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Last update for (3)Overkill : 2006, 04, 06 00:12
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
193 (3)Overkill 128*128Starparty1.4final

The map has been rated 56 times and got a total of 81 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Tried to make a 3playermap as balanced on all positions as i could. I know there is easier mutaharras on 6pos than on 2, but that must be considered positional flaw this time :P
hopefully weighted up with 6 beeing easiest to FE safe
Your maps all look so cool;) trcc and you got some special ability:) There are a lot of expansions here, so you can build huge troops. Not so sure if there is enough room for alle those troops here. There are never very big open spaces on your map, I'm really not sure if that's a big deals to all you non-terrans or not. Please tell me;-)
Map looks nice, but as I can see, there can be some unit stacks @7 natural, especially if they'are going @3. Also this expansion between 3 and 11 could closer to the center. What I can tell more, town hall in natural @11 and @3 can be some obstacle for big units coming from the ramp, but it's only opinion after checking map in SE, in game it could be different.
I think its plenty of room (always checking those things) :P I know the exp at 12 center, it just became that way :P But i dont see why units would stack since they'd travel on the left of base for sure.
@ panschk. there is plenty of room!! :)
Another SP map. Always a pleasure. This looks like a map that will make for very intense battles, since every part of it is quickly reached, and every exp is quite open to harassment and attacks. That's great imo, but might favor t in tvz, and to some extand in tvp. You know how terran normally run bewildered around the map trying to clear off expos? That will be a lot easier here.

Still, with a lot of flanking room everywhere, I believe in the map. Should there be any imbalances they are subtle, and will probably only be revealed through playtesting. Good job.

Yes, the blue natural is easier to defend than red and teal.
modified by trcc
its easier to defend base on 6, but harde to defend expand since its farther from base and there is not as good defencesieging oportunities as on the other pos
I don't like the look of your mp this time. It`s almost empty except these optical thingys and they really dont have any sense except pushing the looks. I'd give it a 5, because it looks like a good map, but i`ve seen better 3 player maps already.
i think a 3 player map is already an improvement on the general formula, and the middle is also more interesting than most maps. this is a good map to play IMO. it shouldn't be overlooked just because it doesn't have two entrances everywhere. the abundance of mineral onlies and freedom in the middle makes it interesting too, and the "only need to scout one main" makes cool 1v1 possibilities
Stimey: Actually there are only 3 min only expands. The middle ones are with gas.
had to be 3rd gas, otherwise zerg complain :P And in difference from space conquest there should be more fights than only fighting for 3rd main to get 3rd gas..
shit, that is different then. hm

probably too z++
I dont think so :P
I don't do neither. The number of gas expansions is quite standard.
I wouldnt wanna be teal or red as toss vs zerg cause the harrassing is so much worse than other positions. But its cool, you can have to expect stuff like that once you know a map well enough, just like LT.

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