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Last update for (4)Isis : 2007, 04, 07 04:10
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2118 (4)Isis 128*128TkTkVrooM1.3beta

The map has been rated 52 times and got a total of 66 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Well, my 1st real attempt at a 4 player map, still not able to make a sexy one. Maybe I should just stick to 2 player maps. Well tell me what you think of this one
modified by tktkvroom
i see this on a lot of maps though, so i guess its not a problem to most people, but again

nat to nat distance is so close and a free gas nat on the way if its TvP

so many reasons why this is bad but nobody cares anyway so it looks fine besides that
please more help, i wanna be able to make 4 player maps :/
whoa your execution is crazy good now tk great stuff.

suggestions: remove the raised ground at the expos at 12 and 6 and replace it with ruins. i think that the majortiy of the area of jungle there should be ruins. and also remove some of the raised jungle in the middle to help flanking.

As it is now, it seems like a 2v2 map imo but still very nice. i really like the min only/nat set up ... really cool for some reason. and imo you should remove 2 - 3 minerals at each min only.
I am absolutely in love with this map.

MOTW anyone?
removed those island expos in the center for more room, got rid of the raised jungle @ 3 & 9 put ruins there & added some sexy doodads :D
yeah, your execution is really great now tk :D
very good layout, there is nothing i could complain about^^

about close positions: i dont think that they are "too close" - imo the players should adapt to the distance, not verce visa :)
yeah yeah tk, this map is wicked slutty! MOTW material imo. :D
I wasn't expecting this map to be anything lmao, thought you guys would like Lysis better. But w/e ppl have spoken me go mass reps on it tonight :D
ok Isis for motw Lysis for motm :DDDD
erm are you guys blind? =/
Mains looks a little small, idk for sure, just looking at a pic.
Terran get's free mineral only since it's on a cliff, the two entrances do nothing but make it easier for t to defend. Terran then gets another free expo, only it has gas in the middle. Then there's an easy to landon and turtle on island. And then... oh wait, that's it. All the expos are easy to take. The middle is nice and open, but that won't ever matter in horiz pos, and will matter little in vert pos. The map heavily encourages turtling.

Do I think the map is bad? No. Is it a good step on your way to making much better (4)maps? Yes. Is this MOTW quality? No. tk learns how to decorate and all of sudden you love all his maps? =/

tk, you were right. Remember when you said a while ago you were gonna get people to like your maps just by making them pretty? Well, it worked lol.

map looks hard for pvt and pvz. zvt will be easy, but idk if it's imbalanced.

"As it is now, it seems like a 2v2 map imo" I agree with Nasty. Also, I think Nasty's suggestion on removing the raised jungle might help horiz pos, but in general won't help protoss any.

What I do suggest is removing the ramp to the mineral only from the nat. Maybe remove the raised jungle, and then pull the N/S expos into the cliff more. As for the islands, how about making them more roomy, so turtling is not as easy. You can dweb parts of them once they get roomier if you want or something, see the spells in maps discussion thread for some stuff said about spells on islands. Another idea, which would fix distances for horiz pos, would be to possibly make the N/S expos like Arden's in Deliverance: extend the raised jungle to the cliff or something, then open up the top (no need for neutrals imo, but you could even add neutrals too if you wanted, with them at the top not sides for pathing).

Hmm but map is pretty standard, I don't see anything MOTW about it =/
modified by Nightmarjoo
I dont either thats y i dont know y ppl like it much & yeah making pretty maps does work but I never would think this is motw worthy cuz its way to standard. Thats what i made Lysis for ^^ was hoping for another motw with Lysis

--i.2]GreenGloop vs BaTiStA[PoL](1on1, 1.14)

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