 136 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I've made some changes in mineral placement in main bases and on the island expanios.
My proposition about central battleground:
And I'm still thinking about removing cliffs over the main base.
Hello? sry, i have to say, this map sucks.
2 bridges asn entrance are more than imba. neither terran nor toss will stop the lings of an normal 12 pool 12 hatch zerg. the lings can rush into the base without any problems. and in pvt terran has no chance to wall.

also, a 4!! gas expansion is very imba. ifn zerg get that expansion, its alrdy gg.
First of all, try to be not to harsh. If you think this map is bullshit, your thing.

It`s not the first map with two entrances and not the last one either. Sure its harder to get rid of those zerglings, but hey, then put up a bunker at the eco and everything is fine till lurker show up ;)

sure, the first buildings have to be build in an other way than we are used to it, but think how the paper turns after the Terra got tanks on those small roads :/ this map needs to be improved, thats true, and therefore its a user-beta map. so try to bring up more critics and less attacks :P
2 bridges were metnioned before the reload of the map. If only someone could tell me, how to create extra large bridges in SCMDrfat, I'll fix it.
And gas - I can make 12, 6 and central expansion obly mineral, especially central.
Its just that the map seems awefully tight :P try to open it up, add aditional travelling routes so players have a bit more options..
lol you don't need extra large bridges. That's the entrance to your mainbase, it is supposed to be rather tight and easy to defend. 1 normal bridge is easily wide enough.
i kinda like 2 bridges though. makes it kinda kinky :P 1 bridge is unoriginal and ugly, but 2 is sexy :9
Some new propositions
Number One - central battleground, ground entrance to the base, island expantions on 3 and 9 are connected to eachother
Number Two - almost the same as this above, but expantions on 3 and 9 are also connected with main ground
I like the last one most
yeah the last one looks like an ok map to me. Still not great, but much better than the previous versions. I would just take away the middle expansion and make the middle platform smaller, so you can have the paths on the right and left of it wider. AFTER changing some of this stuff, you should take your time to decorate it to make it look better,
Screen 2 - now were talking :9 details please :o
Just work that middle and it will be good. I was wondering why the passage between both bottom bases is WAY slim than the upper one :O
wait, i didn't check the screenshots.. I will say the second but there still a lot of work to do, I don't like those little bridges leading to middle.
I will make them shorter and wider, but firstly I want to listen to all propositions and sugestions.
After several battles with StarForge, I've made this. In this version I only have to put some doodads.
Looks good! Now balance up the expansions for each player so that every one has the same prerequisities (i.e, distance to exp etc) make sure you can defend the exp without having to build defence across half the map.
I will balance expansions in front of bases and at 6 and 12. I also think that tight roads to expansions at 3 and 9 will be fine and those in front of base(they;re called naturals, right?) will be open like they are now. It should make players to gather their army out of base to protect the expansion.
if it is open like that, noone will want to go fast exp since you cant protect it
Ok, I think, that I found solution of this problem.
What about this?
picture seems broken
Its better if you keep updating the map and picture on this site instead. Just make sure you name the new map exactly as the one already uploaded. They will overwrite in such a case.
Every picture seem to be alright. If you are talking about earlier pictures, not the last one, server had restart and wasn't working for some time.
I can only see the very top of the map, the rest is white empty picture.
Map uploaded. In this version there is one imbalance, but I can't deal with it: distance between naturals on the top is a little bit shorter than this between naturals on the bottom. Also I think space in bases may vary a little.
You could place the naturals on the on the other side of the bases exits and all distances should be ok. Also remove gas in the all the 2nats (9clock, 3 clock)since 2 nodes really should do it per startlocation. In a 1v1 there will be enough nodes anyway.
I'm not really sure about changing position (You meant top or bottom?), beacouse I've measured the distance from the start locarion very carefuly (It's 12 Supply Depots - I'm using weird measure system :P) And the difference is exacly 4 squares, which equals only one factory, so I'll wait for the exacly proposition of placung naturals. And vespene geysers have been removed.
I post a picture of what i mean tomorrow :P gotta sleep now.
Your comment
I've pushed enter, sorry.
Anyway, now distances between naturals are the same. I think that was the last thing to do with this map. I'll start adding doodads tommorow, if there are no suggestions.
You has come a long way;)
I'm not so sure all this stuff in the middle of the map is a good idea. It hinders unit movement. It's a 6/10 or 7/10 map imho. Next one will be even better)
Im happy now :)
Map updated officaly to user-final.
I've removed most of compound fillars in the center and added some doodads.
And of course special thanks to: Pansck, Listoric and Starparty for giving really good advices (You will be mentioned in ob version, wich I will add tommorow :D ).
Thx BlekDef :)
Observer version added, should work properly.

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