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Last update for (6)Pacland : 2006, 10, 26 04:47
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1652 (6)Pacland 128*128king of 8 plr maps-34,087,042.0final

The map has been rated 63 times and got a total of -2147483648 points

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Comments:   GMCS (2 elements)

king of 8 plr maps
Heres my latest Map, I still need to Beta Test it for any bugs and gameplay.
I don't like the expo with 2 gas. It gives zerg 2 gas expo but only has to defend 1. The top and bottom natural expos seem to have more space than the sides.
nice middle ramps. take out second gas at nat and add it somewhere else =P
king of 8 plr maps
Its semi air map, the 2 gas at natural will be used later, so its not too much advantage to zerg early on, but 2 gas there can boost for air units for all races.

Im still testing it, sofar great map, damn hard vs comp, didnt test vs real players to see if zerg really can be too strong with 2 gas there.

modified by king of 8 plr maps
king of 8 plr maps
I widen little mid side bases naturals and shorten the top n bottom naturals little should be roughly same size.

modified by king of 8 plr maps
looks good.
Hard vs how many comps? Oo
king of 8 plr maps
The map half air then all ground battle later in game.

modified by king of 8 plr maps
LOL I can easily win a 1v3 if the 3 are comps ><

double gas = gg for t. They can just land there, and soon have 3 geysers. Fuck they could go bc off their main and nat >< It will help the other two a lot also. In island double gas won't help z too much in nat since they have to wait a lil while to get the gas (drop takes a while to get). I think it will help z in later game. The main issue is t, make the nat unlandable and I think the double gas is fine.

Interesting map. Doesn't look too terrible for z as island maps often end up.
king of 8 plr maps

modified by king of 8 plr maps
I don't rush comps. That would be stupid, a rush would delay my macro, and good macro is needed to face three armies, however stupid their micro is and rediculous their macro. Computers always act like retards, whether it's island or not.
I usually beat 3 comps with ease with every race on every map. With terran even 7 comps. And when I did that the last time, I was by far weaker than I am today...
And I don't rush vs comps...
vs comps you need to survive the first 15 minutes and get at least expands by that time.. their macro is nothing, but their spell micros are awfully good :)

i finally succeeded to beat three random opponents with zerg :)

other races are much easier to macro so that is no problem.. also in which map and how do you stop the fist attack in 1v7 as zerg? :)
king of 8 plr maps

modified by king of 8 plr maps
how does a computer grab his first expansion than a human player? i dont understand
lol, an ai will never take an expansion faster then a player. its too easy to stop a pc from doing that.

besides that, gosu's eat 7 pcs for breakfast. its not hard to beat 7 pcs.

(quit bragging about how you do this and that and how other dont and how good it is of you to do do so. make a map without problems instead)
@ antares

you can beat a 7 ai terran wave with zerg, if you go fast lurkers and some sunkens. place the lurkers in a choke and almost eveything dies. whats left can be cleaned up by the sunkens.
king of 8 plr maps
Starcraft AI is non learing, it is its strengh and its weakness.

modified by king of 8 plr maps
king of 8 plr maps
Im not bragging, someone asked me how many comp, I gave full description.

If someone asked me if this map is good or not, Ill answer by giving a full review not just Yes or No

modified by king of 8 plr maps
AI is very easy on most maps, while harder on others. Is there any reason to discuss? Who wants to play a comp, anyway? With them being so predictable, it makes a very boring game.
king of 8 plr maps
Point is I make a map fun to play as vs comp or players thats the point, I try and make the map hard for a vs comp game and yet function as a balanced for all real players.

modified by king of 8 plr maps
i really hope no one these days still plays computers.
king of 8 plr maps

modified by king of 8 plr maps
king of 8 plr maps
Starcraft Gosu gamers only make up 5% of people and 1% of those is players who actualy make money playing proffesional games. Rest is who knows mabe 30% average to Good players and rest is noob infested.

Bad thing about starcraft is majority of players that play this are noob kiddies on
I dont know how many games I played with people that they die in like 10 min no matter what map or game we play on starcraft.

Starcraft takes after Dune2 RTS of 15 years old game system, the only game to push it to next level was Total Annihilation 1 year before starcraft came out. For 15 years companys just happy making Warcraft & Command and concour games over and over without new Advancements to push it to the next level.

If Blizzard wouldve made Starcraft 2 to the next level with 3D, when fans where hungry for it back then. With support at least higher screen resolution we could choose and zooming in and out of battles they couldve been better step for this game, Starcaft already has good story line to continue.

Untill now Cris Taylor of Total Annihilation back With Next revolution of RTS Game Supreme Commander at least hes doing something about it.

modified by king of 8 plr maps
why do you think age of empires sucked? 1+ hour games. no one wants to waste that much time on video games except ppl that really enjoy watching "mass fleet battles" so supreme commander just has the audience of games like age of empires to appeal to, which is not that big of a community.
I hope I misunderstood... "because its too simple" ?!?!?

Calling Starcraft simple really is hilarious. And if you don't recognize the strategical and tactical aspects, you are somewhat blind. There even is a huge psychological element to SC...

Your commenta terran can fly with command centre and have 2 gas with the under expo.
-_- I lasted 45 minutes on the first try, as zerg vs 5 randoms, and took out 3

then i made a little boo boo and whent to the toilet, when i came back my army was gone.

(if you really like other games so much more then sc, then sod the fuck off)
I just won vs 5 random comps with zerg - my first time to do so, but I never tried vs 5 with zerg actually ^^ Definately easier than on any ground map...
well you mean it was island map?
Well, this map is an island map. Semi-Island if you want to be correct. This prevented me from huge ground armies, especially the lack of siege tanks and high templars made it easy. I just had to focus on hydralisks against all the valk/sair.

Imo this is too much gas, btw. I didn't build any lings because I had the gas to go pure ultra/hyd...
king of 8 plr maps
simple game, I mean that starcraft is too limited in strategy, and leans towards on tacticle.
Total Annihilation on other hand you could do heck of alot more with your units becuase it used real phisics game engine, and thats system will be used on Supreme commander, but to next level.

Age of empires same as starcraft its not really a strategy game eather and is also limited, To Rock Paper Scissors system. Example Tanks cant hit planes, in TA you can because it uses real phisics engine, IN Total Annihilation(1996) a unit can fire at another unit while moving but accuracy will be less, In Starcraft units can not fire while moving, but stationary will hit everytime with 100% accuracy. A unit fires at enamy units but enamy units moves behind tree, tree takes damage not enamy unit in TA.

Another Big ass Ristriction Starcraft is viewed 640X480 Res. U will be lucky if you can see more then 60 units on screen or if other units are comming from, Its a pain in ass trying to see whats going on when stuff happing off screen with this 640X480. In TA you can do any resolution, Higher Resolution = you see more of the map you can fit as much as who knows maby 500-1000 units, In Supreme Commander with zoom-out you can see 100% map so you can see 8players X 500 units = 4000 represented as icons from satalite view of map, as long you have radar coverage in that part of map. So-on and so-no.

I can be here all day example after example on how simple starcraft engine and many games that follow this old crusty system. So you can see TA is superior, and im not even talking everything of the next generation games like Supreme Commander, I dont want to spend 3 hours comparing the advances in Supreme commander to TA vs Starcraft or Command and concour differances.

Havent you guy ever played any other RTS games made from 2005 besides starcraft, Im talking the next level RTS games not C&C or Warcraft clones games which doesn nothing New in inovation, but games like Company of Heroes. Theres tons of new features, that dont ristrict strategy and game play, just zooming alone adds more strategy options you dont get with starcraft minimap limits. Even Total Annihilation which came out the same time as starcraft already ahead of starcraft by 2 years in inovation. Anyone who played TA knows what Im talking

In supreme commander you have dual supported monitors or you can split your screen as many times you want and view 2 or 3 battles and control each of them, thats what strategy is all about, just like your viewing chessboard.

If you guys want know more about Supreme commander or just want see video of game in action visit here.

Not to dog Starcraft I like all strategy games, but Im hungry for more inovations I felt playing these RTS games that I wanted in a game when i first got into these games. Ive played the grandfather game who started RTS Genre in Dune 2 15 years ago and 10 years later only TA was still only one in 1996 that actualy brought it to next level.

modified by king of 8 plr maps
king of 8 plr maps
Heres a Quote From Chris Taylor Of Total Annihilation on strategy:

The Real Definition of Real Time Strategy
Chris Taylor is quoted in PC Gamer to saying that, in truth, almost all modern RTS games don't actually employ strategy. In reality, they simply pit opponents against each other in resource wars, where the combatant with the most units or largest amount of resources wins. Not wanting to go into detail with the game not yet released, Taylor said that his goal is to appeal to an untapped audience who would appreciate the presence of actual strategy in his game. This will be accomplished by using the aforementioned scale the likes of which has never been seen before in a computer game; finding a medium between serious wargaming and ground-level carnage.

King i dont mean to throw u off subject, but this is a StarCraft site, not a site to discuss how simple u think SC is or what games "are going to be better" than it.
i agree with nasty. keep your advertisement to yourself, we don't care. if you think ta is so much better, then go make maps for that.
king of 8 plr maps
Im discussing Starcraft, Someones here Didnt understand what I meant by saying Starcaft was simple to me in comparison to other RTS.

I like all forms of RTS games, but putting stacraft on highest for its game system and saying this game is complex in its strategy is wrong because starcraft not a real RTS, not in todays market.

U guys think blizzard cares about us starcaft players, they just want to market their starcraft books and keep delaying the release of SC2 so they can rake in 100,000 copys in sales year after year of starcraft. so you kidies who dont get you all being Targeted and beeing pissed on by greedy blizzard. with all the books they release is alot easer then putting that story in starcraft 2 game for fans, take all books that been writing by authors blizzard coulve been upto starcraft 3 by now.

We wanted starcraft 2 with higher resolutions support and other features in game they had technologys to do it even back then. But we stuck with this instead.

TA lost support from for multiplayer, and bad company Swapping license and folding and droping internet hosting for multiplayer, It wasn't developers fault, but instead chris taylor, said fuck this cavedog/atari company and took most his developers and made his new company so he could release TA2 (Supreme Commander)already for us the gamers. So going back to TA game wasnt an option, so we scatterd finding replacment RTS games, but wasnt any real RTS as good as TA was, but for me personly I turned to disigning starcraft maps, but didnt really like to play this game as much as TA was.

I liked best part of Starcraft was single player, not the multiplayer. For Multiplayer TA was king it was like sweet wine. starcraft multiplaer was more like a diet coke.

If you gonna just limit you gaming to just starcraft then your all fools to think its the the all best game of RTS has to offer. A RTS game is an RTS game if your like starcraft you will like other RTS games, its not gonna be starcraft for life, you guys dont like hearing the truth, but inside you know Im right.

Oh by way thanks spinesheath for replay ill check it out.

modified by king of 8 plr maps
Lol got way off the topic of the map... Too much gas, take the gas out. With all that gas then people will just mass cannon and go carriers. Makes for long drawn out newbish games. I think without the gas this map is one step closer to being a good map.
king of 8 plr maps

modified by king of 8 plr maps
All the other maps give you enough minerals. It makes you need to expand more, and makes strategy play more into the game. The fastest possible maps are where you'll find most of the big carrier battle etc. I don't think many people will like this map because it will be played like a money map. If that 1 gas geyser is taken out then it will be an okay map... Just expand again to get more gas. I actually think Z has a disadvantage here now. There is more gas for sure, but now T only has to hit those bases and it will shatter the Zergs economy.
again King8, off topic LOLz
positional imba is evident:

9 and 3 are alot closer to the middle (the most valueable expo(s). Either extend the highground to stretch toward the other mains or mimic the upper and lower regions of the map for more symmetry.

pretty good execution, just needs a few modification(s)
UMMM.... WHAT?!!?

ROFL. I lost. Sure thing. ROFLROFL.
I just downloaded the replay from here again, and watched it. I lost. Ye lol.
Nope, I WON.

MIGHT it be you watched the rep without BWLauncher? The BW version is 1.14p. This means: 1.14, saved with penguin plugin...


And one thing I think you didn't get: Starcraft is a RTS game, no war simulation.
And the physics engine you praise so much: I can tell you it's crap. It may be a little more "realistic", but it never can be.

If you want war, then get out there and fight. There is lots of war in this world, enough for you. But Starcraft is an RTS, not war.

Well, I could write pages about this... I am not going to because you won't care about it anyways...

Oh, just another suggestion: If you are so much into strategy, play chess. And don't tell me it was too simple.
k np soz, lost my patience with um x_x
modified by 5pool
ok 5pool no need to bm
how I like it that the game lasts almost 1 hour when I am already eliminated after 12 minutes. You watched it without penguin plugin (or "SC Extension", nowadays...)
But you didn't notice that I had like 1000 minerals by the time they killed me...? It's not like I would stop building units after I lose 1 hydralisk.
Well, my resources break the 5000 mark somewhere in the game, I believe, but by then I was already victorious and only clearing up my enemies...
king of 8 plr maps

Im not talking War Simulated game, War sim I would have to rest my units, feed them, resuply amo, fuel my tanks and air units, build living quarters & logistics, and so on. your not listening, what im saying. Real War sim will take 4- 5 hours to play and can last for days.

What I mean by a RTS, and real phisics in TA or Supreme commander, I mean the game engine, for units and how they respond and how engine calculates damage in battle, the game engine is simulated with real game phisics.

Games that are RTS im talking about are:

Total Annihilation
Warhammer dawn of war
Command and conquer
Dune 2 or dune 2000
Supreme commander

Where all the boring Simulation & logistics is taken out.

Other games that are strategy are Turn Based, then you have simulated games with more logistics & more simulated elements to manage.

modified by king of 8 plr maps

What kind of nub are you...? Penguin plug a cheating program... UBERLOL.

No more comments on anything about RTS. Such ignorance is ridiculous.
king of 8 plr maps
I didnt say play this with 5 computers on drugs.
Enhancing drugs in end will hurt you.

modified by king of 8 plr maps
Lol penguing plug is anti hack. Or should I say "Starcraft Extension." Anyways can this convo be moved to forums. I'm tired of looking at this map. >_<
blizzard is supporting wgt now which uses penguin plug, pp is a recognized extension by blizzard, a tool not a hack.

ko8pm you obviously do not understand sc at all from what you've said. You make surprisingly good maps for having such a retarded knowledge base.

pp does not help you play better. It allows you to play without the disk (OMFG H4X), it shows your apm (OMG NOW EVERYONE WILL SPAM AND BE GOSU), and prevents you from running hacks (OMG IT HACKS THE HACKS)

you clearly have no idea what pp is, so you should have kept quiet before calling it a hack.

The only time most people play comps is for map testing or maybe testing a build order they want to practice without losing =/ Anyone can beat comps.

I'm not trying to be bm at all, I have never disliked you, but this is rediculous. If sc is so simple and boring don't play it and please don't whine about the bad ai being too hard to beat...
I'm speechless
king of 8 plr maps
I never tried the penguin, Mabe Ill try it, sounds like a good program, I like hot keys on it.

Ofcourse comp are easy that my point, to make some maps harder, I have made piss hard maps for vs comp maps and scenerios, but thats not point of this site to add those maps, Ive only upload regular maps + some hybrid maps like this one, that good players can play and novice can also play. This map falls in between.

modified by king of 8 plr maps
king of 8 plr maps
LGI I left the top and bottom a drop zone for tanks and ghost to nuke and zerg to put lurkers, and toss can put templar storms from there to harras. Corner bases by default are easer to play without those drop zones.

This is because to make up the balance for 2 middle bases being in the handycap zone, 1.unts can walk around mid bases easy 2.easer to do drop in mid side bases. If you look at corner bases all you have to defend is your naturals and defend little where water is. If you look at 2 side bases it all open, all way around, + players are gonna have drops ships to use on this map if needed, its map you need to learn, thats whats make this fun and not such a boring map.

modified by king of 8 plr maps
YOU CAN'T MAKE GOOD BALANCED MAPS IF YOU FUCKING BLOW AT THE GAME YOUR MAKING THE MAPS FOR. honestly though, your maps aren't bad but if you were any good at starcraft brood war you would know that playing a comp is fucking ridiculously easy and no fun at all. computers do not make good decisions and you can easily trick a computer. do you know the asiest way to win?
:UHH AHEM!: send a scout scv to the computers base, have it attack a miner once. run around the map with shift clicks. THEY SEND EVERY FUCKING MINER TO TRY AND KILL IT. dont fucking tell me comps can be challenging.. i can see a 1v5 or some stupid game like that because 5>1...

stop calling sc simple also. to be good at this game you have to know HUGE amounts of things and perfect thousands of things. if you leave your units sitting around, you will get raped.

in TA you do not have to micro as much as in SC, even if there are 5000000 units or w/e stupid # u said... who the fuck cares about physics. its a game, and shouldnt be realistic. live life and then u will get som realism.
king of 8 plr maps
Next tests I will play 3on3 games for final update if needed.

modified by king of 8 plr maps

--spinesheath vs COMPTEAM(other, 1.14p)

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