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Last update for (4) Iron Meld : 2007, 03, 16 01:31
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2012 (4) Iron Meld 128*128Excalibur0.2beta

The map has been rated 87 times and got a total of 15 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

This is my first good map. Ive liked alot of my other ones, but they werent balanced very well, and had various problems. I did away with all of that in one stroke by using a tip from a friend.
"Look at the pro maps. Look at balanced maps"
And so i did. With a picture of a melee from here that i liked opened and at the ready, i took into account various things on it, and this is what came out.

If i did manage to botch this one badly like the ones before it, let me know as id like to have atleast one map to my name that is playable.
The sides at the 3 and 9 i thought of making into islands with min/gas but i wasnt sure. I was light with the doodads as i didnt want to mess anything up.
not bad i have a dark screen on my comp so i cant see everyhting but what can see its a exsepional i love jungle maps but i cant make them because of screen
modified by Stigmata
Wow there's a lot of new mappers here, nice :)

I assume the corners are the mains? There aren't any starting locations in the pic so I wasn't sure.

I notice a couple things I would change if I were you. For one, the minerals in the main are awkward, they're in media res, try placing them on a side or something (if you do make sure there's room behind the minerals). It might just be because of the minerals being in the middle of the main, but it looks like there isn't enough room in the mains for building. Perhaps there is and moving the minerals will allow plenty of room, if not, I suggest adding to the mains near the ramp, by moving the nats closer to eachother in the middle E/W (not too close so tanks can't hit the nats from the nats) and increasing the mains there.

The nats look a little too big, I would suggest moving the choke closer to the minerals and ramp of the nat to allow more room for the rest of the map.

I'm no fan of N/S expos, they look hard to defend by being so open, and is it just me or is that gas farther from the place you'd make your building? For movement, I suggest placing that gas for the those expos on the left or right of it.

The map looks nice, decoration can't be faulted :) The map might be a bit too tight, there doesn't seem to be too many flank paths, but I'm only looking at a pic not the map in game so I could be wrong. I suggest not making islands E/W, although I see your reasoning there.
The map is pretty standard and ergo should play fine. I hope to see more from you, this is a decent starting map. As your mapping skills improve try using more innovation in the map's concepts.
Thanks to all.

For the 3/9, if i added in another round path for flanking would that help a lil bit on PvT?
perhaps, let's see it :) Can always go back to an older version of the map, never hurts to try something^^

Side paths made
Mid given a little wiggle room on the edges
Gas added in mid of side paths
Main minerals/gas placement changed
Nats made smaller/choke moved in

Nat minerals fixed
Cosmetic changes
modified by Excalibur
Looks really good. I would loose the stand alone vespines. I would also throw some more high ground in the middle areas since it is SO open. just for some variance. see gmcs for my suggestions on that.
^ sorry the gmcs is screwed up. but just a few dots of high ground where it is really open, or more unwalkable doodads in those areas couldn't hurt.
looks a lot better; my comments about the S/N bases still apply imo.
huge improvement from your other maps. I'm impressed.

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