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Last update for (2)Duel Sin 2.1 : 2006, 10, 01 06:11
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1653 (2)Duel Sin 2.1 96*96NoPantsRepublic0.7experimental

The map has been rated 61 times and got a total of 45 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Duel Sin 1 was my first attempt at a serious melee map about 1 month back. As you can guess, it had crippling flaws that rendered it unplayable. However, with DS2, I took the same concept and made it into a more playable battlefield. Some details:
-main 8,1
-nat 8,1
-mino 8
-island 8
-total expos: 7 (counting 1 gas wonders :P )
-mineral wall = 80 per block

This is supposed to be a more micro oriented map while still holding onto some macro prinicples.
interesting idea with the mineral wall if you planned it that way. zerglings can get through due to the tree doodad, but no other unit can so TvZ will still be playable, pvz will be difficult at beginning but it makes up for it later since it is a small map being in toss favor

PvT looks bad though. looks very easy for T.
The nat and mino expos look to close together I think. Is it so close that the zerg creep conects? That would be good for Z in ZvT because T beats Z by expo kill. Makes it easier for Z to defend.
bridge as choke is horrible, even if there are two entrances.
Random patches of ruins are imbalanced imo, t can push on some parts but not others, and with no consistency.
The nat cliff is largely useless.
Please elaborate on why bridge chokes for nats are horrible. And the 2 patches of ruins hardly affect the gameplay; Terran doesnt need build a missle turret on every square of terrain to push ;)

No, the creep doesnt connect, but the two expansions ARE close to each other.

And lings werent supposed to be able to run through the walls, so that is fixed now.

For TvP balance, I gave min only 8

I don't like the minonly expo with the cliff for T. I like the cliff for natural though with the ramp. Would make for some interesting situations I think.
the gas only expos are only good for Z.. perhaps put 3 minerals containing 1000 to give other races a reason to take that area. I like the concept of that backdoor expo.. very interesting.. perhaps make the minerals that are worth 1000 a part of the mineral blockade.. and lower the rest if the mineral blocks to the amount of either 16 or 20.. 80 is tooooo much..

remove the bridges at the nats and create a better choke at those areas, but dont make it too wide .. that will make it very hard to defend. perhaps make the entrances below each nat a wide bridge, and then the "main entrances" (which right now are the bridges) small "land bridges" to the nats/main choke.

i like the idea, execution could be a bit better.

modified by NastyMarine
widened bridges to nat, and added a few min patches at gas behind main. Also removed some resources from the island.
nat cliff is still useless, but I think the bridge is ok now...
decoration is boring

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