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Last update for (2)Royale With Cheese : 2006, 09, 12 02:24
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1563 (2)Royale With Cheese 128*128Cosmi0.1beta

The map has been rated 52 times and got a total of 5 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

New map of mine, I've spend like one and a half hour on it, so it's not pretty yet. I believe it offers quite fun play with A LOT of flanking etc. There's a lot of expos for 1v1 map, but most of them aren't rich in resources and some of them can be quite hard to secure.

Hope you like it, because I won't have much time to enhance it soon:(.
looks very promising, just a few thoughts:

- the min only on higher ground, perhaps make a second ramp?

- both nat and nat min only lines are tankable because of the lower ground behind it. I suggest fixing this by making the room there smaller, not removing it, but just make it so less tanks at once can herass. (think LT, where the tanks on cliffs near nat can only hit building + first 3 or 4 min blocks)

- I know itsa 1v1 map, but it feels like there arn't enough gas exps...

Looks very nice though :D
3) If you look closer, there's gas on the high ground "min-only" (in a some kind of corner so it's not easily visible).

2) The nat and nat min-only are tankable but also lurkable and hightemplable - and each one is easier to defend when compared to LT. Remember, that when you shoot upwards, you have 30% chance to hit (am I right), so it's hard to dragoonize the tanks on LT, here it is quite different. In addition you can't build on the rusty pit!

1) Not sure about that. Notice, that it is very vulnerable from air and the path behind it doesn't lead to anywhere, but it is just second way and its use is for example flanking.

And I don't think it looks very nice. Maybe I should change the space in the upper corners to high platform (either droppable or without places to land)?

Edit: I've just noticed that I had forgot about some pieces of solar array, so I've made an edit - and I benefited from the system upgrade made by me (no need to choose tileset and version):D.
modified by Cosmi
You have something like 70% chance of hitting a unit that is positioned a level higher than you, or behind a tree-like doodad-sprite.
Also notice that Rusty Pit is one level below platform, so you can't shoot upwards with 100% hit quote.

@ 5 pool: Reducing the space on a cliff usually is a bad idea; a larger cliff is easier to defend against a terran drop. That's because you need some spot to unload your units. If the cliff is really small, you might even be unable to unload a single unit, if it is just fairly small, a tank+gol drop will secure that cliff as well, because your shuttles are dead before they can unload anything.

I like this map a lot. My main concern is that the mains are hard to harass the way they are. A drop or muta fleet would have quite a bit of room to run through to get to the workers either way they came. Otherwise looks good. I don't see any racial imbalances. There are wide and narrow spots on the map, and every expo is tankable to some extent.
I am happy you all like my map.:-) I think it's promising, so I will upgrade it when I have time.

@Nightmarjo: OK, I will move the mineral line somehow.

looks like an alien from mars attacks
lol @ starparty ;)
An update:
- start locations moved 6 squares lower.
- changed the space around the upper part of the map into high ground with some cliffs
- high ground expos are now cliffable;-)
- upper low platform has a protective high-ground wall over it
- no deco still

I will be on monday and I'm kinda hoping for your feedback;-).
I am rather sceptic about the starting-location movement. That way the biggest part of your base is BEHIND your starting location, and you usually don't want to build there, which is because your units have to travel so far to the ramp, and often get stuck in your economy.
Other changes are pretty nice, maybe the neutral expansions (the whole middle + top) are a litte t-favoring because they all are somehow cliffable. The other races can do so as well, but terran can defend against cliffing a lot better. But in contrast, the natural and minonly are pretty open and vulnerable, so a terran will have a hard time on those 2.
moving the resources of the main back will put it pretty far from the nat. Yeah it could be annoying, but there's plenty of building room in the nat and throughout the map =/ And hey, from a z's point of view, who needs base room? ^_^

map looks nice
modified by Nightmarjoo
It's not far from the nat if you move them back... You can certainly expect people to walk that little bit. And if they are too close, drops/muta harass is almost impossible.
very cool design, havent seen such in a while. as push seems too strong in TvP (securing expos at the same time) and as upper part is probably not used a lot, i'd suggest to delete the 2nd-expo-minonlies. that would give the map more micro/less macro, while rapidly making the upper part worth a lot - ESPECIALLY the far expansions. by deleting them, you should be able to make the gameflow more exclusive and the map more balanced.
Grande upgratto:
- start locations moved much higher
- removed min-only nat, replaced with unbuildable terrain
- all three midlevel passages are totally unbuildable, which could make push a little less strong
- deeeeco

Yeah, I like it now:]. Thanks for advice.
nice one! i hope the upper parts also get to play, because its not so sure :S
I think that after securing the nat, you will go for the high ground expo and the upper parts are gonna get to play; or your opponent will go for it so the same happens:-).

OK, time to start a new map:-). Still, any opinions welcome.
The starting locations are definately more comfortable now :) I don't think you can improve this a lot from now on without playing it ;)
Currently I can't play (bad connection), so maybe anybody?:-)
Added observer version
never looked at this map before, but this is seriously cheeser paradise
What do you mean exactly?
that the nat expos are about 2 steps away from eachother
What about gaia? especially the two left ones?
the time from the mains to the nat is longer. here it is very straight. also you know exactly where your opponent is so you know where your cheesing :)
my only problem with this map is that the upper most expos will not get alot of attention in most games.. the map is executed nicely, but the distance is too far for ZvT PvT ZvP... in these match ups, the more mobile races will have advantage in grabbing expos.. and the attention is geared toward the bottom of the map, where only one nuetral gas expo lays..

tho the map isnt bad,;its quite good, i dunno how most of the map will play out.

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