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Last update for (4)Cross Encounter : 2006, 09, 18 22:25
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1651 (4)Cross Encounter 128*128Diminate0.1beta

The map has been rated 56 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Main : 10M + 2G
Nat. : 8M
Center Exp. : 14M + 2G

Pretty simple map. I don't have much to say. :(

I didn't test about the neutral forces(few goliathes and tanks) on 12/6. Basically, it was placed to prevent tank drop on those points, but those forces will do something more than that.

turtling then slow pushing on this all buildable map, seems to be promising
looks like a good map but it's like the main protoss voice says "You've not enough minerals" ^^
Well,it's an interesting layout,but next time before you begin with a map you need to think about some basics.In your case:where should I place the expos.Merde!But this time you are deep in doo-doo.'Cause the layout don't allow you in a reasonable way to place more than 1 expo per player.OK the one in the middle too,but I hope you know this one is just a placebo(because vulnerability).

Precious few ressources affect negative the game.And in your case the layout wouldn't allow you to correct this issue.

Because of this heavy issue will be no fun on the bun.Sorry!
modified by Fry
Zerg owns this map. Zerg has no reason to early expo other than make a few sunkens, but it will have all the gas it needs to fast tech.

Loads of turtling on this map, move the gas to the natural and I think it would be a little better.

I don't like the idea of Terran tanking up right outside of my entry on that ramp.
I changed some part of center into unbuildable place.

tktkvroom : Basically you would not feel any mineral problem even if you push zerg with 3gate zealots and build some high-tech building at the same time.

Fry : You should notice how much resources are in the main bases. If you take one more starting point you already have 4 gases. And you are saying that 4 gases are not enough. Every protoss and terran users are struggling to prevent zerg's 3 gases. Don't worry about my map planning. I also plan carefully about the expo position. Middle would not be only a placebo if a player conquers the center. Basically this map has similar design with Jungle Story. If you have seen at least one game on that map, you would not say that the center expo is useless.

Holy)Sin( : Some part of your comment might be true. But Zerg would have to take expo, or at least build one or two more hats anyway. Zerg do need sunkens. Notice that T also get 10M in the beginning. To defend 3 barracks rush effectively zerg should take nats and build defending line there. These days, most Zs do 3 hatch play against T and P anyway. So 2gases in the main base is not much for Z. But I'm expecting there is some change in T or P's build order in this map. In Korea, Z progamers are crushing T or Ps these days. My reference for map making cannot be other than progamers' games, because that is the only way I can find the nowaday's trend of starc. And I always make map upon their play.

And one more thing, turtling is not a good choice for T anymore(Turtling almost disappeared in the pro's games since 2005). It takes to much time. P would just try to prevent T's further advance to P's expos and build carriers. These days, T tries to take expo earlier and gather 200/200 force as fast as possible and advance at once.

I understand that game trend in Korea is very different from that in other countries. I just want to say that in Korean gamer's point of view, those things you are worrying are ignorable or allowable. But don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that Korean players are far better than the other. I'm just saying the different view points among the starc players in the world. I always appreciate your comments.

even with double gas in main I would likely take nat. I take nat in nostalgia and it has no promise of two gas at all. This way you take nat; no difference, just you have to geysers in base. This however encourages p or t to wait longer til expoing, which I think isn't too good of an idea.

Z does not pwn on this map because of few and vulnerable bases. They'd have main and nat sure, but beyond that there are no neutral expos to take (The middle expo is retarded imo).

perhaps decorate the space? Idk just looks too plain, and random platforms aren't hard to make nor do they hurt the game at all (I don't mean ones you can put units on).

Map does help flanking nicely though. tvp might be hard, the gas helps p more imo. tvz should be fine since t will have more tanks and/or vessels earlier with double gas.

map is ok.

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